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Brighten Up Your Sim with This Sims 4 Maxis Match Hair CC

The Sims 4 Maxis Match style makes for some of the most vibrant and colorful designs you can find. That’s down to it’s big, bold line strokes and equally bold color palette. And if “bold” and “color” don’t make you immediately think of hair — they certainly should because Maxis Match is a perfect fit for hairstyles. With that in mind, we’ve put together a wide range of Sims 4 Maxis Match hair to add a heaping helping of color and style to your Sims’ life.

Rain Hair

Rain Hair from Nords is a basic updo ponytail, but basic doesn’t mean boring by any means. For one thing, there’s a classic wave in the front to add even more character. And for another, it’s versatile enough to work with any style. This Sims 4 Maxis Match hair is for teen through elder female Sims, and the artist based their creation on Vintage Glamor and the University-style ponytail. Fortunately, it’s completely compatible with the base game, though. So even if you don’t have either expansion, your Sim can still sport it in one of 18 different color designs.

Hind Hair

Nords also created this next one, called Hind Hair. Unlike the Rain Hair, it’s a longer style. Yet it’s still suitable for nearly any occasion or outfit you might have in mind. Hind goes past the shoulders, and it’s most distinguishing feature is how it bunches hair strands into stylish chunks. As unstylish as that sounds, you can tell from the image it works. Nords actually made this one by tinkering with the base game’s bun hairstyle. As with the previous Sims 4 Maxis Match hair, Hind is for teen through elder Sims. And it comes in 18 color variations too.

Dede Hair

Next up is Dede Hair, also from Nords. It’s a combo using two Discover University hairstyles, a dreadlock style and pigtails. So the result is dreadlocks in pigtails, and it looks incredibly adorable. Whether you’re wanting to look cute or just show off your attitude, Dede Hair has plenty of personality to spruce your Sim up. You won’t need any expansions for it, and it also comes in 18 different colors. However, Dede Hair is only for teen through adult, rather than elder.

Astro Hair

If you’re looking for something more adventurous, though, pipco’s Astro Hair might be a good (Maxis) match. Astro Hair is shorter than shoulder length, but longer than a bob. It’s poker straight and, despite being shown in a frosty blue color, it comes in the usual 18 different color styles. So if you’re wanting Astro style with a more down-to-earth tone, you can do that too. Better yet, pipco made Astro Hair compatible with hats as well.

Weather Hair

Here’s another one from pipco, the Weather Hair style. It’s just a bit shorter in length compared to the Astro Hair, being more of a bob style. But true to its name, Weather Hair has a distinct wave to it. Whether that’s from the humidity on your Sims’ tropical island paradise or just because, hey, it looks good is up to you. It’s a rich, full style that works with basically anything. And as you probably expected by now, it comes with the usual 18 EA color swatches so you’ve got even more freedom to make it work with your style. Finally, like the Astro Hair, this one works with hats too.

Glitter Hair

EnriqueS4 created this Glitter Hairstyle, a slightly swankier bit of Sims 4 Maxis Match hair. It combines an elegant pulled back look with two small buns on top, finishing with two long bangs in front. Glitter is from looking like a Princess Leia variation from Star Wars, though. It pulls the buns off quite well, partially thanks to those bangs adding an extra classy touch. Glitter would definitely work if your Sim plans on going out for the evening. Or you could just live wild and dress up during the day or for work if you wanted. Whatever you choose, Glitter works with the usual 18 color styles, is hat compatible, and your teen through elder female Sims can wear it.


Next up from EnriqueS4 is a more complex hairstyle called the Innocent Hairstyle. This one takes a standard long hairstyle and combines it with a tightly twisted braid that acts as a connector piece. At the top, the braid spills over and cascades down sides and back for a unique layered look. It’s part retro late ‘60s and ‘70s, and all fabulous. Though EnriqueS4 shows Innocent on a Sim who looks ready to party, this Sims 4 Maxis Match hair would work for everyday wear as well — especially if you do decide to go retro with your outfit. Either way, you’ll get the 18 EA color swatches to choose from, and it works with hats as well.

Ruby Hair

Speaking of retro-compatible hair, TSR artist feralpoodles created something that would look right at home in the 1980s: the Ruby Hair. It’s a combo piece as well. One side is shaved close to the head, while the other is full of thick, poofy, luxurious curly hair. And as feralpoodles shows in their primary image, you can make it work however you like. It’s punk, it’s fun, it’s stylish — it’s whatever you need it to be. That goes triple for color options too. On top of the 18 EA swatches, Ruby Hair has an extra 45 color options for you to choose from.

