Bored with Sims? Our Sims 4 fun things to do list has the solution

There’s a lot to do in The Sims 4, but it’s easy to get stuck in a routine. After a while, it all loses just a touch of its magic. You’re bored with Sims 4. It doesn’t have to be that way, though. We’ve rounded up a huge Sims 4 fun things to do list chock full of ideas from the zany to the creative to bring the spark back to your Sims 4 experience.

Build Anything

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At The Sims Resource, we’re all about galleries and custom downloads. But sometimes, the best way to find a new fun thing to do in Sims 4 is just getting down and dirty and building it yourself. You can edit an entire lot or buy new goods for your house. Or head to town and create brand-new community features the entire city can enjoy. Build mode in Sims 4 is pretty involved too. It’s easy to get lost in bringing your ideal vision to life again and again, so it’s worth giving it a try if you need something more than managing your Sims’ bladder every day. And of course, consider uploading your creation to The Sims Resource once it’s finished.

Build a Big Mansion

For a more specific goal, try building the biggest, most insanely elaborate mansion you possibly could. That’s definitely going to be a long-term goal unless you’ve amassed a treasure hoard of Simoleons. (There’s always the money cheat you could use too). But the bigger the house, the more things you can do with it. Themed rooms, floors, or whole wings are an option. Turn your mansion into the hippest party spot in town, or just leave one lonely Sim to ramble about inside and slowly go insane. It’s entirely your call.

Turn Into a Plant Sim

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If being human is just too boring, turn into a plant for a few days instead. EA first introduced this feature in 2017. It was a temporary challenge, but you can still get the perks of plant life in a few different ways. The first is eating Plant Matter ice cream if you’ve got the Kitchen Stuff pack. You’ll turn green for a few hours and get the urge to go outside. The other is cheating. We’ve got a comprehensive list of cheats you can peruse, but here’s the plant one. With cheats enabled, press Shift and click your Sim. Then choose the Make Into PlantSim option. You’ll see your Sim’s needs like hunger change, and you’ll gain social points for talking to plants. This doesn’t wear off until you disable the feature.

Make Friends with Death

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One of the more involved and dark Sims 4 fun things to do is getting to know Death. You can woo Death itself — sort of. The first thing to do is, of course, get the Grim Reaper to come around. If you’re too impatient to wait for one of your Sims to naturally kick the bucket, you can step in and speed the process up. How you do it is up to you, of course. But the quickest and easiest way to off a Sim is starving them. Or you can enable cheats and artificially age your Sim, then make them do strenuous activity while being at risk for injury or death. Really, there’s a ton of ways you can kill your precious creations if you feel like it.

Anyway, once the Reaper shows up, it’s time to get to work. Set up your wooing station like you would for any other romantic encounter. Which is to say, make it seem romantic! Flowers, candles, the whole shebang. The Reaper tells you they aren’t interested in love, but you can still work on their romance meter. Once you get the Grim Reaper’s affection up high enough, you’ll become friends. That actually unlocks an achievement as well — Hello Darkness, My Old Friend.

If you want things to go even further, there’s a cheat for that too.

Make a Haunted House

While we’re talking about darkness and terrible, er… “fun” things to do in Sims 4, you can make your very own haunted house. Get started by making your own ideal haunted house. You can build it, if you want a new creative challenge. Or you can check out some premade ones, including some that look rather like famous haunted houses we’ve seen somewhere before. After you’ve got it decorated to suit your spooky tastes, the next step is, of course, making ghosts. Do that however you see fit. And then let them loose inside the house. If you’re in the mood to make your own Sims 4 horror story, take the doors away and watch what happens.

There’s some practical merit to doing all this as well. If you’ve got a ghost you want to keep around, make friends with it. Interact like you do with your other Sims friends and try to get your desired ghost to at least Good Friend status. If you do, you’ll get the chance to invite them into your household. That means they’ll never disappear. Apart from being great because you don’t have to say goodbye, it also gives you a chance to take things further. The “What Would It Be Like?” achievement unlocks when you make Woo Hoo with a ghost. And we’ll just leave it at that.

