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Cool Winter Accessory Trends

Howdy folks! Welcome to another CC Find! This round, we are looking at cool winter accessory trends.  There are so many different trends this winter that styles really vary!  Trends go from knee-high boots to all things purple and so much more! Of course, you are more than welcome to try all these trends together, but in my opinion, they don’t all work together… but you do you!

Knee High & Over the Knee Boots

High boots are one of the classic fall and winter trends that never go away… high boots!  Now you would not want to be on the ice or snow with these.  Of course, when it gets to be fall, boots start popping out… and when you get to Winter, you see ALLLL sorts of boots!  Knee-high and over-the-knee boots are super trendy right now!  The most common ones I see are black and brown. If you have both of those colors, you can match pretty much anything!

And yes, for those of you who say shoes are not accessories…. according to google…Shoes are considered accessories in the fashion and retail industry.”    So we will not go there; enjoy these fabulous boots!

All Things Purple

Purple is a very trendy color right now.  I see three particular tones of purple sticking out in fashion trends; pastel purple, true purple (like in the image), and dark, muted purple.  I like the color purple as I find it a fancy color.  I, of course, obviously love dark purple the best, but true purple always looks fantastic on accessories, especially jewelry!  Look how it pairs so well with diamonds!

Gem Stone Accessories

The gemstone accessory trend I am totally down for!  I love a little bit of fancy sparkles.  I am all for vintage or, actually… well, any fancy gemstone jewelry and sparkles!!!  Of course, this trend extends all over accessories… we are talking headbands, purses, shoes, etc… etc.  GEMSTONE EVERYTHING.

Leather Accessories

These winter leather accessories are a trend.  This does not fit our pastel, pink, and bright gemstone theme!  I cannot wrap my head around it, but I get different people like different things.  If you combine them, it’s all good if that is what you are going for… This whole mash-up screams Pastel Goth… which I am wondering when that will be trending. Probably soon; I am going to call that now.


If you have seen my videos or read my blogs, I adore Dissia’s accessory tops and jackets.  Layers and blazers are totally in, and these accessory blazers are the perfect way to get both trends in one!  Specifically, pastel blazers are trendy right now; I know, surprise, surprise, more colors. But the good news is Dissia has you covered with many color options!

Plaid Accessories

Another Dissia creation, this creator makes a fantastic well… everything, but yes tights! And these plaid tights are perfect for this winter accessory trend!  Plaid is like a staple pattern for the Winter seasons.  Traditionally you will see that red, black, and white plaid pattern everywhere during the holiday months!

Pink Accessories

I’m not sure if the whole Y2K (clueless styles) comeback or Barbiecore explosion caused this… but the color pink will be everywhere.  I am not a pink person; I will say that now.  If you love the color like my bestie, who even has pink hair, this trend is for you.  Yes, this gal has pink nails, accessories, purses, and hair can all match the same shade of pink… and then there is me hiding in a dark corner dressed in all black, trying not to have the hot pink light reflected onto me.

Fuzzy Hats & Ear Muffs

Alright, the easy trend here… and it makes sense… imagine that. I am kidding. Lol, these winter accessory trends just seem so random! Of course, fuzzy ear muffs, hats, and gloves are in!  You got to stay warm in cold weather anyways might as well wear adorable accessories!

Sporty Glasses

Out of all the winter accessory trends, this one is threw me.  I get the pairing with sunglasses, but sporty sunglasses with this grouping?  I was definitely questioning my sanity after reading that these were in with everything above.  But after researching styles, I soon realized that sporty glasses look cute with pastels.  So I actually (I hate to say this… cause ya know pastels.) really like this style of glasses with pastels.

Fringe Scarves

Another easy guess for winter accessory trends… scarves! Specifically, fringe scarves, but you get the picture.  The ability to wrap up your neck and keep it warm in cold months is needed, but you can also look trendy while wearing a scarf.  I am seeing lots of fuzzy scarves, plaids…  and you guess it, PASTEL scarves all over the internet! I even saw pastel plaid scarves.

Bonus Cute Accessory

I saw these adorable poinsettia earrings and thought, since we are approaching the holidays… why not add them as a bonus accessory!  These earrings are super glam and have pink swatches, so they fit the bill for trends in my book!  I’d definitely wear them in real life!


I hope you find some accessories for your Sims to download!  I love researching trends and then trying to find CC here at The Sims Resource that fits!  I always find it amazing that many artists are on point with these trends! We definitely have some fashionistas here, which makes your Sims super trendy! Like, who doesn’t want the best options for Sims with all these varying trends just in accessories? You have options for DAYS!

Keep up with more Sims stuff and what I’m up to at @TSR Jezi.

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