Werewolves Reveal Trailer

Coming to a mill near you, werewolves! The next game pack has been revealed, and no, you’re not just imagining that howling that you’ve been hearing at night. Welcome to Moonwood Mill!

Check out the trailer:

The werewolves have a sleek new, highly stylized look compared to those from previous titles:

A werewolf from every Sims title thus far

Image Credits: The Sims Wiki, Electronic Arts

It looks like this pack is going to have a large focus on, erm, packs – wolf packs, that is. The trailer shows a sim having a bit of a nasty run in with a werewolf – presumably an alpha – and then starting to experience some “adverse” side effects up until undergoing a full transformation under the full moon.

Once transformed, the pack dynamic kicks in and we see the wolves running, sparring, and just generally hanging out together in both human and wolf form.

There’s even a toddler in a wolf-inspired onesie, practicing howling!

There’s also a few pictures of the world. It looks to be a forested warehouse district of sorts, which I find to be a pretty interesting combination!

Are you excited to finally see the return of werewolves?! The Sims 4: Werewolves is set to launch on June 16th, 2022.

There will be a livestream preview beforehand, on June 10th, at 11AM PDT on both The Sims Twitch and YouTube channels.

While we wait, check out EA’s blog post over here to dig into some pack lore (aha – pack – get it? I’ll see myself out…) and check out some more screenshots!

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