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Blast to the past with this Sims 4 retro female clothing

If you’re feeling bored with the present, maybe it’s time to take a jaunt to the past by completely overhauling your wardrobe.Scratch that yearning for the fashions of yesteryear with our collection of Sims 4 retro female clothing. It’s got practically anything you might need, from retro cocktail party dresses to swimsuits, glamorous gowns, and a bit of everything in between.

Retro Dress

This Retro Dress from Sims House is a stylish take on the classic ‘80s shirt dress. It takes the iconic ‘50s A-line dress style and meshes it with the look of the 1940s. Then it takes that and boosts it forward into the ‘80s with features like the wider collar, wider neckline — probably a bit wider than you’d actually see in the ‘80s — and the huge belt acting as an accent piece. If that weren’t enough, Sims House made the dress with 14 different color options. These range from basic color prints to detailed patterns, so there’s plenty to choose from here.

Laura Dress

Sifix created this Laura Dress, a fun variation on multiple styles. The polka dot pattern instantly brings the 1950s to mind, while the overall cut and style are practically brimming with pinup energy. That’s because this is an everyday dress — not a bathing suit. The image shows three color styles, but the Laura Dress actually comes with 15 different color swatches to pick from. And it’s compatible with teen through elder Sims. So your Sim never has to stop looking fab!

Retro Summer Dress

Here’s another classic bit of Sims 4 retro female clothing, this one made perfect for summer. Hence the fact that it’s called the Retro Summer Dress by Zuckerschnute20. It’s another version of the A-line dress with openings in the front and back to give it a touch of modern flare. The large belt buckle and the snazzy hem with a different pattern help set this dress off as well. And Zuckerschnute20 provides three different color variations to suit any wardrobe: pink, black, and purple.

Vintage Top


ChloeMMM’s ChloeM-Vintage Top is for the Sim wanting a touch of glamor in their lives. It’s almost straight out of a classic Hollywood film. The top is completely separate from the skirt and creates a nice contrast with its structure. The essentials are covered in front, but the sleeves are long with poofy shoulders; it’s an excellent example of classy meets fun. The skirt itself reaches to about mid-calf, ending with a fun little frill at the hem. Best of all, it comes with 12 different colors.

Lace Detailed Midi Dress

The midi dress first rose to prominence in the 1940s, though it was often as a separate midi skirt instead of a full dress. This Lace Detailed Midi Dress from DarkNighTt is the full thing, though. It’s a full-bodied dress with long sleeves and the classic midi skirt — midi as in “goes to roughly the knees making it a mid-length skirt.” This one has an extra bit of oomph too, thanks to the titular lace detail. It weaves around the skirt hem, waist, neck, and sleeves to add a good deal of interest. And the lace color may change to black depending on which of the 16 dress colors you choose.

Gingham Strapless Midi Dress

This Gingham Strapless Midi Dress, also from DarkNighTt, takes the same style and does something completely different with it. It’s built around the classic gingham print pattern, which shouldn’t be surprising given the name. And it pairs that with a broad, flared sort-of-collar running around the top and back of the dress. It’s a cute style you can make work for everyday or special wear, and you’ll have 18 colors to choose from as well.

Fiorenza Dress

Like the Martita dress, you’ll find a bunch of varying styles if you try to search for a Fiorenza dress. Some are long wedding dresses, some are shorter dresses meant for a night out. But the key feature is always the tight cinch around the waist, a feature Birba32’s Fiorenza dress captures perfectly. They’ve added some beading and a floral print as well, just for fun and to give some extra interest to the piece. And it comes in both the pastel blue and pastel pink pictured here.

Summer 18 Dress

Zuckerschnute20 used satin as a centerpiece for this dress, the Summer 18 dress. It’s a subtler variation on satin, where the sheen hides naturally among the folds instead of standing out across every part. Apart from that, it’s a lovely classic-style summer dress. It’s a sleeveless one (because, y’know… it’s summer) and ends with an unexpected layer of frills at the bottom for a nice touch. The other eye-drawing feature is the big ribbon around the middle, cinching the piece with a stylish ribbon offset just left of middle. The Summer 18 dress comes in the three color variations shown in the image.

