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Welcome to Starter House Tours, where you can find move-in-ready homes for your newly created Sims!

What is a Starter Home?

Opinions and views vary from player to player, so we are going to define a starter home based on common definitions.  A Starter Home in my mind should be under 20k.  Now, this 20k includes the land, home, and objects.  20k max for the entire lot package! Additionally, Starter Homes should not be larger than 30×30 lots. Traditionally they are  20×15 or 30×20.  Think budget and the best possible result for least money spent, but all necessities covered.

#1 Magnolia Starter House – Moniamay72

Sims 4 Lot

The Magnolia Starter house by Moniamay72 is a perfect home for a Sim who desires a modern sleek home.  This house is priced at §15,700 and is fully decorated.  The lot is 20×20 with the home having one bedroom and one bathroom.  The home features a full kitchen, seating area, and private bedroom, making this home the perfect size for up to two Sims.  With the price of the lot, one Sim would also be able to afford living here. Sims 4 Starter Home

#2 Ultra Tiny Starter Home – A.lenna

Sims 4 Lot

If you enjoy Tiny Homes check out this lovely starter home, the Ultra Tiny Starter Home by A.lenna.  This lot has a total of eighteen tiles and twelve tiles on the porch putting this home into the Tier 1 – Micro Home category.  This lot is designed for a single Sim. The lot features beautiful landscaping and a lovely porch and a fully decorated interior.  The lot itself is 20×20 and can be purchased for §17,678.

Sims 4 build

#3 Oasis Starter – GenkaiHaretsu

Sims 4 Lot

The Oasis Starter V1 by GenkaiHaretsu is a lovely modern-style home perfect for Oasis Springs.  The design follows the style of the neighborhood and is a completely furnished one-bedroom and one-bathroom home with a very nice front patio.  This 30×20 lot can be purchased for  §19,191 and is perfect for a single Sim or two Sims.

Sims 4 build

#4 Haunted Starter Home – MYCHQQQ 

Sims 4 haunted House

Need an affordable, lovely, and haunting starter home? Well, the Haunted House Residential by MychQQQ would be perfect for you! This spooky 30×20 is a haunted house that is a two-bedroom, two-bathroom home. This home has a full kitchen and living area as well as a lovely gazebo and outdoor landscaping.  Don’t get too comfortable with this home for §17,713, as it may also have some other guests…

Sims 4 Lot

#5 Lake Starter Cottage – Moniamay72

Sims 4 Starter HomeCheck out the Lake Cottage by Moniamay72, this is a beautifully landscaped 30×20 lot that has two bedrooms and one bathroom.  It has a kitchen and living area as well as private sleeping areas.  Your Sims can purchase this lot for §17,726 and move right on in! The landscaping offers plenty of opportunities for lovely photos or a picnic.

Sims 4 Build


I hope you found some great starter homes for your Sims! Of course, there are plenty more lots here at The Sims Resource! Next Lot Tour will be featuring some of the amazing and functional restaurants here at The Sims Resource! If you would like to see other lot tours check out Homestead Tours or Sunshine Tours; and if you love interior design can also check out the most recent Room Reno, Teacher’s Office!

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