Seraphina Hair

Feralpoodles also posted this next style, Seraphina Hair. It’s a bit more straightforward at first glance, but there’s still quite a bit going on. Seraphina is a longer style. On the right, you’ve got the hair flowing loosely over the shoulder. On the left, it drapes elegantly in waves and adds an extra layer of interest. The bangs help accentuate each side’s look as well — straight on the right, slightly waved on the left. Like feralpoodles’ other hairstyles, the Seraphina Sims 4 Maxis Match hair comes in EA’s 18 base color swatches and an additional 45 from feralpoodles. Also like the creator’s other styles, it’s compatible with hats and accessories too.

Zara Hair

The next style from feralpoodles is Zara Hair. It’s a fantastically detailed variation on boxer braids, which are themselves a combo of cornrows and braids. But Zara takes it a step further. Where most boxer braids wind down in two braids, Zara Hair branches out into multiple — three on each side. It’s a wholly unique look, even more so thanks to feralpoodles’ extra color styles to choose from. 

Villager Hair

If you’re an Animal Crossing fan, this style (also from feralpoodles) should seem familiar. It’s called Villager Hair. And if you played the original Animal Crossing, you’ll likely recognize it as two of the female villager hairstyles you could have ended up with. Even better, the second style shown on the right could double as an Isabelle imitation if you wanted it to, thanks to the third pigtail on top. Villager Hair is the style on the right, and Mayor Hair is what feralpoodles calls the left style. They’re separate, despite being shown together. And you get all the usual perks feralpoodles offers: extra color options, hat and accessory compatibility, and styles that work for teen through elder.

Ndidi Hair

This one’s another piece by Nords, called Ndidi hair. They describe it as a basic Afro hairstyle, one they created because there were no similar options to choose from in the game or its expansions. Like Nords’ other creations, basic doesn’t mean limited either. In fact, it makes these styles more versatile. Ndidi is a small woven bun perched at an angle on the back of the head, so you can essentially build any outfit or look around it. It’s hat compatible too and has the basic 18 EA color swatches to choose from.

Randa Hair

Nords worked on this Randa Hair from the Island Living expansion to create something new. It’s an edited form of the expansion’s long hair style, though it still works with the base game if you don’t have Island Living. Randa is a long-ish style going down just past the shoulders. It starts out as a traditional long style on top before weaving itself into two loose and elegant braids. Those get tied off right at the end, leaving two short fringes to finish the style off. You can use this bit of Sims 4 Maxis Match hair with teen through elder Sims, and like Nords’ other designs, you have EA’s 18 basic colors to pick from.

Ronnie Hair

Here’s another combo piece from Nords. It’s the Ronnie Hair style, mixing part of an “Island Living” style with a ponytail style from “Seasons.” The result is pretty nifty too. On the side, the main feature is a thick complex braid wrapping its way around to the back. On top, you’ve got a series of woven hair pieces. And at the back is a super-short, tufty ponytail. It’s a cute style suitable for any time of year and, likewise, for any outfit or need. Like with Nords’ other creations, the Ronnie Hair uses EA’s 18 basic colors. But this one specifies it’s for use with teens through adults. No elders for this one.


This next style is a bit different. It’s Nivbraid from DarkNighTt, a bit of Sims 4 Maxis Match hair that looks like it popped right out of a fantasy story or Renaissance fair. That’s because of the thin braid above the ears, wrapping around to the back. It sets the front and back halves apart nicely as well. The front tapers down into a heavy point, while the back flows down a ways further. Medieval and fantastical though it may look, you could still rock the Nivbraid with an everyday outfit or even turn it into a work style. It works with hats too, and you’ll get the basic 18 colors to choose from.


Also from DarkNighTt, we’ve got the Inspiration hairstyle. If the Nivbraid was too situation-specific for your tastes, Inspiration may pique your interest. It’s a chic style that really does fit any situation. Inspiration is roughly shoulder length, and even though it’s even on both sides, the left side gets a bit more emphasis. Thick strands of hair weave together behind the neck and emerge again on the left side, blending and draping together over the shoulder to create a stylishly asymmetrical look. As always, that look gives you 18 colors to choose from.

Noor Hair

Nords iterated on an earlier Norah hairstyle and made something new and shorter. That ended up being this Noor hairstyle, a short, full, and curly hairstyle for your teen-through-elder female Sims. It’s a cute and vibrant style that looks just as good under an equally cute hat (as Nords shows) as it does by itself.

