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The Sims is all about living your dream digital life, and there’s no better way to do that than with an incredible custom content houses for your Sims. The trouble is, there’s a huge variety of custom content houses to choose from. So that’s why we’ve done the work for you and put together a big list of Sims 4 custom houses, running the gamut from whimsical to creepy and everything in between. Almost every house on the list is fully furnished and decorated as well, most without using custom content, so that’s another burden off your shoulders. Note too that, as the title indicates, these are all for The Sims 4 and its various expansions.

Industrial Spirit

Nothing quite says “It’s the 20th century, and I love Frank Lloyd Wright” like this modern-meets-industrial custom Sims house from lotsbymanal. The two-story, three-bedroom home is fully decorated with a tasteful range of furniture, from subtly placed house plants to soft cream furniture. And that’s just the inside. Outside boasts a water feature running the house’s perimeter and multiple cozy sitting areas perfect for hosting friends or just relaxing. And there’s even a giant kitty plushy upstairs, because no house is complete without a cat — even if it’s not a real cat. The creator provided a separate link for each part of each room too, in case you want some of it but not the entire Sims 4 custom house.

The Rey House

This lovely two bed, one bath Sims 4 custom house from creator Ineliz, dubbed “The Rey House,” is an oasis in the desert. Yes it’s cliche, but it’s also true. You’re never far away from the rugged, parched landscape surrounding the home thanks to the many windows artfully placed throughout both floors. But you’re far enough, with cool earth tones for each room and color-coordinating furniture to match. If the heat gets too much for you, and the outside water features visible from the ground floor don’t help, saunter through the open living room to reach an indoor pool — an absolute essential feature for any desert home. And even better, you can still see the TV from the pool.

The Fully Eco Estate

Welcome to the Fully Eco Estate from Danuta720. It’s a huge lot worthy of the name “estate,” measuring 30×20, and the house itself is big too — two stories, four bedrooms, three bathrooms. It’s perfect for nature lovers or anyone looking for something unique with a touch of mod. Each room features a unique furniture set, with the living room’s antenna TV and old-fashioned stove standing out as particular highlights. And each includes at least one good-sized piece that brings the outdoors indoors. The real attraction here, though, is that the Fully Eco Estate is a fully functioning environmental project because you can sell your own water, electricity, and even crops.

Island Mansion

Why live on an island if you’re not living in a massive, stylish mansion? That’s apparently what TSR Artist GenkaiHaretsu thought when they made this Island Mansion custom Sims house. It’s a 50×50 lot, with a whopping four stories, three bedrooms, and three bathrooms. That’s the kind of size you might expect from a mansion, but the layout is pretty special with this one. The middle floor is completely open. That means it offs a view not just of the island around you, but of the floor below as well. The roof/floor is entirely glass, offering a fantastic open feel.  And that extends to the inside as well. There’s windows aplenty in the Island Mansion Sims 4 custom house, rattan furniture, and floral-patterned rugs to make sure you never forget you’re on an island paradise.


Speaking of big, check out TSR Artist nobody1392’s Tradition. It certainly lives up to the name on the outside, but in a playful way. This Sims 4 custom house combines a touch of gothic with the brickwork and a touch of traditional ranch-style house surrounding it for something totally one-of-a-kind. Inside defies the theme a bit, as it’s all modern. Sleek gray-and-white walls and furniture adorn most of the two floors and master bedroom, including the huge kitchen, while the other bedrooms are decked out for kids (or kids at heart) and have their own special giant plushies. Out front, you’ve got a charming rose hedge. And then out back is both a giant pool and a charming gazebo with sitting area for hosting get-togethers.

Livia — Starter House

Big is good, but you can’t always have the biggest of everything — especially if you’re just starting out in your Sims life. TSR Artist GenkaiHaretsu also created this starter custom Sims house for exactly that situation. It’s small, sure, with a 20×15 lot. But it’s stuffed with character and warmth. The kitchenette has an adjoining dining room that opens onto a cozy living room with plenty of seating for everyone. The master bedroom makes up for its size with a warm color scheme and plenty of light, but the real winner here is outside. It’s almost like a fairytale house, with arched doorways and climbing plants accentuating the house’s vertical charm.

