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Industrial Loft Kit Review

This review is brought to you by EA GameChangers.

The latest Sims 4 Kit, the Industrial Loft Kit, has come out, and boy is it a doozy! For those unaware, Kits are tiny collections of content that can be used to enhance your gameplay. All kits cost $4.99 USD and focus on one aspect of gameplay: CAS, build/buy, or gameplay. Today’s kit is a build/buy kit focused on the modern, industrial styles of reclaimed warehouse lofts in Brooklyn!

I really love the pieces that came with this kit. As someone with a huge interest in home decor, many of these pieces make me think of the extremely expensive reclaimed antiques that are all over interior design magazines. The mixture of metal and wood is such an easy way to create a texture difference that’s very pleasing to the eye, so I’m excited to use the chairs and furniture from this pack in later builds. I’m also in love with the huge iron windows and doorways–one of the best selling points of reclaimed warehouse spaces is the huge amounts of natural light provided by these beautifully crafted windows! Can you tell I love this style?

The inclusion of ventilation tubes and HVAC pipes in the pack lends a sense of realism to the spaces–no reclaimed loft would be complete without some exposed beams or piping. The leather couches and chairs in this pack are some of my favorites, because they’re extremely versatile and can be used in anything from an expensive bachelor pad to a suburban family home. If you, like me, dream of living in an expensive reclaimed warehouse one day, this is absolutely the kit for you–it won’t disappoint.

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