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One Color Décor Challenge – Ocean Blue Patio

It has been a while since our last One Color Décor Challenge!  For this edition, my goal is to make a lovely Ocean Blue Patio!  I want to take this little house in Copperdale with a lovely sea view and create a lovely area from which the Sims can see the water.   Of course, this means lots of seaside and ocean-inspired décor and furniture!  I am excited as this is the first patio or outdoor design that I have created in a long time!

The Color

The Color I selected for this Ocean Blue Patio, is a mixed blue just like the water.  So what do I specifically mean by ocean blue?  There are so many blues in the ocean… how do you just pick one shade of blue? Well… you don’t.  You use multiple shades of blue just like the ocean! 😉

Reference image Credit –

For reference according to IColorPalette Ocean Blue is….. #009dc4.  This is a totally different shade of blue than what I envisioned.  But the Ocean is so many different colors, so we are going to say it still works.  I know some of you all love color palettes, so I always like to include a color or palette.  I find it interesting to see if the color I picked matches the paint color.  In this case, it DOES NOT at all.  But we are moving forward with it! It will be fine…

The Trend

So patios themselves are trending here in the United States because it is Summer and loads of people want to have a place to chill and relax outside.  Also, oceans and Summer go so well together, so here we are, Ocean Blue Patio.  We are combining two trending things into one design here! I did not look at photos for inspiration, I free-formed this design, so hopefully, it all works out well!

Build Elements

CC Featured – Terracotta Floor Tiles, Candles Lamps, side table, candy box & Side wall Plant

I left the house walls as they were for the building elements, as I wanted the house to still look the same.  This is a smaller house in Copperdale (the world that came with the High School Expansion pack), but it has a lovely sea view.  All I added for building CC was the terracotta flooring.  I regrettably did not think to download more floors and ideally a wood floor similar to the walls and raised on a platform would have probably looked better, but live and learn.


CC Featured – Sofa, Love Seat, Coffee Table, Shell Vase, & Big Blue Vase

So for a nice patio, you need to have seating, which is obviously key.  I selected this seating set with a sofa and love seat suitable for outdoors and… the cushions come in a lovely blue perfect for an Ocean Blue Patio!  I needed a little table or two for putting things on, like food and décor, so I found that lovely coffee table and loved the design in the wood.  I also wanted to include a little fireplace that would work outside, I have one on my patio and just love it so it was a must! However, I did not think about it until after I started and filled my basket, so that like the walls is EA content. I did shrink the fireplace down so that it would fit the patio better

Décor Elements

CC Featured – Shelves, Plant, Flowers, Succulents, Jars 1& 2, Jars 3, & Starfish Jar

I went down a rabbit hole with decorating this Ocean Blue Patio.  I turned into a clutter-loving person just for this.  ALL the PLANTS and ALL the JARS.  Heck, we have PLANTS in JARS. LOL, I actually love it, and used more space than I normally do.

CC Featured – Plant 1, Plant 2, Anchors, Live Preserver, Sail boats, & Beach Sign

I also might have gone a bit overboard (hahaha) on wall décor, but there is so much available at TSR, I just had to.  Like, look at all that cute seaside décor! I love the beach sighs and the life preserver! They are just too perfect!

CC Featured – Drink Set, Vase, & Carpet

Also just love this vase!  Shell, plus a blue jar or vase, and plants, could it get more perfect?  And yes I added fun tropical drinks to the table!  They just match the vibe of an Ocean Blue Patio so well.  Also, I found a really nice thick-looking rug for the area to add some extra blue.  I always have a hard time picking out outdoor rugs for my patio, but this was exactly the color I wanted to use for this design!

Final Look

I think I used the space well, in any empty areas I placed vases and plants.  I figured with an Ocean Blue Patio area you could not go wrong with vases and plants.  Although they are all different blues it ties in quite nicely with the variety.  The Ocean Blue Patio is most definitely full, as almost every extra corner and blank space have something… and that something matches!


I am quite pleased with the way this Ocean Blue Patio came out.  It is a smaller patio but has all the great elements of a cozy area to enjoy a snack and a drink and watch the water.  The only elements I would have liked to add are maybe an awning or blue umbrella with some lights.  Nothing however to block the view of the water, as that is the key to this Ocean Blue Patio.

Sure the defined color of Ocean Blue did not quite match my idea, but I am pretty happy with what I selected.  Copperdale is not a tropical area so I would imagine the water to be a little darker blue than the vibrant blue color palette has listed as Ocean Blue.  Don’t get me wrong that IColorPalette listed as Ocean Blue is gorgeous, I just did not select CC in that tone.  Some of the accents and décor pieces do have close tones.  However, the overall tone I selected was I feel more fitting to Copperdale.  Also, that might be a river or a bay in Copperdale… and not an ocean oh well it is water… LOL, For my first public outdoor design,  I call this a success!

Keep up with more Sims stuff and what I’m up to at @TSR Jezi.

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