July 27th, 2022: Game Patch & Community Updates

Let’s check out what has been going on in and around the Sims community recently!

Laundry List

To start with, EA has released their latest Laundry List on July 19th. If you are not familiar, the Laundry List contains the top player-reported concerns that EA is looking into fixing. For this round, the top concerns are as follows:

EA collects these issues from their Answers HQ forum, where players are reporting bugs they run into. (Each issue listed above is linked to the relevant Answers HQ thread.)

Game Patch – High School Years

The game patch for High School years is out! This patch brings many new features and updates to the game. We’ve getting rounded walls, body hair, wants and fears, a new smartphone interface, and a new panel for setting romantic/physical orientation preferences in Create A Sim!

You can check out the official patch notes over here. There are also a ton of bug fixes!

There are bugs with the patch, as to be expected. Likewise, a large number of mods are being reported as broken. If you are experiencing issues with your game after updating, the first step should be to check any mods you are using. They may have to removed or updated, depending on if and/or when the creator has a chance to fix it.

It seems that most Custom Content is still functioning, with the exception of some Create-A-Sim content. Specifically, content that relies on the HQ mod may not display correctly, since it typically has to be updated for every patch/pack.

The biggest gameplay bug at the moment seems to be age-related. If you play with your sims set to a long lifespan, you’ll want to disable aging for the time being. It seems that long-lifespan sims are automatically being aged up, and even changing lifespan settings is still resulting in some sims randomly aging by a few days. This issue has also been reportedly happening with pets.


In the previous edition of this article, we mentioned that Arnie of SimsPlus had release a couple of final updates for this mods before his retirement.

Since then, MizoreYukii has stepped up and is going to be taking over with maintenance and updates! If you run into any issues, she has set up a section of her Discord server for Arnie’s mods where you can report bugs.

RAVASHEEN has announced that her “Saleabration” mod is causing a potentially game-breaking error and has advised everyone to stop using the mod until a solution can be found. Her other mods are still in testing.

Minor issues have also been noted with her “Home Recycling Bin” and Retail Therapy” mods.

TwistedMexi is also in the process of checking and updating his mods. So far, “Better Build/Buy”, “Expandable Catalog”, and “All Scenarios” have been updated.

Oh My Goth!

A little closer to home, TSR has started releasing content from the latest artist collaboration! This time the theme was “Oh My Goth!” – which, you guess it, is focused around the goth style, and all of the variants and subgenres within.

Content from the collab is being featured on the front page every day! You can also check out everything that been published so far here on the Oh My Goth! landing page. This is one of the largest collaborations our artists have put together so far, featuring over 800 individual pieces of content!

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