Welcome to Homestead Tours, that is right… FARM LOTS! Just as promised we are going to be touring farm lots in this edition of Lot Tours! With The Sims 4 Cottage Living expansion pack out, you are really going to need some great farm lots.  There are so many lots that are perfect for farming here at The Sims Resource, so let’s take a look!

Homestead Tours

Meet Marisa Iona, Marisa loves everything, especially animals and plants. She has a green thumb and loves to garden.  After watching her daughter chase her dreams, Marisa has made the decision to move from the beaches of Sulani and find her dream farm!  Marisa’s daughter Sunny is one of the stars of the Sim-reality show, The House here at The Sims Resource.  Marisa is a lot like her daughter, very upbeat, positive, kind, and has an amazing way with plants.  Moving to a farm has always been her dream, and now that both of her children are out of the home, why not start that dream today!

What is the difference between a Farm and a Ranch?

We are not going to get really in-depth with the definition between a farm and a ranch, however, you should know they are different property types.  Generally speaking, the difference is in what is produced at the site, crops and dairy are considered farms, animals for meat, wool, training, or breeding are usually ranches.  However, this definition varies from the location and sometimes the size of the property.  Sometimes properties also have both a ranch and a farm all in one place.  This can get a bit confusing so we are not going to worry about the technical differences.

#1 – Cottage Living 5BD Start – Moniamay72

Sims 4 Farm lot

The Cottage Living 5BD Start is a perfect starter farm for those with larger families.  This cozy cottage by Moniamay is on a 30×20 lot and has five bedrooms and two bathrooms.  The starter farm lot is also available for purchase at a low cost of  §20,009.   This lovely starter farm does have gardening plots and places for chickens but was more suited for starting farmers. The decor in the home are absolutely breathtaking and it gives your Sims that country home aesthetic.

#2 – Cliffe Lane – Xogerardine

Sims 4 Modern Farm

Looking for a modern-style farm? Look no further Cliffe Lane is the lot for you! Cliffe Lane is designed by Xogerardine and is decorated in a completely modern farm chic style.  This is a 50×40 lot and has loads of garden plots, there is also some animal housing.  The house itself is a three-bedroom, three-bath home with a detached garage.  The wrap-around porch was something that Marisa just loved, as it would be a great place to relax in the morning with a nice cup of coffee.  Your Sims can purchase this dream farm for the price of §148,675.

# 3 – Old Country Farm – Daunta720

Marisa fell in love with this Old Country Farm by Daunta720, however, there was just one problem… this home already had residents.  That is right my Sim family! I just could not help myself to move right into this 64×64 lot with four bedrooms and four bathrooms. The Old Country Farm has no CC and costs §166,712.  The home is decorated throughout with farmhouse decor and design.  This lot has plenty of garden plots and plants, and we all know how I love plants.  Too bad Marisa! Good thing there are many more wonderful farm lots here at the Sims Resource!

#4 – Oh! Valley of Plenty – SimZmora

Sims Farmhouse

This lovely 50×40 lot Oh! Valley of Plenty holds true to its name! There are plenty of garden plots and animal housing.  The home does not have any CC and costs §105,178 to move in.  The farm fits right into the new world Henford-on-Bagley and is decorated in the cottage/farm life aesthetic.  The only downside to this home was the size as it has only two bedrooms and two bathrooms.  Marisa is expecting grandchildren any time now… well or grand-pups and has two adult children so, she needs just a tiny bit more space.  However, the farming here is 100% perfect and would be manageable for Marisa.

#5 – Big Family Ranch – MychQQQ

Winner Winner chicken dinner, Marisa found the Big Family Ranch home priced at §90,052 to be a steal.  The Big Family Ranch by MychQQQ is a 64×64 lot that has four bedrooms and three baths, which is 100% the perfect size Marisa had in mind.  Sure it needs some decorating but the basics are all here and decorating can be a lot of fun! The outside has plenty of gardening plots, beautiful landscaping, and a pond with waterfowl.  In addition to all the wonderful things mentioned, there are also LOADS of cute adorable bunnies!


There are tons of wonderful farm lots for your Sims here at The Sims Resource, and as you can see also quite a variety.  Marisa wanted a standard farmhouse, but with a large garden area, some animals, a pond, and great landscaping.  She is looking to become a full-time farmer so the need for a large number of garden plots is a must.  Marisa also has two adult children so when she has them both over she needs at least two additional bedrooms if they are staying for a bit.  The Big Family Ranch was the house that Marisa ultimately selected, it will require some additional decorating, but hey that is fun and it kept the initial cost down of the home.  For a Sim that is pretty frugal, that is a big deal, plus this lot has adorable bunnies!

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