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Get a Good Start in (Sims) Life with These Sims 4 Toddler Clothes

Toddlers don’t remain toddler-sized for long in The Sims 4. But that’s no reason to let them run around in rags while their siblings and parents get plenty of custom clothes to look fabulous every day of the year.  So we put together this roundup of Sims 4 toddler clothes to give you a helping hand in making sure your tiny Sims are dressed to the nines.

Toddler Shirt

First up is the Toddler Shirt from The Sims Resource artist bukovka. Despite the name, it’s actually a set of four shirts, the four shown in the above image. These are multi-purpose shirts suitable for any number of activities, making it a must-have set of Sims 4 toddler clothes. That’s because the style sits somewhere between formal — well, formal for a toddler anyway — and just-for-play clothing. Two are solid with multicolor sleeves. One is a solid burgundy with green sleeves, and the fourth is plain grey. The Toddler shirt set works with the base game and is for male and female Sim toddlers.

Toddler Denim Pants

Of course, your Sims toddler is going to need pants as well. Bukovka has this set of four different colored denim toddler pants to fill that need nicely. It’s a cute and sturdy style for Sims toddlers of both genders. The pant legs are two-tone. The colored denim front is framed by the solid color, while the back is just that plain solid color. It’s a striking setup that works well with any top or sweater your toddler is wearing. And as a final toddler-esque touch, the legs taper off into a bunch with an elastic hem. These pants work with the base game too, so no expansions are needed.

Toddler Shirt Collection

MSQSIMS has these Toddler T-Shirts to add to your kids’ wardrobe as well. Unlike the first set, these are for the Sims parents look for some shine and sass. They’re all decorated with bright gold letters, spelling out phrases like “Flawless” and “Mama’s Bestie. And they each make good use of a unique design that’s part tribal and part knitted. One uses it to form a big egg framing the text, for example, while another gets creative with the designs and turns it into a weaving border.

Creatures Hoodie

Just like with adults and older children, hoodies are a must-have clothing type for toddlers as well. Margeh-75 created a set of six hoodies for toddlers, dubbed the Lil Creatures Hoodie. As the name suggests, each hoodie features an adorable, smiling animal on it, like the zebra and squirrel shown in the image Margeh-75 provided. The hoodies themselves are a solid color, which is handy since it won’t overshadow the animal and makes matching with other outfits easy. And best of all, these don’t need expansions to work either.

Soft Pants

Maybe denim just seems to edgy or grown up for your little Sim. Or you just want some variation in your pants. If so, bukovka has this set of soft pants for toddlers. Like the denim pants, these come in four different color styles: black, blue, pink, and grey. Each has a Kenzo text design on the back, with two paw prints on the front. They’re meant to go with the soft shirt (see below), but heck, you could pair them with any top on our Sims 4 toddler clothes list, and it’d still look just as good. Like most of bukovka’s creations, the soft pants are meant for the base game.

Soft Shirts

As mentioned, the pants are technically designed to go with this set of soft shirts, also from bukovka. These have the Kenzo design placed more prominently on the front. Is it the Kenzo brand or something else? It’s not totally clear, but it can basically be what you want it to. The other visual feature on display is the large animal draped over the collar. The back half, including tail, hangs down over the shoulders, while the front paws are placed just above the chest. These shirts come in the same colors as the pants, but like everything Sims, you can mix and match them however you want.

Toddler Coat

Whether it’s getting cold out or you just want to shake up your Sims’ family style, you’ll need a fashionable coat for the little ones as well. Bukovka comes through on this account too, with a set of hip coats blending a couple of styles. The top half sports a classic gingham check style, while the bottom is a solid black with minimalist vibes. They’re joined together with a big fringed diagonal seam that gives the coat a real shabby chic look. These coats come in four different color combos: blue check and gray; brown check and black; green check and green; and finally red check and dark navy.