Introduce a Paint Goblin

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Some players have found unique ways to get more Sims 4 money without using cheats. One of them is like something straight out of an Edgar Allan Poe story too: the painting goblin. You’ll build a basement room that can support life but has no exits. Then make a new Sim. They should have a love of painting and being alone and a hatred of going outside. Over time, your painting goblin’s paint prowess will increase, which means more valuable paintings you can sell. Your charmed Sims family gets to live the good life while their mysterious benefactor (or exploited stepchild?) feverishly works away in the sealed basement.

Bring Your Own Music

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One of the simplest ways to freshen your game on our Sims 4 fun things to do list is just to play your favorite music. Not on your own device, mind you. We’re talking about the feature where your custom music plays on the game’s radios. All you have to do is access the folder for the radio station your music should go on, then paste the .mp3 files with your chosen tracks into it. From there, you’ll regularly hear your custom music on that channel’s rotation. And if that’s all you want to hear, you can turn the other tracks off in the game’s settings menu.

Grow a Cow Plant

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Growing a cow plant is one of the top fun things to do in Sims 4 because it’s also one of the trickiest. You’ll need to do some exploring to get this mad, Sim-eating plant in your garden. You can potentially find the Cowplant Berry by fishing in Oasis Springs and the Forgotten Grotto. There may be a Cowplant Berry in space too, if you’re heading that way, or dug up as treasure. Get your Gardening skill to level seven, then plant and tend it like any other plant.

Once it’s full grown, you’ll need to be more careful. The Cowplant eats meat and needs feeding every 12 hours. Should you skip a meal, the plant lures your Sim to them with cake. Two accidents like this spells death for your Sim. True, there’s not much practical value in all this unless you milk the plant afterwards. (Then you get a potion for extending lifespans). But having a garden full of plants with udders is sort of worth it in itself.

Become a Super Villain

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Your super-smart Sim might get bored just as easily as you do. And if that’s the case, a life of crime could be the perfect solution. Start up the Secret Agent career and work until level seven, when you can choose to branch off as the Diamond Agent (the good one) or the Villain (which shouldn’t need explanation). Not only does your pay go up quite a bit more, but you get to specialize in mischief. Should your conscience prick you too much, though, you can eventually become a triple agent — good, then evil, then good again. The pay is great, and you get a brand-new room style unlocked as well.

Find Nessie the Sea Monster?

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You can be a monster in Sims 4, sure. Or you can go monster hunting instead. Well, in theory. In the Get Together expansion, you can explore the European-style town of Windenburg. If you’re out by the lake, you could very well catch a glimpse of a mysterious sea monster as well. Only, it’s not Nessie. She’s called Emily instead. True, you can’t interact with Emily. But you can buy a commemorative snow globe to mark the event and never forget your close brush with the supernatural.

Get to Know the Townies

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Maybe after a while, you’re getting bored with your own Sim’s story. Or you’re fed up with the constant deluge of Townies and need something permanent. Try taking them on and building out their stories instead, if that’s you. You’ll want to go under the game’s Manage World options and household management tools, then opt to fill in empty houses. Your formerly wandering Townies will now have a place to settle down. And that’s when you strike. Click their house, and you’ll get the option to play as the inhabitants. You can take on their existing situations and family relations to see how they pan out, or work on creating entirely new stories for your Townies instead.

Sims Role Play

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Likewise, try roleplaying for a different set of fun things to do in Sims 4. Create intricate — or even completely zany — story frameworks for your Sims and Townies, and work towards bringing those stories to life. It’ll alter how you approach skillsets and jobs, plus who your Sims make friends (and WooHoo) with. Best of all, it provides a nearly endless supply of goals to make for a fresh playthrough each generation. We’ve got a few clothing collections for female Sims and male Sims to help get you started too.

And if you want to bring a bit of celebrity glamor to your roleplaying, challenge yourself to make Sims celebrity lookalikes using Sims 4’s extensive creation tools. Add them to your story, make their own, or just leave them be as the town’s famous eccentric no one actually talks to.

