Laundry List: May 31st, 2022

Today brings another edition of the Laundry List – a collection of the top player-reported concerns that their team is looking into getting fixed in a future patch.

These are the “top” concerns – it is not a complete list. There are other issues not on the list that The Sims team is working on.

Here is the Laundry List for this month, which each one linking to it’s related thread on EA’s Answers HQ forum:

This list does not guarantee that The Sims team will have these issues fixed immediately. Some issues may require more time to fix than others.

If you are experiencing any of these issues, or have some other gameplay related bugs to report, head on over to EA’s Answers HQ. Some threads also contain player-reported solutions and workarounds you may be able to try until an official solution is implemented.

EA does not provide support for any issues that arise from the use of Mods/Custom Content. If you are having issues relating to CC/Mods, you can check out our Discord if you’re a VIP member, and our forums are always open to everyone!

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