Hilda Hair

Another custom request piece Nords made is this Hilda Hair download. Someone asked them to create a variation of the “Get Together” bob style, so they set to work. The biggest change here is that the Hilda style has no bangs. It’s also a longer bob, going down to the shoulders. But there’s an interesting variation on the style too. Where most bob cuts create interest by making angles or just being short in general, this bit of Sims 4 Maxis Match hair uses stacked layers at the end. It’s stylish and functional, something you can use for teen through elder Sims alike.

Cal Hair V2

The Cal Hair V2 from Nords is a product of multiple revisions. It started as Calpurnia, underwent some changes, and ended up combining the best of each. Cal V2 is a high ponytail wrapped with a ribbon. It’s also a mixture of dreadlocks and braids, all woven together into a layered cascade of colorful Maxis Match hair. And by colorful, we of course mean one of the 18 standard colors. Either way, it’s a stand-out style for sure, and you can use it for any female Sim teen or older. 

Bella Hair

Then we have the Bella hairstyle from feralpoodles, the second part of their Ella/Bella set. (You can find the Ella style too). Bella takes the Ella style and lightens it up just a touch in the front. Where Ella has heavy locks draping down to frame the face, Bella pulls that back a bit. It shifts the focus to the other features, like the side weave and the additional updo knot on top. Feralpoodles added their extra color palette as usual, so you get a total of 63 colors to pick from. And this one works for teen through elder female Sims.

Charlotte Hair

The Charlotte Hair, also from feralpoodles, is a curly take on the classic bob. The overall length is fairly short, befitting a bob, and goes to just above the shoulders. And it’s 100% floof all the way down. The signature Maxis Match look helps separate the style into thick strands of hair. Each strand looks like it received the most professional crimp job too, starting out with a nice wave near the top and ending with a springy coil at the end. The usual things apply here too: 63 colors, good for teen through elder female Sims.

Dahlia Hair

If you’re looking for something with a bit less body to it, then feralpoodles has yet another style you may enjoy. It’s the Dahlia style. Dahlia features a chic side ponytail stretching down far past the shoulders. On top, the hair is pulled tightly over to the side, accentuating the ponytail and making sure it remains the primary focal point. Sometimes understated is best. And that’s definitely true here, especially if you opt for some of the many color choices feralpoodles includes.

Victoria Hair

Say you want to do a bit of time travel, though. You’ll need a suitable hairstyle of course. Lucky for you, feralpoodles created the Victoria Hair for just such an occasion. Or for any occasion really. It’s got that Regency/Victorian look you expect from a Jane Austen adaptation, true. But pair it with a regular top and some jeans, and this bit of Sims 4 Maxis Match hair would still look excellent. The Sixam version of it shown in the picture is a testament to that, and as you’d expect, it comes with 63 color variations and fits for teen through elder Sims.

Nadeen Hair

Nadeen from Nords is a collaborative effort. Nords used an existing hairstyle from another creator (with their permission of course) and mixed it with a style from the “Perfect Patio” expansion. This is the end result, a sleek mid-length style with a heavy fringe and a slightly layered, chopped look at the tips. Nadeen looks especially good with hats, but it’s a universal and highly adaptable style whatever you need it to do.

Cecilia Hair V2

Speaking of universal, check out this variation of Nords’ Cecilia Hair, called Cecilia Hair V2. This is another style you could easily use for anything and everything. It’s a chic bob parted around the ears. And there’s another part in the bangs, just slightly left of center. It’s a subtle way to create interest through asymmetrical styling. And whether you’re pairing it with glasses, a fancy outfit, or your everyday wear, it just works really well here.

Primis 3

Finally we have Primis Hair V3, also from Nords. It’s similar to the earlier Dahlia style, in that it’s a long, simple ponytail. But there’s a bit more going on in this one. The back leading into the pony itself is braided, while the top has a distinct part. One side of the part waves its way into the braid, while the other goes forward and ends in a nice fringe of bangs. Despite being another example of multiple styles meshed into one, Primis V3 is compatible with the base game so you can use it right from the start if you want.

With so many styles and ways to customize, there’s a Maxis Match hairstyle for nearly every female Sim here. If you’re looking for an equally excellent customized home for your newly styled Sim, we’ve got you covered there too. And if you’re all styled up with no where to go, check out our list of fun things to do in The Sims 4.

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