Mushroom House

Mushroom House from VirtualFairytales is actually a fairytale Sims 4 custom house. But it’s a bit different from the rest because you actually get just the lot and exterior; the inside is almost completely a blank slate for you to create your own dream Sims custom house. That said, the outside is absolutely fantastic, bringing together several different whimsical styles all built around… well, mushrooms of course. The base part of the house looks like your average cottage, but sprouting off from it are add-ons straight out of a story and looking like a mix of mushroom tops and whipped cream. Inside, you’ll find some basic living room furniture and kitchen with counters plus some hanging herbs. You get your own waterfall outside too, and that can’t be beat.

Tropical Tree House

If vertical is your thing, then you’ll love TSR Artist Ineliz’s custom Sims treehouse, the Tropical Tree House. It’s the perfect getaway for someone who just wants a chill time on their own and doesn’t mind sacrificing some space to get it. The Tropical Tree House is just one floor, of course, and it probably goes without saying that floor is suspended up in a tree. Inside, you’ll find everything you need in one room. The kitchen is surprisingly big and opens onto a nice living room, complete with comfy sofa and big-screen (for a treehouse) TV. There’s plenty of other nice accent touches, like house plants, a hat rack, and some knick-nacks scattered about on the shelves. But if you get sick of inside, just head downstairs to the open patio and huge pool to shake things up a bit.

Zahra House



Ray-Sims’ Zahra House is like one of those ideal mountain chalets you’d dream of vacationing in. Only it’s your home forever, should you download it of course. It’s situated on a large 40×30 lot and uses every inch to great effect. Outside is all carefully designed water features and plant borders welcoming you home and offering a peaceful retreat at the same time. The house facade itself is a charming mix of wood and stone, and it gets even better inside. The home is fully furnished across both stories and its three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The furnishings themselves blend modern with cozy — chic furniture set in warm colors, with a large fireplace in the living room and wooden floors throughout. 

Little Cottage

If you’re in the market for something a bit more rustic, Ray_Sims also has this Little Cottage that might suit your tastes. On the outside, you get what looks like a converted barn and tons of gorgeous foliage to brighten your day. Little Cottage has two spacious seating areas outside as well, one in front and one off to the side. There’s even a balcony for the upstairs room. Don’t be put off by the “little” in the name either. Little Cottage is big enough for a small family, with two floors, two bedrooms, and one bathroom. The kitchen, dining, and living areas are all joined together, with a mix of wicker and solid woods in varying colors. The upstairs only adds to the coziness. There’s medium-brown wood furniture everywhere, plus rustic wooden floors, rough-hewn beds, and a big plaid comforter to top it all off.

Strawberry Cloud House

Nobody1392 packed the Strawberry Cloud house full of charm both inside and out. Outside, the house lives up to its name with a unique cloud-shaped exterior, pink roof, and cascading pink flowers flowing over the side porch roof. It’s surrounded by a classic white picket fence and flower shrubs too. But inside is anything but old-timey. It’s a chic, modern home, all three floors, three bedrooms, and two bathrooms of it. The decor is a nice mix of space-age and modern, with clean white birch flooring in all the main areas. The master bath is even fully equipped with a garden tub for maximum relaxation.

Spy — A Strangerville Home

Nothing says home sweet home like living in a tiny shack in the desert — if it’s this Spy Sims 4 custom house from TSR Artist GenkaiHaretsu using Strangerville as the base pack. What you see is what you get here, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The entryway, made entirely of metal, opens onto a small junction: on the left is your cozy living room, and on the right leads to a small but functional kitchen. There’s actually room for three bedrooms in this two-story house, plus a metal bathroom that looks like it’d be right at home on any spaceship — like that one watching you sleep from the master bedroom’s poster.

The Townhouse

There’s one more from TSR Artist GenkaiHaretsu: the New York (or London) Townhouse. It’s the epitome of metropolitan chic with a touch of old-world class. Your townhouse is sandwiched between two brick buildings that look like they’ve been there since the 1800s, and there’s ivy climbing up the whole unit because of course there is. The inside is massive as well, spanning five floors with six bedrooms and four bathrooms. Warm cream and gold colors permeate the entire house, the computer den is stuffed full of books, and there’s an old-fashioned stereo and wood-burning fireplace in the living room. And we’d be remiss not to mention the roses in the yard and the balconies with waterfront views.

Lallie Tropical House

Rirann’s tropical retreat Lallie is perfect if you need to feel like you’re as far away from it all as possible. It’s a small, one bed/one bath remote house almost entirely surrounded by water. And the outdoor sitting area takes full advantage of that, offering a big open porch overlooking the water. There’s even a jet ski if you fancy taking a short ride. Large windows and light furniture give the impression that you’re hardly inside at all. And despite being a bit on the small side, Lallie has everything you need to feel like you’re still living the life of luxury. There’s a spacious kitchen and dining area, large-screen TV, modern bathroom with an open plan, and a large bedroom for when you just feel like lazing around in bed.

