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One Color Décor – The Beige Aesthetic

One of the biggest home design and decor trends is The Beige Aesthetic. Oddly enough, for someone who does not act on trends, my dining room is painted in a trendy beige color called Redend Point, the Sherwin-Williams Color of Year 2023.  Sure, I follow and research trends, but for the most part, I do my own thing.  It’s interesting that I picked up the paint in the discount section, which happened to be a Color of the Year.

The Beige Aesthetic

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The Beige Aesthetic has become super trendy in 2023 and is predicted to continue to be a trend in 2024.   This trend takes as many beige colors and tones as possible and puts them together.  If there are other colors, they are typically wood, white tones, cream tones, or green plants.  Most of the designs I have seen with The Beige Aesthetic have been more clean and modern, but I have seen it done in a countryside theme and boho.

The Before

This room is in the Hecking Household lot, a premade townie family in Brindleton Bay.  I saw this room as an artwork room, so I wanted to do it up a bit better in The Beige Aesthetic trend.  As in its current state, there is not much going on here.  It appears to be an art room, but it is not even basic, and nothing matches.

The Goal

So, the goal for this room was to create a modern but coastal enough styled room for art and an office with seating for the two Sims that reside in this home.  I’d like to use more space in this room but keep it mostly open.  This room also has a lot of natural lighting, making it a perfect place for art.

Building items

CC Highlights – Floor, Walls, Rug

I wanted to have cream and beige walls with a light wood floor for the building elements. I used the woven rugs to give the room more of a coastal feel while still keeping the room clean and modern.  There is a lot of natural lighting in this room. However, I did delete one window, as it was right by the door.

Office Furniture

CC Highlights – Desk, Desk Chair, Painting, Purse, Computer, Printer, Radio, BooksHeadphones, Star, Clock

I wanted to keep things clean and neat, so I used this desk with a built-in shelf so we have clutter, but it is neatly displayed.  There is plenty of room for walking, so the entire room is functional for the Sims, even with many hanging plants.

The Creation Area

CC Highlights – Plant 1, plant 2, end table, Chairs, Guitar, easel

I kept the easel by the windows so that the natural lighting would make for an excellent painting space.  I also added some seating with an end table so that another Sim could sit and chat or just enjoy another playing the guitar or painting.  The chairs I selected look clean and modern and fit that modern coastal look I wanted.

Decor Items

CC Highlights: Plant 1, Plant 2, Plant 3, Plant 4, Plant 4, Plant 6Mirror

As always, I wanted to add plenty of clutter, decor, and plants, as I know you all love downloading those items.  I was unsure what to do with that corner, as it is right by a door… so I added loads of plants and a mirror.

Final Results

CC Highlights – Art, Curtains

As for the room, I am pleased with how it turned out.  It is not overly beige, and I am not sure if it is one hundred percent The Beige Aesthetic, but it looks nice, and there are loads of beige elements. It is close to The Beige Aesthetic; I wish the chairs were darker.  This would tone things down slightly in contrast to the light cream curtains and light wooden floors and furniture.

CC Highlights – Plant 1, Plant 2, Sculpture, Hello sign, box, Books, Notebook, Moon, Bookshelf

Most importantly, the room fits the neighborhood.  The lighting in this room is so lovely. I am glad I kept it friendly and open with sheer curtains.  I like the room, and it is an improvement to the original design.  Now, it is a much more useable space!  Those Sims are not constantly in there playing guitar or on the computer!

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