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These Sims 4 Kawaii Clothes CC Are Too Cute For Words

Of all the style labels out there, from grunge to goth, kawaii is probably the most versatile. Sure, it means a specific kind of cute, but there’s so many variations of it, it’s no wonder kawaii is a culture of its own. And if you’re wanting to bring a splash of that to your Sims life, this is the list for you. Our Sims 4 kawaii clothes list includes a bit of everything, from dresses and skirts, to leggings and even cute, comfy PJs. The best part about all these pieces of clothing is how versatile they are. They might be adorable, but they’re adaptable as well, pieces that work just as effectively for daily wear as they do for a night out (or even in).

Kawaii Sweater

First up for our collection of Sims 4 kawaii clothes, we’ve got this set of Kawaii Sweaters from Helsoseira. The basic style is a long-sleeved, crop-top sweater, and each of the 10 variations has the same base color: black. But it’s the variations that really make these sweaters stand out. One has a cute goth skull girl on the front. Another features two dinosaurs, one with cake-like confetti on its face, and the other asking if it actually just ate the last unicorn. There’s also one with attitude, with text on the front reading “Am Bored.” There’s plenty to choose from here for female Sims age teen through elder.

Muna Overalls

Overalls are cute enough on their own, but Helsoseira’s Muna Overalls take it even further. These are a combo piece, part overall and part mini-dress. Helsoseira designed these with a schoolgirl look in mind. There are 20 different designs to choose from, though, giving you plenty of options to make the Muna Overalls your own. These include recolors like gray and black plaid, as well as a heart design, gingham, and more. The Muna Ovearlls are for female Sims and, like Helsoseira’s other designs, work for teen through elder.

Kawaii Crop Top Turtleneck

Kawaii can mean different things to different people, but it doesn’t always have to be teddy bears and chibi fluff. Helsoseira’s FTLS – Crop Top proves that quite well. This one is another cropped sweater, with long sleeves stretching down to the wrist and the body of the sweater stopping just below the rib cage. There’s 10 different pattern options to choose from, though they tend to stick with the black and white two-tone color scheme. The patterns range from logos like NYC to sassy sayings like “Cute and Psycho.” And like the others so far on our list, these too are for female Sims teen through elder.

IKUE Pajamas

A lot of Sims 4 kawaii clothes focus on snazzy stuff you can wear during the day. But after night falls, many still need something to wear. That’s where Helsoseira’s IKUE – PJs come in. This download is just for the top, and that’s perfectly fine with us because they’re just so adorable. One has a cute face giving an equally cute wink. Another shows a goat in kawaii colors, and there are a few licensed characters as well. Aside from the 10 different patterns you can choose from, though, another big appeal is just how comfy these look. Real life versions next please?

Kawaii Bathrobe

Maybe you’re looking for something closer to loungewear though, or something your Sim can just throw on at night. If so, check out the Kawaii Bathrobe from neinahpets. It’s a set of four different bathrobes, each with a different color scheme and adorable pattern. One depicts happy clouds and rainbows against, well… against a blue sky (what else could it be after all?). Another uses a sparkly scallop design on a deep blue background. Then there’s a set of happy stars and clouds, and the other is covered in oh-so-fuzzy and cute pandas.

HIMI Mini Dress

Helsoseira has another mini-dress, the HIMI – Overall Mini Dress. It’s more of a stylish take on the fashion concept instead of a specifically schoolgirl one. Even better, it comes with the sweater shown in the image as well. And you’ll get 10 different color patterns to choose from. These include various types of plaid, like a tighter black and white grid plain or a looser red plaid. And as you probably expected by now, these are for female Sims from teen up through elder.

Sweater ‘n Skirt Outfit

And for those who like the sweater and like the skirt, but as separate pieces, Helsoseira has the LUMI Sweater ‘n Skirt Outfit. This set of 10 different pieces of Sims 4 kawaii clothes includes skirts and sweaters in different patterns and colors. There’s the classic plaid skirt in a few shades, plus solid colors as well. The sweaters range from solid to striped, alongside a couple with graphic designs as well. In short, there’s a whole bundle of ways you can mix and match with just this one download. It’s available for female Sims aged teen through elder.

