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Room Reno #18: Teacher’s Office

Welcome back to Room Reno #18 here at The Sims Resource! Today we’re helping Christine, a young teacher who recently moved to Windenburg. Let’s meet her!

Meet Christine!

Christine recently graduated from Foxbury Institute and got a job in Windenburg as an elementary school teacher! Her new place is a little sparse and empty so far, but the first space she wants to fill is the open area near her kitchen and turn it into an office. From grading papers to preparing assignments, Christine knows she needs space to prepare for her classes–now let’s see what kind of space she’s got!

The Before

The space that Christine wants to use for her office is a small, open area between her front door, living room, and kitchen. The openness of this space is going to prove a bit of a challenge when it comes to design–Christine wants her office to feel separate from the rest of the house rather than a part of the larger space, so I’ll likely need to put up some kind of divider between the rooms. Let’s get into the planning!

The Planning

For this space, I wanted to make sure it felt separate from the rest of the house, so I first decided to place a decorative divider in between the living room and the office. I wanted to put a desk on the left wall, and actually ended up moving it under the window so that Christine gets some natural light while she works. I finished the plans by including a sitting area for Christine to relax or have guests visit her office–all work and no play is no way to live! Let’s get into the reno!

The After

This office turned out STUNNING! Christine didn’t have a major color scheme going in but told me she always loved black and white movies, so I decided to make the space black and white with some pops of color around. One of my favorite details is the reusable coffee cup on the desk–Christine can stay caffeinated while doing her work and saving the planet. I think this will be the perfect space for Christine to start her school year off right!

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