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One Color Lookbook – Coastal White

Welcome to another One Color Lookbook Challenge; the challenge color is white.  But we cannot just pick a color now, can we? No, no, no, we must have a theme, as that is true Jezi fashion.  Meaning to make things challenging and fit a specific fashion trend, so that is what we are doing today, an entire Coastal White Lookbook!  That is right, everyday wear all the way through to cold weather!  Will I be able to keep the aesthetic and color throughout the lookbook?  Well, I am going to try!

The Trend

One of the trending colors for Spring 2023 fashion is white, and by this, I mean wearing all white.  Yeah, top, bottoms, shoes, maybe some accent colors but not much, the entire outfit white.  We have covered this trend a couple of times, as all white and coastal white has been a predicted Spring 2023 trend since fall 2022.

CC Used – Eyeshadow, Eyeliner, Blush, Eyebrows, & EYELASHES

So, what do I mean by Coastal White? It is a fashion between tropical beach wear, boho, and nautical aesthetics.  Coastal White fashion would be an idea for a beach or hotter weather, but you can also layer.  Cotton, linen, and denim are standard fabrics found in this style, and the materials are generally breathable, making this look perfect for hotter weather.

The Color

Ok, this is not a color I typically go for in designing Sim looks, so this will be challenging.  The color for Coastal White is well white, like bright white.  Yeah!! I am excited because this is not a color I usually work with, and it will definitely be a challenge. The more complex the challenge, the more satisfaction gained from completing the look. 

Image credit

For this blog, I will aim for a typical pure white background of this blog.  I promise to pick grounds so this will not be eye assaulting bright.  It’s going to be ok, I promise.

The Lookbook

Alright, now time for the lookbook!  That is all Coastal White in every outfit category… here we go!


CC Used – Dress, Shoes, Bracelet, & Watch

For the everyday, I wanted a casual standard Coastal White to look, and  I found this long textured dress and thought it was perfectly paired with the sandals.  The overall look is nice, clean, minimalistic but still very Coastal White.  This dress could also be paired with an accessory shawl or light cardigan and still be a perfect outfit for this trend.


CC Used – Hairstyle, Dress, Tattoo, & Shoes

I know a little bit of blue… for this formal look, I added a very light color.  The Coastal Aesthetic is very clean, but most clothing is loose and flowing.  Nothing too tight, So I saw this lovely dress and thought it would work perfectly for this One Color Lookbook Challenge.  I love how the blue is sparse on the dress but adds a tad of color to complete the look.


CC Used – Hairstyle, Top, Bottoms, & Shoes

Now onto the athletic look.  All-white tennis shoes and a lovely two-piece workout set.  I figured the flowing, looser clothing did not apply to workout attire, and  I saw this set and thought it looked comfy to jog in!  Not that I jog, LOL.


CC Used – Hairstyle, Dress, & Shoes

I saw this cute little dress and knew I had to include it in the lookbook in some fashion.  It is a very versatile piece as it could be used for everyday or hot weather attire, and  I took the option of sleepwear as it looks super comfortable.  I also paired it with slide-on-dock shoes and poof cozy look.


CC Used – Jumpsuit, Shoes, Ring, & Belt

For the party attire, I wanted something a little different than a dress for the look.  So, I selected this lovely jumpsuit as it is super classy, all white, and not too tight.  The broader legs also match the overall trend’s aesthetic nicely.

I found some classy gold accessories to accompany the jumpsuit.  When researching, I saw many gold accessories in the Coastal White looks. So, I wanted to include them to stay as true to the aesthetic as possible.


CC Used – Swimsuit

For the Swimwear attire, being a coastal-themed look, I wanted to ensure the swimwear would work comfortably in the water.  I also wanted something different than just a string bikini; I know they are great, but I have used so many in past blogs and videos that I wanted something different and found this lovely gem.

Hot Weather

CC Used – Hairstyle, Flowers, Top, Bottoms, Shoes, & Belly RING

This outfit in the above picture was the outfit that made me think, yes, I can pull off a Coastal White lookbook.  I love the design; it flows nicely, making it a perfect company for this One Color Lookbook Challenge.  I also added the flowers to Sim’s hair because you all love your accessories!

Cold Weather

CC Used – Dress, Boots, & Tights

The Cold Weather outfit was a bit trickier than the others.  Coastal and cold weather sounded a bit well… very icey.  I did not choose to go with a full coat as I saw this lovely sweater dress and thought it would look cute in sweater leggings and boots… and guess what… it does!


I am pleased with the results of all the outfits together.  The companies are totally coastal and have a clear color theme.  I thought my favorite outfit would be the hot weather look, but it is actually the everyday look.  I love how that look shows the Coastal Aesthetic, all while maintaining the Coastal White goal of the lookbook.  This was definitely more of a challenge than I thought it would be, but extremely fun to do! I hope you enjoy downloading all the CC I found for this blog!

Keep up with more Sims stuff and what I’m up to at @TSR Jezi.

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