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Hoop Earrings

Hoop Earrings: An Accessory Must-Have

Hoop earrings are a staple trend in fashion. While the popularity of hoop earrings rose in the ’80s, the trend started long before that.  Hoops are an international symbol of unity and infinity.  The design of hoop earrings originated in the ancient African civilization of Nubia. Hoop earrings can be found throughout history.  For example, hoop earrings can be seen in ancient Egyptian art. Today, hoop earrings continue to be a never-ending staple to fashion. The same holds for Sim fashion,as it mirrors real-life inspired designs.

Flat Hoop Earrings

The general definition of hoop earrings is anything circular or semi-circular coming from the ear.  A hoop earring is usually made from a metal, such as silver or gold, but material and texture can vary greatly.  The artists here at TSR have created many different types of hoop earrings all ranging in design, color, and material.  You can find all sorts of hoop earrings and other accessories for any occasion for your sims here at TSR.

Sugar Owl’s Millennial Earrings

Sugar Owl

Sugar Owl’s Millennial Earrings are a simple classic hoop that has multiple piercings, mixing studs and hoops.  The hoops come with a completely circular and other earrings that range in size.  The Millennial Earrings is versatile with options of earring placement.  For example, the earrings can be worn on just the right or left side, or both sides together.  Wearing both sides gives a more modern look, from the asymmetry of the accessory.  The sets also come in five different colors, each mimicking a different metal.

Feyona’s Gabriela Hoop Earrings


The great thing about the Feyona’s Gabriela Hoop Earrings is that you can get them for all ages.  Not only are they a fantastic design, but your children and toddlers can also wear them!  These earrings are symmetrical for the traditional hoop look.  The Gabriela Hoop Earrings have a metallic studded texture coming infour shades; platinum, silver, rose gold, and gold.  This modern design allows for the Gabriela Hoop Earrings to be paired with just about any type of attire.

TrudieOpp’s EarHoops 


TrudieOpp’s EarHoops are the classic ’80s large continuous hoops.  The EarHoops come in six colors that are metallic based, including fiery hot red.  TrudieOpp’s EarHoops can be worn by Sims aged teens through elders and are an absolute gem in-game.  The fiery hot red swatch looks amazing!  This sleek classic design allows for Simmers to wear their hoops with some pop in their fashion.

NataliS’ Wide Enamel Hoop Earrings


The Wide Enamel Hoop Earrings by NataliS come in some vibrant colors.  The colors of the Wide Enamel Hoop Earrings include; white, pink, blue, and green.  These hoops are medium-sized and have a smooth texture.  Teen sims through elders can wear these colorful hoops. NataliS’ Wide Enamel Hoop Earrings do not disappoint in quality and variety of use.  The earrings are perfect for formal attire and everyday attire.

S-Club’s  WM Earrings 202019

S-Club Earrings 202019

The motto ‘Go Big or Go Home’ comes to mind with these classic ’80s inspired SClub’s WM Earrings 202019.  The Earrings 202019 comes in a variety of metallic based shades.  The earrings are sleek and light looking and are a continuous hoop through the ear and angle out slightly, making it easier to see the accessory in longer hair.

Feyona’s Keanu Hoop Earrings for Men

Feyona's Keanu Hoop Earrings for Men

The Keanu Hoop Earrings for Men by Feyona offer a single hoop with additional piercings along the cartilage ear edge and tragus.  The hoops are a medium size with an oval shape and metallic finishing.  The Keanu Hoop Earrings come in four metallic color swatches for ages teen through elder.

DarkNightTt’s Sugar Earrings

DarkNightTt Sugar Earrings

DarkNightTt’s Sugar Earrings was part of the Pride Collection 2020 in June for Pride Month.  The Sugar earrings a semi-circle that connects to the wears earlobe.  There is a metallic-like pipping throughout the earring with a handpainted stonelike texture.  The stones come in ten colors, one swatch being rainbow in support of Pride Month.  This accessory is HQ mod compatible and available for ages teen through elder.

Suzue’s Karen Earrings

Suzue Karen Earrings

Suzue’s Karen Earrings are a set of four multiple hoops in one alluring style.  The earrings are of smooth metallic-like texture with shading and highlights along the sides of the hoops.  This spin on the classic large 80s hoop earrings makes for a unique must-have for your sims.  The Karen Earrings come in ten colors, are fitted for teens to elders, and are HQ mod compatible.

Bobur3’s Earrings 21

Bobur3's Earrings 21

These earrings are not just your standard large hoop, the Earrings 21 by Bobur have a boomerang or crescent attachment that elegantly dangles on the bottom of the hoop.  The texture is metallic throughout the hoop and crescent attachment and comes in four different metallic shades.  The added dangle at the bottom makes the Earrings 21 have a very sophisticated and modern style.  Sims aged teen through elder can wear these earrings and they work with the HQ mods.

Mathcope’s Punk Spike Earrings

Mathcope's Punk Spike Earrings

Sims can have a ‘punkified’ look with these blunted spiked hoops.  Mathcope’s Punk Spike Earrings are a single hoop design with spikes for that Sim who wants an edgier look.  The blunted spikes go all the way along the outer edge of the hoop. The hoops are symmetrical and have a metallic-like texture, with three color swatches.  Teen sims through elders can wear the Punk Spike Earrings. This great addition to your game and is compatible with the HQ mod and most slider mods.

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