Futuristic Hoodie

Cute animals are great and all. But if you’re not really into the cutesy look, there’s a set of futuristic hoodies for your toddlers to enjoy, also from bukovka. It’s your classic hoodie design in black, arctic white, and silvery-grey, but with a number of extra designs added in. The back features a design with multiple circles forming a kind of tree. The front has two different textures going on. One, on the sides, looks as if it’s made of some kind of stretch-and-compress material, while the shoulders have a scaled kind of texture. As with bukovka’s other designs, the Futuristic Hoodie is designed for the base game.

Toddler Dress

So far we’ve focused on pants, shirts, and the like, but here’s a set of adorable floral dresses from RobertaPLobo to vary things up a bit. The dress comes in four different style and color combinations, all shown in the above image. Each has a solid color for the skirt, with a light dot pattern sprinkled throughout. The top portions all have different floral designs. The brown dress has white daisies floating in the breeze, for example, while the purple one uses a classic design with antique roses and greenery. All four dresses fall under the everyday and formal wear categories, so you can use them for whatever you like.

Knit Dress

Here’s a dress in a completely different style, this one another bukovka creation. The Knit Dress is a classic style in an equally classic texture. It shouldn’t come as a surprise (check out the name), but the entire dress is knitted. The effect is somewhere between the heavy knit of a sweater and the super-fine knit of your average shirt and cotton wear. If that sounds a bit boring, then trio of intricately knitted roses across the waist should change your mind. The knitted dresses come in six colors, the five shown above and a black variation.

Toddler Dress

If that’s still not enough dresses for you, here’s sims2fanbg’s set of Toddler Dresses. Like the first dress set, these dresses have two different designs going on. The top parts might feature some kind of print, like Pokémon’s super-twee Pachirisu or a hen and her chicks, though some are solid. If they’re solid, the bottoms will just carry over the main color from the top design. Some of them, like the second in the image, reverse the trend and have an eye-catching design scrolling around the entire skirt. There’s 10 different patterns to choose from, so you’re bound to find at least one piece of Sims 4 toddler clothes to suit your taste here.

Toddler Romper Set

Rompers are another essential type of Sims 4 toddler clothes, perfect for playtime — maybe even helping you out while you have some fun in Sims 4 — or just a stroll in the park. And pizazz has this set of 10 different bright and playful rompers  to help expand your toddlers’ clothing collection. Each romper combines a different pattern with a different color. So, as the image shows, you get yellow and flowers, read and hearts, purple and rabbits — you get the idea. Note that these are only compatible with the Toddlers Stuff Pack, so you’ll need that if you’re interested.

Fashion Toddlers

Who says toddlers can wear fashionable clothes and dress to impress? Sims Resource creator ZitaRossouw certainly doesn’t and made this set of Toddy Fashions to prove it. Part sundress, part romper, the Toddy Fashions set is ideal for the warmer seasons. The top consists of a smock piece wrapped around and tied in the back with a large bow. A second bow blends into the frilly collar that sits atop the smock. The bottom is a set of frilled and poofy shorts, similar to the ones in the rompers. These come in seven different colors and designs, including the two shown above.

Cute Skirts

The Cute Toddler Skirts from Wicked_Kittie are exactly what they say they are. The set includes four different skirts, they’re all cute, and they’re all for toddlers. The skirts are a basic design good for mixing with any kind of top — like any of the tops we’ve included on our Sims 4 toddler clothes list. That basic design is paired with some nice patterns too. One is a space nebula, for instance, while another is a cute red with white polka dots print. You won’t need any stuff packs or add-ons for this one.

Animal Shirts

These Cute Toddler Shirts, also from Wicked_Kittie, would make a great match for the cute skirts. These shirts come in four different colors: light gray, periwinkle, seafoam, and light blue. Each has its own cute animal design as well. These range from general cute animals, like an adorably puppy, to licensed animals like Bambi. As a more subtle touch, the shirts all have slightly ruffled, flounced sleeves and a small bow at the neck.

Cute Hoodies

And if that isn’t enough cute for your Sims 4 toddler clothes collection, here’s a set of Cute Toddler Hoodies from Wicked_Kittie. These warm hoodies exude cozy charm with their chunky woolen textures. Having Pusheen on the front of one of them helps a lot in the cute department as well. There are five other designs aside from Pusheen, including one with an OMG text blurb and a solid colored hoodie. 