Focus on Skills

This suggestion for one of The Sims 4 fun things to do is pretty simple. Focus on learning new skills! If you usually play with a specific skillset or find yourself drawn to a certain job class, stop it. Try something new instead and work on building a different Sim than you’re used to. It completely changes how you approach the game and is a great way to make it feel new again.

Gather Collectibles

Finding all the collectibles deserves a spot on your Sims 4 fun things to do list. It’s probably a long-term goal, though. Like unlocking all the challenges, finding all the collectibles will take some time. You’ll need to find all the plants and rocks, and that includes rare ones too. Schedule a trip to the secret areas like Sixam (more on that later) and the Sylvan Glade if sounds like something you want to do.

Unlock Challenges

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If it’s not obvious yet, The Sims 4 has a lot of challenges. We’ve touched on a few of them, from making Woo Hoo with ghosts to getting cozy with Death. But there’s a lot more. From maxing out skills and jobs to doing weird and wacky things like getting intimate in a rocket ship, The Sims 4 is one case where achievement hunting actually adds to the game instead of eclipsing the main experience.

Throw a Party!

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Just like in real life, if you’re looking for fun things to do in Sims 4, plan and throw a huge party. There’s so many different ways you can hold a big bash too. You can play the gracious host and invite some friends and neighbors around. Or if you want something more exciting, head out to the local nightlife hotspot and get your groove on there. While you’re at it, why not pick a few fights? Your reputation may suffer, but it could also boost your Sims’ confidence — assuming they win, of course. If you’d rather plan a more select gathering, take advantage of the Get Together pack’s group function. Create a group and specify both who can join and how they should act in the group; you can even completely change how your Sim behaves while in the group compared to their normal behaviors.

Travel to Sixam and Meet Some Aliens

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Getting to Sixam is a task in itself. Once you’ve got the Get To Work pack, you can work on your science skills and construct either a wormhole generator or a souped-up rocket ship. From there, it’s off to new worlds, where alien parties await. (Bonus points if you make Woo Hoo in the rocket ship. Achievement unlocked). There’s new flora to discover, a secret lot you can build on, and the whole planet is a haven for sun-hating vampires. You can also meet some aliens and bring them home as friends, or as pets if they’re the tiny ones. There’s also an option to make your own Sim alien and take advantage of special powers like turning metals into precious materials. Scientists beware, though. Aliens could very well abduct you.

Become a Vampire

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Speaking of non-human, you might want to give vampires a chance. The Sims 4 makes being a vampire much more fun this time around, as it impacts your lifestyle in more meaningful ways. First off, you’ll need the Vampires pack. Then you’ll make a brand-new Sim as either an alluring or frightening vampire, and it’s up to you how to proceed from there. Do you want to turn all your Townies into vampires? Have fun, but be in bed by dawn (or live where there’s no sun in the Forgotten Hollow or on Sixam). You can expand your vampiric powers through duals or just settle down and start a vampire family. If you don’t play as a vampire, you’ll find you need to protect your own homestead from occasional vampire invasions. It’s a great way to shake up your experience, hence including it on our Sims 4 fun things to do list.

Find the Hermit

Befriending the Hermit is a quieter goal to put on your Sims 4 fun things to do list. You’ll need the Outdoor Retreat pack. While you’re camping in Granite Falls, search for the hidden gap in the shrubs. The pathway you uncover there takes you straight to the Hermit’s House. It’s like a rural idyll there. Plenty of space, quiet, and nature greets you. There’s spots for fishing too. But if you befriend the Hermit, they’ll teach your Sim how to make special herbal potions you can’t learn elsewhere. If you become close friends, you can invite the Hermit back to your place as well.

And this is all just the start of fun things to do in Sims 4. While there’s a lot more fun and variation you could bring to your Sim life, hopefully this has sparked at least a couple of ideas for new ways to experience The Sims 4 differently. Stick with The Sims Resource for more Sims 4 custom content, guides, and deep dives in the coming days!

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