Silent Night Dress

If you like the style of the overall dress but want it longer and a bit less overall-y, then Trillyke’s Silent Night Dress might be of interest. Like the mini dresses, this one has a high waist and thick shoulder straps. It also does something different with the look, since those straps divert course into a bow in front. The top that goes with the dress is a regular long-sleeved shirt instead of a sweater as well. And since it’s not a mini-dress, the skirt goes down to just slightly above the knee. Trillyke offers the Silent Night Dress in 20 different styles, 15 solid colors and five patterns.

Heart Claw Dress

McLayneSims’ Kawaii Heart Claw Dress is exactly what the name says. It’s kawaii, it has a heart, and it has claws. On paper, that sounds like three completely separate things. In person, it’s a super-cute bit of Sims 4 kawaii clothes. The main feature is a huge panda bear, with those big ol’ kawaii eyes. It wears its heart, not on its sleeve, but somewhere near your Sims’ sixth rib. And there’s a large set of claws towards the dress hem, showing this bear isn’t just about being cute. The Kawaii Heart Claw Dress is a standalone piece, so there aren’t any other color or pattern options.

Bear Overalls

Can it possibly get more kawaii than these Bear Overalls from Wicked_Kittie? Probably not. It’s a design with a high waist, like the other overall dresses, and a cute classic bear face right in the middle. The skirt for the Bear Overalls is like  a balloon skirt. It flares out a bit at the waist and drapes down in a mix of cute and elegant. These are based on a pre-existing mesh, but the artist provides everything you need in the creator notes. All the colors shown in the image are available as well, and there’s an extra purple option not shown.

Cat Stockings

In keeping with the animal theme, here’s a set of Cat Stockings, also from Wicked_Kittie. These are something of a rarity in Sims 4 clothing, since they’re almost a one-to-one recreation of a real-life item. And it’s easy to see why these stockings are worth recreating. They’re thigh-high stockings that from the mid-thigh down are a solid color. There are 10 colors you can choose from for these as well. But right at the top, you get a cute cat face, and the very top of the stockings is actually the cat’s ears.

Pleated Skirts

Wicked_Kittie has a set of skirts to go right along with the cat stockings too, the Snazzy Pleated Skirts. The name says it all with this one. The pleats are tight and plentiful, giving a stylish ruffled appearance all around the skirt. And the skirt itself goes down to about mid-thigh — long enough for practical wear, and short enough to show off the stockings. In case you’re concerned the 20 solid colors would be too plain, there’s a thin white stripe near the skirt hem to help add some extra interest to the overall look.  The best thing is, these work with basically any shorter skirt. Want an interest piece for a party? Bingo. Need something just to accent a plain outfit? Here you go.

Cat Face Dress

If you can’t get enough cat cuteness for your wardrobe, Saruin’s Cat Face Dress should be right up your alley. The name pretty much says it all. It’s an in-between dress — not quite mid-length, but not quite mini. The centerpiece of the dress is, of course, the cat’s face. It’s a cute piece with tiny eyes, big whiskers, and a bow to set the whole thing off. The bodice is low cut, which, in an interesting twist, lets it act as the cat’s ears. And you can get it in 16 different color and pattern variations. Whether you want to dress it up as a party dress or just turn it into a cute everyday piece, there’s an option to fit your needs. Assuming you want to be a cat for a day, of course.

Mitzi Sweatshirt

Dresses are great. But if you need a regular top for your Sim, Wicked_Kittie has you covered with the Mitzi Sweatshirt. Despite the name being singular, this is another set. You actually get 16 different sweaters in this download. The base colors are a range of pastel shades, and each has a distinct graphic design in the center. Some are licensed characters like Pikachu and Animal Crossing’s Peanut villager; others are drawn from daily life, things like fruit or retro telephones. The Mitzi sweatshirt is a must-have style for the casual Sim, since it works perfectly for a number of daily wear needs.This one also needs a mesh, but Wicked_Kittie provides all you need for that.