Winter Sweaters

Hoodies are fine, but sometimes you can’t beat a cozy sweater. Bukovka created these winter-themed sweaters to celebrate everything that’s lovely about the colder months. There are six in all, though only four are shown above. From reindeer in the snow and cute penguin stacks, to decorated trees and rows of detailed snowflakes, these sweaters effortlessly capture the beauty of the season — whatever you prefer to call it. And of course, you can wear these throughout the colder months, even if one of them does have a decorated tree on it.

Pocket Animals

Animals and toddlers’ clothes seem to be a bit of a thing, in case you hadn’t noticed already. Bukovka continues that trend with the Animals in Pockets shirts. And we’re really okay with that because these shirts are just too much. Each of the four different color options features a different animal, and like the wee folk wearing the shirts, the animals are babies too. Baby panda in a pocket, baby tiger, kittens — it’s hard not to fall head over heels for these.

Toddler Mini-Me

MartyP has this trendy bunch of outfits called Toddler Mini-Me. And it’s not too hard to see why. For one thing, the set of 19 tops uses two different big-name brands adults usually wear, Esprit and GAP. For another, the style is essentially an ageless one. Make the top bigger, and an adult Sim could pull the look off just as easily. It’s a plain white shirt under a brightly colored V-neck Gap (or Esprit) shirt, and there’s a thin black belt adding some visual interest. In case you were wondering, the brand split is 10 GAP and nine Esprit

Embroidered Dress

For something a bit dressier, MartyP created the Toddler Flower Embroidered Dress. These three richly textured dresses have, well… embroidered flowers as their centerpiece, which is probably a given. But they look fantastic, acting as a belt and also accentuating the sleeves. The three colors — deep red, pink, and black — are the only colors this dress comes in. And even though it was created for a winter look, it’s flexible enough to use for any formal occasion.

Shirt for Toddler Boys

If you’re looking for a Sims 4 toddler clothes design tailored for boys, then look no further than Shirt for Toddler Boys, created by Little Things. It’s a set of three different buttoned-down shirts themed around airplanes. All of them use shades of blue as their central color, but it’s the depiction of planes that steals the show. One is loaded with planes flying in all directions. The light blue shirt features planes of differing colors (blue, yellow, white). And the other navy shirt adds some extra details to the planes and even adds a cloud or two.

Gentleman Romper

The Gentleman Romper from Puresim is a romper for the toddler about town. It takes the style and look of a sharp suit, complete with snazzy jacket, cumberbund, and bowtie, and transforms it into a romper. The jacket portion is always gray, but the tie and cumberbund have four different variations. There’s green, red, black, and then also a gray that matches the jacket. It’s also a slightly longer romper than most, not quite giving the impression of pants, but close.

Toddler Dresses Collection

And now we’re back to animals again, though like before, we’re not complaining. The Toddler Dresses Collection from Iillka comes in the three styles you see above, and they’re all quite nice. Two center on foxes. The blue one has a small fox face surrounded by blue stripes, while the skirt has a number of different flowers scattered about on a blue field. The red one has a larger fox in the center, with many smaller ones facing the opposite way on the red skirt. And then there’s the center dress. This one eschews foxes in favor of bears. The top is a cream color, with a cute pink bear snout in the middle and a bunch of brown bear faces on the skirt. However, you will need the Toddler Stuff Pack for it to work.

Toby Toddler Set

Finally for our Sims 4 toddler clothes set is the Toby Toddler Set from Pinkfizzzzz. It’s a set of five different creations, so there’s something for almost any occasion that might arise for the busy Sim toddler. There’s a coat, a hoodie, a set of pajamas, an overalls outfit, and a regular short-sleeved shirt. These come in four different patterns and colors. All of them are designed around vehicles, including planes and buses. And the colors are basic enough to work with anything else you might want to pair these outfit pieces with.

That’s it for our Sims 4 toddler clothes list. We’ve got plenty of other Sims 4 custom content to help you make the most of your time with the Sims, though. From kids’ clothes to hairstyles and even custom content homes and buildings, we’ve got something for every aspect of your Sims life.

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