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Look Too Cool for School with These Sims 4 Sunglasses

Whatever the season, there’s nothing like a good pair of sunglasses to completely revamp or shape an outfit. So it is in real life, so it is in The Sims 4. Luckily, TSR artists have been busy making some absolutely stellar Sims 4 sunglasses as well. We’ve rounded up just a sampling of those to help get you started on your fashion odyssey. Most of these work for both male and female Sims, and likewise, you certainly won’t be starved for choice with color and lens tints either. If you’re looking for something traditional, funky, or just downright fantastic, we’ve got it all.

Island Paradise

TSR artist Severinka created two kinds of Island Paradise glasses, one for female Sims (shown above) and one for male Sims. These shades are perfect for the Island Paradise expansion, obviously. But they work just as well whenever you need to add a dash of cool to your daily style. Apart from the seven different colors, ranging from party to formal, the standout feature with these glasses would have to be the lenses themselves. They’re tinted pink and blue and look just like they’re reflecting an evening ocean sunset.

Steampunk Glasses

WistfulCastle’s Steampunk Glasses are rather different. They definitely keep out the sun — and maybe everything else as well. The Steampunk Glasses sit on your Sims’ face like one of those machines at the optometrist’s office, only you don’t need to test how much better 1 or 2 looks. You know it looks fantastic on your Sim no matter what. The eye pieces are joined by a nifty double bridge, and instead of the usual glasses arms, you get two extra pieces off to the side. What do they do? Well, we don’t really know. But it doesn’t have to matter anyway. It just looks cool, and you’ve got 10 different colors to look cool in for both male and female Sims.

Retro Heart Sunglasses

If you’re looking for something a bit more understated without sacrificing personality, then check out Magpiesan’s Retro Heart Sunglasses. What you see is what you get here. Thin wire arms attach to the small heart-shaped lenses. These come in 24 different colors and suit male and female Sims. But aside from the color, the real accent comes from your Sims’ own face. As the image above shows, these can either sit down low on the nose like a pair of reading glasses or higher up as a stylish emphasis piece. Maybe it’s not something you could wear with every outfit your Sim has. But why not go for something out of the ordinary anyway?

Double Layer Sunglasses

These Double Layer Sunglasses from DarkNighT are a bold choice for the Sim who wants to make a statement. It’s still a fairly simple design, though, so it won’t take over from the rest of your Sims’ outfit. The Double Layer glasses have tiny thin arms and big, thick rims. The lenses — equally think and tinted — are of a different shape entirely, and they don’t fully fit with the frames. Instead, they cover most of the rim except right at the top and hang off a bit on the sides. It’s a unique take on the classic round glasses, and one you can get in 20 different colors to suit your needs.

Irregular Lens

Dark NighTt takes the idea of the irregular lens a bit further with these next sunglasses, called… Irregular Lens Sunglasses (surprise!). Irregular here means not really conforming to any known shape, but it’s something you can basically call a polygon if you absolutely have to classify it as something. It’s a sort of oval mixed with octagon, and we’re definitely here for it. The lenses are set in a thin wire frame held together by industrial style arms and bridges, and these bolder elements serve to accentuate the lens shape even more. You can get these in 16 different color shades for the lenses too.

Sparkle Sunglasses

These Sparkle Sunglasses from Suzue are excellent for adding a splash of party energy to your Sim. They’re big. They’re loud. And they’re full of razzle-dazzle. These huge round sunglasses flare out on the outside of each rim, which just gives them even more room to sparkle. Not that they need it. Every inch of these Sims 4 sunglasses is covered with bright sparkles. It helps too that you can get the Sparkle Sunglasses in 15 different colors for your female and male Sims, all of which are equally bright and full of life.

Futurist Glasses

The Futurist Glasses from Suzue hardly even look like glasses. It’s more like you slapped a computer screen on your Sims face and decided to colonize the moon with them as some kind of data wiz. Or maybe your Sim is really a computer in disguise? Either way, it’s totally fine by us. The Futurist Glasses is a striking and completely unique look for any Sim from Teen to Elder, and you can snag the Futurist Glasses in 10 different colors. The download also include the Dinamic Light shown in the image, so what you see is what you get.

