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Room Reno #17: Vaporwave Bedroom

Welcome back to Room Reno #17 here at The Sims Resource! Today we’re helping a livestreamer who wants to create a streaming space in her new bedroom. Let’s meet her!

Meet May!

May is a streamer Sim who recently moved into a new place in Windenburg! It has beautiful floor to ceiling windows, tons of space, and incredible views. There’s just one issue: the masted bedroom is totally bland. May loves the vaporwave aesthetic and has always dreamed of having a vaporwave space in her home. Let’s see what we can do with her huge bedroom to make it the one of her dreams!

The Before

May’s new room is a huge space that takes up most of the top floor of her home. Currently it’s pretty sparsely decorated and the color scheme is all over the place–there’s a medium blue accent wall and some beige-gray walls on the rest of the room. The actual structure of the space has tons of potential! By knocking out the closet, I can create a streaming space for May while maintaining the rest of the room as a bedroom for her. Let’s get to planning!

The Planning

After taking in the stairs by one tile, I began planning the room. The original layout of the bed and TV area was pretty functional, so I kept it the way it was originally, planning to swap out the original furniture for something more fitting of the Vaporwave aesthetic. I placed May’s streaming area where the closet used to be, helping to divide the space visually as well as allowing May to have some “work life/home life” space division (don’t we all need that nowadays?). Let’s get into the building!

The After

I don’t always wish I could live in these renovated rooms, but OH BOY do I want to live here! The stunning views feel even cooler when contrasted with the neon lighting and dark purple walls of May’s new bedroom. One of my favorite details is the Pacman headphone stand–I want to start looking for one irl! I also adore May’s new streaming corner, which lives in my wildest gaming fantasies as the office space of my dreams (and hopefully May’s dreams too!).

Neon Wall Tube Geek Gamer Chair Besta TV Unit Marnie Posters Baepsae Desk Organizer Neon Tube Lights Alwine Double Bed Cecile Office Clutter Alwine Blanket
Sedition Neon Signs Silicon Beanbag Chair Pacman Headphone Stand Cecile Printer Amber Books Alwine Pillows Kids Bedroom Round Rug Adagio Lantern Neon Mirror Box
Lutetium Dresser Milford Snake Plant Monstera Plant Flowerpot V4 Cecile Shelf Aeon Cactus Japan Street Scenery Paintings Purple Club Wallpaper Arden End Table

Thanks for checking out Room Reno #17: Vaporwave Bedroom! If you liked it, be sure to check out Room Reno #16 or our Sims Lore guide to the Crumplebottoms. Looking for something else? Read our guide to the best build/buy cheats or our Suni Lee inspired lookbook!

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