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Get That Look – Holiday Break Pajamas

No surprises here. Holiday break pajamas are a trending thing right now!  Who doesn’t want a staycation in their pajamas?  Not many people would say no to that, well, not many people I know. Holiday breaks are the perfect time to relax and spend time with family! So why not relax and celebrate in seasonal style! In this edition of Get That Look, I include CC for all ages of Sims!  YES! CC for Teens through Adult Sims, kids, and Toddler Sims too!

Why is This Trending

CC Featured – Green Pajamas Kids, Green PaJamaS Masculine Adult Top, Green pajamas Feminine Adult Top, & Green pajamas Feminine Adult Bottoms

For most of us, college classes have ended for the semester, and the kids are out of school for the holiday break.  I remember waiting for a holiday break as a child for one purpose: to sleep in and have a pajama day, eat snacks, and play video games.  So in my mind, this is only natural that this is trending at present!

I don’t know about the areas you live in, but I noticed the increase in people wearing their pajamas out in public in the last ten years.  It is not uncommon to be at the store and see folk out in pajama pants… I have also had the experience of seeing folks out in complete pajama sets.

Major Trend – Matching Pajamas

Awww… look at the twin toddlers in their matching holiday break pajamas. Aren’t they just the most adorable thing ever??? They are so cute!  It is absolutely adorable when twins match!! And just look how cute those little Santa jammies are with the matching booties.  Which you can get for your Sims of ALL ages!

CC Featured – Toddler Pajamas Top, Toddler Pajamas Bottoms, Toddler Santa Booties

Well, matching pajamas does not just stop here; the trend nowadays is for the entire family… even pets, to have holiday cheer pajamas or attire.  Yes, and you thought matching jumpsuits were terrible… check out this madness! These two have matching pajamas and matching booties!

CC Featured – Masculine Adult Pajama Top & Feminine Adult Pajama Top

I, for one, am down with this as I have always wanted to do the picture of the matching outfit with my special person.  (this is your chance to run… LOL) It’s ok. When we finally take a well-deserved vacation, I will surely con my way into a matching outfit.  Even for a hot minute, I aim to get one image with a matching business! HAHA! You better run while you can! Before you know it… BOOM… matching jumpsuits or pajamas! Yea, I know I am a special kind of crazy, but it is cute to match once in a while.

CC Featured – Masculine Adult Pajama Bottoms, Feminine Adult Pajama Bottoms, Kid Pajama TOPS, & Kid Pajama Bottoms

Seriously look at how cute this would be for a holiday card.  Perfect right?  I know I would totally do this.  This gives me ideas because my kido and I could do this red plaid theme and get the dog and cat matching sweaters or collars.  I don’t think the cat would wear a shirt… she is, well.. wild. I turn around, and she is in the tree, licking electrical outlets, climbing the wood walls, pulling my sink apart, hanging off ceiling rafters… You name it, she is in it and destroying it.

Pajamas For All Ages

The one thing I love most about The Sims Resource is that it is a one-stop shop for ALL things CC for The Sims.  Like, you can get so much CC here and for all ages of Sims.  Child and Toddler CC of good quality can be super hard to find.  But here, it is pretty easy to browse through everything or… you can use the filtering system to set your CC listing to specific types of CC and ages of Sims.

CC Featured – Toddler Pajama Tops & Toddler Pajama Bottoms

Awww… looks like someone is getting sleepy!  Good thing it is a pajama day!  Those pajamas look so warm and comfy too!  Definitely looks like an actual holiday image! LOL, I remember those years… one moment just fine… the next… BOOM! Typically it met either the child was hungry, tired, or wanting attention. But Toddlers are adorable!  This household has twins… yikes, I bet that would be fun to actually play… nope! LOL

Pajama Features

CC Featured – Masculine Adult Pajama Tops,  Masculine Adult Pajama Bottoms, & Adult Booties

I think of loose tee shirts and pajama pants for optimal comfort when talking about good relaxing pajamas for a staycation on a holiday break. The fuzzy socks or booties just add to the comfort zone.  The holiday season is the perfect time to find fuzzy socks!  I need to go out and get some more!  My kid and I absolutely live in them.  And yes, he will dress to match me, just not in public!


So aside from the trend of matching holiday break pajamas, I adore them… So, of course, we had to do a blog on this CC! You can find more types of holiday break pajamas here on The Sims Resource.  I focused on holiday and winter prints, mostly reds and greens for color themes. My kid, who is ten absolutely loves the one-piece pajamas. I have had to buy him four pairs so he can live in those on holiday break!

CC Featured – Toddler Booties

I hope you found some excellent holiday break pajama CC for your Sims in this blog!  I know it is slightly different than what I usually do in The Get That Look blogs.  However, I like to highlight as many other creators as possible; this way, you get CC for all ages of Sims!

Keep up with more Sims stuff and what I’m up to at @TSR Jezi.

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