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One Color CAS Challenge – Daffodil Yellow

Since you all enjoyed the One Color Decorating Challenge, I decided this month to mix it up and do a One Color CAS Challenge.  An entire wardrobe in the same color… well we will see what we can do! Sounds like a challenge to me… unless I select the color, black…  LOL or gray, silver, gold, or white.  But what would be the point of a challenge if it was not hard?  That is the entire point right? have fun putting yourself through frustration and agony to achieve something that you did not think was possible… so I am picking yellow.

Why Yellow

Links – Eyeshadow, Eyelashes, Eyeliner, Blush, & Lipgloss

When in doubt… google it. (I am kinda kidding…) LOL I could not pick a color so I googled ‘Top Summer 2022 Colors’ and well yellow was on there… but guess what was first… PINK! And we just did a ton of things on pink – The Barbiecore Blog and the One Color Decorating Challenge Blog.  I am DONE with PINK! But Yellow is also not one of my favorite colors… nope not one bit.  If you like yellow that is you, but I am a Goth FOREVER person so… not my jam.

Yellow as a Summer 2022 Trend

On average in my research, the color yellow was within the top three trending colors for Summer 2022.  I looked at over ten sites covering trends and if yellow was not in the top three, it was at least in the top five trending colors.  Pink however sometimes was slot one and two.  *shudders

Links- Skin Detail 1, Skin Detail 2, & Skin Detail 3

The specific shades that are ‘hot’ right now are called “popcorn,” which is a light desaturated off-yellow, and ‘Daffodil,’ which is obviously like the Daffodil flower.  Since I love flowers, we are going Daffodil Yellow theme… even though that is most definitely a spring flower… and it is definitely Summer here! OH WELL! LOL Let’s do this!

Yellow CC

So how does this translate into Sims CC, well really anything can! CC is amazing like that!  I joke and kid but really it is true! CC allows for so much more to be brought into your game, customization and choice are wonderful things. Besides what else could I be doing aside from torturing my eyes for your entertainment?

The Outfits

You all know that I do not do anything just a little bit… so rather than have only the standard five outfits we are doing ALLLLLLLLLL the wardrobe slots!  Of course, we are! Because this is THE SIMS RESOURCE and we are not basic!


Soooo here is a TON of CC links.  You’re welcome… please enjoy LOL.


Links – Hair, Dress, Shoes, Necklace,Earrings

For this everyday outfit, I wanted something cute and fun, and… most importantly since we are doing Daffodil Yellow as our theme color… floral print.  I found this adorable dress and wedges that look amazing for a cute summer everyday look!


Links – Hair, Dress, & Earrings

Daffodil yellow is a perfect tone for a nice sparkly dress!  So I had to find a very elegant and sparkly dress for this formal look.  As just because this is a one-color CAS challenge does not mean it has to be boring!  Sparkles and glitter are life! Well, at least part of mine anyways… LOL!


Links – Hair & Outfit

I thought this one-piece was perfect for a nice beach workout!  I didn’t want to fill the blog with swimsuits, so when I saw this I knew it was perfect! And of course, it came in a yellow swatch, just as I needed!


Links – Outfit,Shoes

This color of yellow looks really good on this sleepwear look.  Definitely looks light, cool, and comfortable for a nice long zzzzzzzzzzzz.  I could totally use a nap right now… Anyways, I also found these adorable sandals or slippers, whichever way you want to use them.  These cute shoes are totally adaptable and would also look perfect with a romper or dress. And most importantly they are… yellooooow!!!


Links – Hair, Top, Bottoms, & Sunglasses

We can just not have a lookbook without a rocking swimsuit!  This is a recently uploaded Swimsuit and I LOOOOVEEE it!!!  I absolutely love this look and the picture looks pretty good if I don’t say so myself!  I love the desaturated color of yellow and the rings on the swimsuit, it makes the attire look totally glamourous!


Links – Hair, Dress, Shoes, & Earrings

This is one of my favorite Sifix dresses, I would 100% wear this dress in real life!  The fit and the top of the dress are flattering to a variety of body types which makes it a super versatile piece! I love this dress and for a fancy party, it is perfectly paired with some classy heels!

Hot Weather

Links – Swimsuit, Wrap, & Sunglasses

I found soooo many yellow swimsuits that matched this one-color CAS challenge! So since I was doing the entire lookbook I figured might as well use another swimsuit for the hot weather look! This swimsuit by Beto comes with a matching wrap that has a sheer and a solid option and with prints or solid colors.

Cold Weather

Links – Top, Bottoms,Shoes

This is the only outfit I am not fond of.  I love this set by itself, however not with those shoes.  The shoes alone also love them.., but not together.  But hey this was the last outfit and I was over yellow! At this point, I was just slapping together things that came in yellow. LOL I did not want to go back and download more CC as I downloaded two whole baskets of YELLOW CAS CC for this One Color CAS challenge.


Alright so this One Color CAS Challenge, was not as bad as I thought. I must admit though,  I am royally sick of yellow.  But it is like anything, even too much of a good thing can be bad.  However, we did learn a valuable lesson, there is even a TON of yellow CC here at The Sims Resource and really any One Color Challenge is fairly easy!  I am going to have to think of harder or more specific shades…

Overall I am pleased with how things turned out.  I still do not like yellow as a whole focus color, but as a whole challenge, this was not as difficult or terrifying as I had intended.  CC makes everything better.  If you would have said only base game content. I would have flipped.

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Looking for more CC? Try Checking out some of our lookbooks on our YouTube Channel!

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