Tropical Tiny House Resort

If you need more of a resort them to feel like you’re really getting away from it all, then check out Sarina_Sims’ Tropical Tiny House Resort. It’s a bundle of three small house islands clustered together around a huge pool. Each house is basically a compact unit in itself, a bedroom with built-in bathroom (or built-in tub). And all of that is surrounded by a gorgeous series of tropical waterfalls. When you want some land under your feet, head to the back of the resort to find an open restaurant built on a spacious deck. There’s a bar too, in case you need to unwind from the stress of all this luxury and island living. It’s a tough life, we know.

Tiny Hill House

Maybe instead of luxury, though, you just want some peace, quiet, and flowers. If that’s you, Mini Simmer’s Tiny Hill House is calling. The house itself is a charming cottage perfect for one person or a couple, an ideal retreat from the hustle of daily life. There’s a compact kitchen with farmhouse-style sink and a cozy dining room with bundles of herbs on the wall. The bedroom features one twin-sized bed with a perfect view of everything outside and some books near at hand. But the lot itself is even better. It’s absolutely stuffed with flowers — layers of them, all planted around a small pond leading to a spray fountain. You’ll walk through the middle of it all as you head towards the house via a series of stone steps gradually taking you up to your peaceful sanctuary.


Melapples’ Rosana Sims 4  custom house proves that peace comes in many varieties, though. Described as a house that “may not look like your grandma’s house, but still feels like grandma’s house,” Rosana is a three story, two bed/one bath home with comfort practically oozing from every room. Each room is decorated with everything you might need, and each takes advantage of a different color scheme. There’s a generous helping of plant life too, if not actually in the room, then within easy viewing out one of the many windows. Outside is fully equipped too, with multiple decks, a potted garden, gathering areas, plus a good-sized jacuzzi. The party’s at grandma’s house folks.


Ray_Sims also created this gorgeous luxury home called Primrose. It’s another huge lot, 40×30. That means it’s excellent for a bigger family or a Sim family with aspirations. Primrose has three bedrooms and two bathrooms, and it’s tastefully furnished up to the hilt. The main feature hast to be the large great room-kitchen combo. The open floor plan here adds tremendously to the sense of space — not that you need to feel like this Sims 4 custom house is bigger. If you need to head outside for a break, though, you’ve got options. You can lounge on the front porch or step out to the side and watch the world go by on a big comfy outdoor couch. Plant-loving Sims have plenty to appreciate here too, with a nice mixture of flowers and shrubs dotting the landscape. What’s not to love?

The Hollows Mansion

TSR Artist Ineliz brings the scares home with The Hollows Mansion. It’s a cursed Sims 4 custom house with traits including Island Spirits, Vampire Nexus, and Haunted, so it’s not for fainthearted Sims. If the creepy, Adams family-inspired exterior isn’t enough to send a shiver down your spine, then surely you’re brave enough to handle the indoor graveyard, spooky portraits, and ominous dining room. On the bright side, there’s plenty of room to spread out on this 40×30 lot. The mansion itself has two floors, three bedrooms, and three bathrooms for all your haunted needs. Fortunately, the bathrooms seem to offer a place of sanctuary — nary a scary painting in sight. Everyone needs to go in peace after all.

House of Wonders

TSR Artist Xandralynn’s House of Wonders really lives up to its name. The outside is a mashup of so many incredible styles and ideas. There’s an air bridge connecting the main house to a flying, winged ship porch, gorgeous stained glass windows everywhere, a huge clock right in front of the house, and all manner of astronomical doodads adorning this custom Sims house’s many turreted towers. Inside is equally diverse. One area plays with mystical purple and blue color themes; another is green and natural, with trees painted onto the wallpaper. Let’s not forget the spell room either, with its huge red cauldron and stacks of books everywhere. You’re bound to find something that calls out to you in at least one room of this three story, three bed, and two bath house. But that’s assuming you don’t spend your time outside marveling at the architecture.

There’s something for nearly everyone with these custom Sims houses. Maybe you’re yearning for an island paradise or need an exotic escape. Or you need some excitement in your life and a haunted mansion is the perfect challenge to keep you busy. If you’re looking for some more Sims 4 guides and custom content, check out:

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