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One Color Decor – Cranberry Cozy

Hello, and welcome to another One-Color Décor challenge!  This round, we are plunging into some form of cranberry cozy…  What do I mean about Cranberry Cozy?  Well… I wanted to do something red or some variant of red since we are approaching the holiday season.  So being that it is winter… I selected Cranberry as my color.

Why Cranberry?

As mentioned before, I selected cranberry because it is a lovely winter color. Who wouldn’t love a nice cranberry cozy living room to celebrate the holidays? Ok, maybe not everyone, but that is alright… so what is the color cranberry? According to, the above palate shows their defined shades of cranberry.  We got pretty close with that middle shade!! YEA!

CC used –  MIRROR

The Plan

The plan… what plan… I mean the plan for this room was to combine the color cranberry and use wooden elements to accent the rich tones of the color.  The other part of this plan was creating a smaller, cranberry-cozy living room.  I wanted to separate the room from a small entranceway separated from the general television viewing area.

CC Used – Wall Paint, Accent Wooden Wall, & door

Aside from that general plan, I wanted to add some holiday elements to the room.  I tried to focus on green plants as greens pair nicely with cranberry tones. I did not want to overdo the holiday vibe, but I wanted to add some holiday elements to this cranberry cozy living room.

The Building Elements

The one central element I wanted to make sure to incorporate was big windows for great natural lighting.  These windows by Mutske are perfect to accomplish that and look good with the cranberry walls and natural wood-looking floors! I just adore this tone of cranberry and wood together!  It looks great!

CC Used – Wood Floor & Windows

The Basics

The essential elements necessary for a living room are; a place to sit and some form of entertainment.  So we have THIS gorgeous couch by Pilar for sitting, with an adorable accent pillow that is a little lighter to add depth to the room.  For entertainment, we have a television and a bookshelf, so a selection of either reading or television.  The lighting and space when the tree is moved after the holiday season could offer a game of chess or an artist station.

CC Used – Couch, BookShelf, Tree, rug

Aside from seating and entertainment, a rug or at least one plant is needed.  Obviously, I cannot decorate ANY room with only one plant.  Whenever I have unused space, “Oh, I can just put a plant there. yes.. that will fix that blank spot… just one… more plant.” We all know the process of just one more plant… one turns into twenty real quick, and before you know it, your once dining room is now a sunroom eatery.  But is that really a bad thing?


The one thing I love about many artists that create objects at The Sims Resource is the realism in the clutter and décor items.  The items you can find here are perfect for filling your rooms with crystals, books, little signs, boxes, and even soaps.  For me, it just keeps rooms looking more filled and completed.

CC Used – A vase, Books, WOODEN STARS, A box, A sign

I love bookshelves with spaces to place more items!  I found this bookshelf by SIMcredible! Tas was perfect; the wood was slightly darker than the floors but almost perfectly matched the table.  I could also easily place four additional items on the bookshelf.  I could have used more, but my style actually borders on a minimalist with a whimsical side.

CC Used – Table, Decor

I saw the above little holly planter box and immediately fell in love!  It is absolutely adorable, and the green and wood keep to my cozy theme and pair nicely with the cranberry color.

CC Used – Pillows, More Pillows

I have become a big fan of decorative pillows… so we have one all-year-round pillow set and the holiday one.  I could not find ones with more of darker tones, so we had to try to match the light pink in the one set to make them all work for the room.

The Finished Product

Looking at the finished product, I wish I had put in some shelves for more cranberry-colored décor.  However, overall I really like it.  I would one hundred percent enjoy this room, even if it is not black.  This room resembles my style and has a mix of whimsical, boho, modern, and country.  But you know what, I think it works.

CC Used – Wall Art, Rug, Curtains, CURTAIN lights

And yes, those are little fairy light curtains!! I think they look adorable!  I did not want anything that blocked out all the light, so the two sets of curtains worked well as lighting still came through.  I love how that rug fits the television area so well!

CC Used – Lights & Plant

I am one of those who does not have many paintings or wall décor.  Like I said before, I lean towards a minimalistic approach of something between gothic & whimsical.  So for me, personally, I do not know generally layer paintings or photos too much on the wall.  I select one piece of an accent and go with it.  With this room, I love the different wood tones with the cranberry tones; I think it gives it a nice cranberry cozy, but also fancy vibe.

I like this room overall; I wish I had added some more wooden shelves or a fireplace.  Looking at it, I would have had to make the room a bit bigger, as it hardly fit as is LOL.  And I don’t like my rooms over full, got to have space to move!

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