Summer 17 Dress

Need more summer fun for your Sims’ wardrobe? Zuckerschnute20 has another outfit for you, the Summer 17 dress outfit. This one comes in two options, a black one and a white one, though the floral print on the skirt stays the same. The top is a light, lacy one with multiple, complex lace patterns spiralling their way around the piece. And the bottom features a bright floral pattern with various shades of pink, yellow, and red roses. While the belt might look like a natural extension of the skirt, it’s actually a separate piece of fabric seamlessly added on.

Retro Future Sweater

If you want something a bit more basic without sacrificing style, then you’ll probably like Trillyke’s Retro Future Sweater. It’s a classic cozy pullover-style sweater that gives you plenty of mix-and-match pattern options.Trillyke included three floral patterns and 12 solid colors. That’s a good thing since this is the kind of sweater you want to grab when the leaves start to change color and the nights get a lot chillier. Or just because you like it. The Retro Future sweater is base-game compatible, so you can wear it even if you don’t have the Seasons add-on.

Alva Dress


Next up is the Alva Dress from Sifix. This piece of Sims 4 retro female clothing is a throwback to the 1940s with a full-length skirt and super-high waistline. The collar creates an interesting feature as well. It’s a length of loose white fabric draping back over the shoulders and also going down the back of the dress in a deep-ish U-shape. The Alva Dress is also compatible with any Sim from the teen stage on up through elder.

Retro Top — Cut Off


Nothing screams retro more than a cut-off top. And Pinkfizzzzzz gives you a grand total of eight cutoff tops with their ShellyRetroTop – PF109. It’s a basic long-sleeve top you can also create as a tank-top if that’s your thing. It goes down to about the end of the ribcage, and you’ll pick from seven universal colors (white, pink, black and so on) or the blue patterned piece shown in the image above.

Nina Sweater Retextured


Why stop with a cut-off top? Sharareh created the Nina Sweater Retextured in 18 different colors so you can mix and match with almost anything. The tied-off crop-top has been around since the 1940s, gaining popularity again in the 1970s; then in the ‘80s, tied-off sweaters started showing up. And the colors reflect this heritage through the decades. They range from basics like dark blue to the very 1970s-inspired earth tones and floral patterns. You’ll need a mesh, but Shrareh provides the download for that as well.

Balone Skirt


You’ll often see Balone skirts in the mini-skirt variety, but remaron’s Balone Skirt for Women 01 takes the classic style and combines it with a few other features. There’s a high waistband for one, so the skirt sets off both regular shirts and crop-tops alike. And the length is the other. It’s tight-fitting at the waist before loosening up in a flowing hem. This one comes with 10 different colors to choose from too.



Like rompers and pantsuits, jumpsuits are a staple for the Sims 4 retro female clothing wardrobe. This one from ShakeProductions399 is one of the shorter jumpsuits. It pairs the open look of the Star Crossed Romper with a tied-off top. And despite looking like two separate pieces, you’ll see the top and bottom are joined at the sides if you look closely. Floral and grey not your style? No fear. The creator made this one available in 13 different colors.


It’s hard to get more retro than these bohemian-style pants (called PantZ) from Zuckerschnute20. It’s a set of three different, loose-fitting pants with elastic around the waist and the bottom hems all in a distinct “flower power” style. The color options add to the definite hippy/early ‘70s feel as well. You’ve got a green-and-yellow palette, shades of blue, and orange-and-brown to choose from here. If you’re tired of jeans as your main pants option, these are a must-have.

Noelle Dress


The Noelle Dress from Sifix is another take on the A-line dress. This time, it’s got some extra additions to the shoulders, though, giving it a classy formal look like you’re getting ready to throw a ‘50s-themed cocktail party (or something like that). The rest of it is probably what you’d expect by now — high waist, flared skirt down to mid-calf, short bodice. And there’s an additional seven colors to choose from alongside these three rich colors shown in the image.

Floral Print Satin Maxi Dress

The maxi dress is basically what it says: a maximum-length dress designed to cover the entire body. And DarkNighTt’s Floral Print Satin Maxi Dress is absolutely gorgeous. As the name implies, it comes in just the one color variation shown. But that’s definitely not a bad thing. The satin look is created so well you can practically see the sheen. The floral print is equal parts classic and exotic, mixing various shades of pink, blue, and white to fill in the underwater floral patterns. If you’re looking for a stand-out piece of Sims 4 retro female clothing, this is one you don’t want to miss.