Sonic Sunglasses

Next up we’ve got the Sonic Sunglasses by NynaeveDesign. These charming specs are equal part Hollywood glamor and retro style — perfect if your Sim needs a retro overhaul in general or just for because. The rims are two horizontal teardrops with the wider ends facing out. They’re joined by a thick plastic bridge, but the arms have as much style as the lenses themselves. The arms sport a leopard spot print at the top and back. The pattern color changes with the glasses color too, and you’ve got two different choices to pick from here.

For The Beach Sunglasses Set

This next one from jimsims is actually an entire set — hence the name “For the Beach set.” It’s got everything you need for a day at the beach: aloe lotion, a floaty ring, carrying bag, the works. And best of all, it has two different sets of sunglasses as well. There’s a big pair of glasses shown hooked on the bag plus a smaller pair you can either wear or just use as an accent piece on a book or whatever you like. The set comes in four different colors, and the glasses change color with the set as well. Whichever you choose, your Sim is more than ready for a day out in the sun.

Blue Reflective Mirror Sunglasses

The Blue Reflective Mirror Glasses from Pinkzombiecupcakes are a standalone piece. But don’t let the lack of customization fool you. These are full of modern flair. The lenses are the classic pilot glasses shape, set in thin black rims held in place by equally thin black arms. The point is making the lenses themselves stand out, and oh boy do they. These aren’t just reflective lenses. It’s like there’s a full-on thunderstorm happening in these glasses. They’re perfect if you want to give your male Sim a completely new look with just one new item.

VEOX Sunglasses

If you want to go full-on modern, then you’ll probably want to give the VEOX Sunglasses from Pralinesims a try. On the surface, these seem fairly simple. Thick glasses with dark colors. But at the point where the rims and arms meet, you’ve got a small accent design flaring out just a bit. These points offset the lens tint and give the VEOX glasses a nice extra bit of impact. These heavy glasses come in 15 different colors and work for both male and female Sims. 

EXOV Sunglasses

Pralinesims also created the EXOV Sunglasses. And despite seeming like a simple rearrangement of letters, these couldn’t be more different from the VEOX glasses. These use the pilot shape like the mirrored shades, only the EXOV glasses are available for both male and female Sims. The lenses are set in a gold wire frame that, while it stands out elegantly on its own, doesn’t detract from the shaded lenses themselves. These you can get in 25 different colors as well, so there’s no danger of being starved for choice here. The mix of classic styles, shapes, and colors means the EXOV Sunglasses can go with practically any outfit as well.

S-Club 202002

The S-Club 202002 glasses from TSR artist S-Club combine futuristic and modern into one striking package. These heavily tinted glasses cover the upper half of your Sim’s face with their large, square-ish lenses. Yet it manages to look completely natural, despite the size. The arms join with a piece on either side of the lens to create an extra bit of interest as well, so the lens aren’t all there is to see here. You can get the S-Club 202002 glasses in 10 different colors as well, though note the colors only affect the frame — not the lens shading. Also, these are only for female Sims.

S-Club 201910

There’s another creation from S-Club too, the 201910 glasses for female Sims. Where the previous S-Club creation was all about being big and bold, this one prioritizes sleek chic instead. The round lenses are actually both mirrored and heavily tinted, set apart with a high bridge. And they’re set in either a white gold frame, rose gold, or black frame, depending on which of the nine color options you choose. Whatever you choose, these are sure to add a splash of elegance and grace to your Sim.

S-Club 201806

Finally from S-Club, take a look at the 201806 Glasses. Unlike many of the Sims 4 sunglasses on our list, these are horn rimmed. That’s not their only feature, though. The 201806 Glasses come in five different color/pattern options. There are three leopard-spot prints to pick from — white, natural (with accompanying lense tint as well), and arctic. But if you need something a bit less exotic, there’s also solid red and solid black to choose. Aside from the natural, all the other choices come with a light shaded tint.