Kassi Layered Tee Shirts

Like overalls, layered outfits are a staple part of the kawaii wardrobe. Wicked_Kittie has these Kassi Layered Tee Shirts to fill that need as well. It’s a basic black quarter-length-sleeved shirt with the sleeves rolled up in stylish cuffs. And this shirt is on top of a full-length shirt with black-and-white sleeves, hence the layered part of the description. But there’s more going on than just two shirts together. The top shirt has one of 12 graphic designs in the center. These are all inspired by the e-girl culture of the early 2000s, according to Wicked_Kittie, and feature a range of designs like UFOs, cats, and various different phrases. These also need a mesh that, like with their other designs, Wicked_Kittie provides in the creator notes tab.

Tumblr Leggings

Maybe you want to ditch pants altogether and go in for some leggings instead. There’s some Sims 4 kawaii clothes for that too, thanks to Wicked_Kittie’s Tumblr Themed Leggings. This download features a set of 10 full-length leggings, all sporting a different cute design in soft, pastel colors. One has frolicking unicorns. Another is a periwinkle night sky with twinkling stars. And another one is more tropical themed, with palms and pink flowers. Whatever your choice, these are versatile leggings you can match with any top, even the Mitzi Sweatshirt earlier in the list.

VIKO Outfit

Next up, we’ve got the VIKO Outfit from Helsoseira. This one is a super-cute jumpsuit mixing a number of different styles into something new and fun. The capri pants are a standout addition to the jumpsuit style, while the off-the-shoulder top is like something you’d see from a ‘50s-style dress. The outfit has 12 different color variations, including the classy plaid and the polka dot patterns shown above. This is another outfit you could dress up or down depending on the color you choose, making it a must-have for any wardrobe, kawaii or not. And you can make it part of your Sims’ wardrobe, assuming they’re teen through elder.

Corduroy Dress

Despite lending warmth and cozy style to nearly any outfit, we don’t see a lot of corduroy used in Sims clothes. Helsoseira changes that with the ONON – Corduroy Dress, though. The Corduroy Dress is a mini-dress that comes in 11 different colors aside from the black and beige shown above. The real feature here is how the dress does at the top. There are three straps running across the chest, and they all meet in the middle with a cute heart buckle. It’s a simple way to add a bit of flair to your daily outfit for female Sims aged teen through elder.

Overalls with Shirt

So far, we’ve only seen overalls attached to skirts. But Helsoseira has another excellent bit of Sims 4 kawaii clothes to shake that up, the IMIG – Overalls with Shirt. It’s a full-sized set of overalls ending just above the ankle. Instead of draping like regular pants, the hem is done up in a bunch, which adds an extra bit of pouffe around the calves to create even more interest. The straps feature the IMIG brand Helsoseira created for the outfit, making it a realistic parallel to clothes you’d find in the shop in normal life. There are eight different shades of denim to choose from as well, including pink, black, and sky blue. The shirt stays the same white-and-gray check, though.

Hoodie Crop Top

We’ve seen a few crop-top styles so far, but this one from Helsoseira is a bit different. The KEKE – Longsleeves Hoodie Crop Top is pretty much what the name implies. It’s a long-sleeved, crop-top, but fashioned as a hoodie instead. There are 13 different color styles to choose from, and these vary between solid colors and patterns featuring graphic designs. There’s plenty of variation in those designs too. One is a giant knocked-out emoji set against a vivid pink background, while another is a series of objects scattered about. Hoodies are another essential part of any wardrobe since, as Helsoseira notes, they work for party wear, athletic wear, and even just for your daily rounds.


Finally on our list of Sims 4 kawaii clothes, we’ve got one more piece from Helsoseira. This one is the SU-MI Playsuit. Unlike the jumpsuit from earlier, this one is more of a romper in style. The bodice is short and low, with a big bow in the middle and two not-quite-spaghetti straps holding it up. The pants portion is more of a shorts portion like you’d expect from a romper. But there’s some extra interest here thanks to the lace trim running around the hem and the two big pockets on either leg. Each pocket gets set off even further with a big button in the middle. It’s just a cute outfit all around, and Helsoseira made it in six different color variations. Like their other creations, the Playsuit is for female Sims teen through elder.

That’s it for our Sims 4 kawaii clothes roundup. But if you’re looking for other new and unique ways to change up your Sims’ look and life, The Sims Resource is the place to be. We’ve got plenty of other custom content collections, plus a few ways to get the most out of your time with The Sims 4.

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