Summertime Fun Retro Swimsuit

We can’t talk Sims 4 retro female clothing without mentioning retro swimsuits as well. This Summertime Fun 05 suit from Zuckerschnute20 is pure retro too. Brimming with nautical-themed flair, the Summertime suit combines a high swimsuit bottom with a cropped, tied-off top. And there’s a big bow and some contrasting buttons to set everything else off even further. Just note you’ll need the Seasons pack to download this swimsuit.

Flare Pants


Call them bell-bottoms or whatever you like, but there’s no denying these Gogobebe Flare Pants from Trillyke are essential Sims 4 retro female clothes. It’s the classic high waist and long, flared out pant legs you see everywhere in ‘70s media. And there’s a whopping 15 color patterns you can choose from, ranging from rainbow and plaid to a plethora of basic colors as well.

Helen Dress

The Helen Dress from Sifix might not be one you can wear during your daily tasks, but it’s still an essential piece of Sims 4 retro female clothing. The Helen Dress is quintessential ‘50s style. You’ve got the slightly flared skirt ending mid-calf, and the obligatory multi-pleats. The top is low-cut and not too revealing, opting for a slightly thicker shoulder straps that still leave plenty open in the back. This one comes in 15 different colors too, so you can have a Helen for every party if you want.

RetroZ Dress

The RetroZ dress from Zuckerschnute20 is also perfect for any occasion since you can dress it up or down as you like. It comes in three different variations: floral print, tropical print, and leopard spots. There’s a large window in front and back to help show off curves, as Zuckerschnute20 says, accentuated even more by the high waist. Just note you’ll need the Perfect Patio add-on to get this outfit working in your game.

High Waist Jeans


What can we say about these High Waist 90s Jeans from DarkNighTt other than you can hardly get more retro than this? It’s perfect for nearly any outfit, from the Astro Boy shirt to even the most modern of clothing pieces. And like most things retro, it’s got roots going back further than the ‘90s. High waists showed up periodically — including in some of our dresses — from the ‘50s through the ‘80s. It’s a timeless style.

Velvet Dress


The Velvet Dress from DarkNighTt is an excellent choice for when you’re wanting some particularly ‘80s Sims 4 retro female clothing. Those shoulder pads and tapered sleeves could only belong to that decade, after all. And it’s perfect for business wear or formal wear, without having to worry about what you can match it with. If you need more color in your life, rejoice. The Velvet Dress comes in 10 different solid colors, from maroon and blue to white, green, and yellow too.

Ribbed Turtleneck


If the Velvet Dress is easy to classify ‘80s, then the Ribbed Turtleneck from ekinege is its opposite. It straddles the line between late ‘60s and early ‘70s, but that doesn’t necessarily matter. What does matter is this timeless look comes in 15 different color styles. If you want to dress it up, there’s a color or three for that. And the same for if you just need a day out shopping or a trip to the local library. You can mix and match to your heart’s content, whatever decade you want it to be.

Floral Playsuits


Pantsuits and retro are almost synonymous, and that’s definitely true for Pinkfizzzzz’s collection of Flower Playsuits. It’s a mish-mosh of different retro styles, ranging from ‘60s patterns, to ‘70s colors, and ‘80s cuts. And the result is an excellent bit of Sims 4 retro female clothing. It’s cute. It’s functional. It’s something you can wear any day of the week, especially if, as the creator says, you happen to feel bold that day.


Speaking of the ’70s, that’s what Zuckerschnute20 called this next retro outfit: Seventies. It’s perhaps a bit of a misnomer, thanks to those boots and the dress’ overall style. Those are 100% gogo style, popular during both the 1960s and 1970s, so this outfit stretches even further back than you might think. But what really matters is that it looks good. The dress is a short one with some intricately detailed floral and paisley designs weaving taking center-stage in the middle. The hems on the sleeves and skirt match with the design’s coloring too, helping give the entire outfit an extra helping of style. You’ve got three colors to choose from with this one — pink, green, and blue.

And that’s it for our massive collection of Sims 4 retro female clothing. Whether you’re looking for a bit of glamor from the past or something a bit more understated, there’s nearly something for everyone here. But if it’s not quite to your taste and you’re looking for even more, stick with The Sims Resource for more Sims 4 custom content in the coming days. Meanwhile, check out our roundup of Sims 4 must-have mods and some stellar Sims 4 custom houses.  We’ve also got a collection of Maxis Match hairstyles to pick from, should you need a new ‘do to go with your new outfits.

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