CYSTF-VR Glasses

WistfulCastle has another exotic Sims 4 sunglasses design with the CYSTF – VR Glasses. It’s a fashionable take on the usual bulky VR headset. Instead of something that fits over the head, you’ve got a rectangular design split down the middle with a bright, neon color strip. What your Sim sees on the other side is anyone’s guess. Whatever it is, you know they’ll be looking good though, with seven colors to choose from and all levels of detail included.

Fantasy Glasses

The Fantasy Glasses from Leah Lillith have a heart design like the retro heart glasses from earlier, but takes it in a completely different direction. Instead of perching somewhere on the nose, these Fantsy Glasses sit right between the eyes and cover them down to the cheekbones. The frames act as the perfect accent as well, being thick enough to add visual interest without getting in the way of the main piece. The lenses themselves are heavily tinted, like you’d expect from a pair of functional sunglasses. And you can get these in gold, silver, and bronze for both male and female Sims.

Glasses Future

Like the futuristic look but still want something recognizable as glasses? Bukovka’s Glasses Future might be what you’re looking for then. They’re part visor, part sunglasses, and all style. These futuristic shades cover half the face and sit right on top of the skin, not unlike the VR glasses. But even with dark tint, the Glasses Future are still see through so there’s a touch more realism with these than the VR glasses. The Glasses Future are for male and female Sims and come with eight different color or “stain” options. And you can use them on any life stage between teen and elder.

Sunglasses With Flowers

All the Sims 4 sunglasses so far have been for older Sims. But younger Sims need to look good in the sun too. With that in mind, MahoCreations made these Sunglasses With Flowers, a stylish design for girl and boy Sims in the toddler phase. The swatch shown in the image is an arctic-color snakeskin pattern with a trio of large white flowers on either side. But if that isn’t quite what you were looking for, there’s a further 26 other color options you can choose from with this style.


The Toxic glasses from Mr.Alex mix celebrity glamor with just a dash of spy style. The lenses themselves are actually pretty small, but the entire shape is an exaggerated cats’ eye style. That in itself makes these recommendable. But the frames add to the look even more. They’re heavily drawn and make up most of the glasses, taking the cats’ eye shape to even bigger levels and making it the defining feature of these cool shades. They work for both genders and for teen through elder life stages, plus you can find the Toxic glasses in 10 different colors.

Cat Eye Smoke Lens

Because we like the cats’ eye shape so much, here’s Cat Eye Smoke Lens from OranosTR. This take on the cats’ eye style combines it with a hint of pilot glasses, since the lenses themselves are a touch bigger than your average cats’ eye frames. Anyway, these come in three different colors, and the “smoke” part isn’t just to make a snazzy name. Whatever color you pick, the lenses are heavily tinted with a chic smoky gray or black shade. To top it all off, there’s a small decoration at the frames’ point to draw your attention to the cats’ eye shape even more.

Summer Day Glasses

Pralinesims’ Summer Day Glasses prove simple doesn’t mean boring. These Sims 4 sunglasses come in a standard, timeless shape and an equally timeless tortoise-shell style for the frame part. The color of the frames won’t change, but you can choose the shade of the lens tint. These also come in your classic sunglasses colors, with three basic colors to choose from: clear, smoky gray, and yellow. Finally, even though these Summer Day Glasses are based on an earlier design, you don’t need any additional downloads to make these work. Just install and enjoy.

Veil Calla

This last example of Sims 4 sunglasses might not technically be sunglasses — depending on how bold you feel with your fashion. Bukovka’s Veil Calla is what the name says it is: a veil. It sits high up on the crown of your female Sims’ head, with two flowers to keep the top portion from being boring. The veil itself is a rounded, almost clam shell shaped piece extending down to just above and in front of the eyes. Maybe you couldn’t wear Veil Calla on every sunny day. Or maybe you could just kick convention out and wear it whenever you please. It’s your call.

There’s a shade for any and every Sim here. Whether modern is your thing or you just want to break the mold and go wild, the artists of The Sims Resource have at least one style of Sims 4 sunglasses to fit your needs. And sunglasses are just the beginning. Stick with The Sims Resource for more Sims 4 custom content in the future, and check out our other Sims 4 roundups, including:


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