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Game and Community Updates: November 2022

In case you’ve missed any of it, it’s time for another recap of this month’s recent game updates!

Game Update on November 1st

Pre-Patch for the release of Pastel Pop and Everyday Clutter kits. This was a small maintenance-oriented patch with some minor bug fixes:

  • Locomotion changes for deciding if a sim will walk or run
  • Updated body adjustments in CAS for chest modifications on female sims with masculine frames
  • “Change Phone Color” action no longer re-queues itself
  • New In Town scenario now properly updates as goals are completed
  • Aspirational goal of “Have A Boy/Girlfriend” before the Soulmate and Serial Romantic aspirations are active will now complete the goal
  • Eyebrows in High School Years now have had their color swatches added back in, so they no longer display with black as the only option
  • New werewolves now transform with variated fur colors, versus previously defaulting to solid black fur.
  • On console, RT/R2 or LT/L2 while in Likes & Dislikes in CAS will no longer close the interface.
Pastel Pop and Everyday Clutter Kits

Two new kits have arrived!

Pastel Pop, designed in collaboration with Plumbella, adds some new subtle yet colorful items to the game.

Everyday Clutter is just that – add that tiny bit of chaos to your Sims’ lives so their houses aren’t always to perfectly tidy!

SDX Drop – Bantu Knots and Two Strange Twist Hairstyles, designed by DeeSims:

You can read about her collaboration with The Sims, and learn about what went into the design of these hair styles here.

Spark Something

“Spark Something” is part of EA’s ongoing commitment to creators, celebrating the creativity of the community and showcasing the power of imagination.

At The Sims™, we believe in the power of creativity. To celebrate the role our games and brand have played in sparking the creative journey of rule breakers everywhere for over 22 years, we are kicking off Spark Something. It is our commitment to ignite imaginations and creativity both within our community and beyond.

We’ll be identifying creator stories that showcase the contagious power of inspiration through change-makers who spark something in each other, and seek out that creative spark everywhere they go.”

You can read about the start of Spark Something here.

Gallery Filtering

The largely non-existent moderation of The Gallery had resulted in some highly offensive content making its way around. The profanity filter of The Gallery has been updated in a specific patch on November 22nd, 2022 – eight, almost nine years later – to prevent this from happening again.

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