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One Color Décor – Pumpkin Living Room

Well now that we are into fall… guess what season it is… it’s Pumpkin season! Pumpkin spice… spice… baby! What? ok, yea I am a fall-loving weirdo!  It’s fine…….. sure ya ok… back to the blog.  We are going to design and decorate a pumpkin living room with as much pumpkin-themed madness as possible.  Yes, get ready to have your eyes burn with pumpkin spice!  ALL THE SPICE!

Pumpkin why Pumpkins?

Ok, why are we doing this? Well because you all seem to enjoy decorating blogs and my pain and suffering. I mean… my terrible decorating skills and complaining.  It is fine…. practice makes you better right? (Well that is what I am hoping! LOL)  Is there really enough practice and time to resolve this hot mess of pumpkin madness?? Probably not, but we are going to try… yes try to make this pumpkin living room look a bit rustic and clean.  Yes rustic and clean all at the same time!

CC LINKS – Pumpkins 1, Pumpkins 2, Pumpkins 3, & Pumpkins 4

So anyways back to pumpkins… ALL the pumpkins. Pumpkins are a staple of fall decoration.  You see this theme starts lining store shelves in August.  Pumpkins EVERYWHERE!  Pumpkin decor, pumpkin coffee, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin candles, pumpkin donuts, pumpkin clothes, pumpkin pie, pumpkin everything…  So naturally, we need to explore this pumpkin theme here and decorate a room with pumpkin CC!

The Research

According to Google… “Pumpkin SEASON…” Yes, Pumpkin season. This is MADDNESS.  This craziness starts mid-September and goes through November here in the States.  Yes, it gets crazier… there are entire festivals revolving around pumpkins.  I mean we do like to celebrate here… but I think we are a little overboard on pumpkins.  There is even a National Pumpkin Day on October 26th…

CC Links – Pumpkin, Pillows, & Rug

So researching pumpkin decor on Pinterest and google, and obviously, ANYTHING pumpkin is hot and trending right now. So… Let’s see what we can find. I think we are about to dive into a rabbit hole filled with pumpkins.

CC Links – Little Pumpkins & Artwork

Officially the color of ‘pumpkin’ according to the color pumpkin is hex code #FF7518.  This is a very bright and aggressive orange in my opinion, but it makes sense. But the more you know that is the officialish color of pumpkin.  In case you needed that information LOL!

The Room – The Pumpkin Living Room

CC Links – Bottles, Pumpkins 1, Pumpkins 2, Pumpkins 3, Cabinets,leaves

Alright, let’s talk about goals here… the goal was to make something look decent and filled with pumpkins.  I also wanted to keep a rustic but clean vibe in the room, while also providing my Sim with a nice warm cozy place to relax.  I can say at the very least the second part of that goal is achieved with this pumpkin living room!


CC Links – Wall1, Wall 2, & Floor

Once again I used my Sim house that I built to reflect my IRL House (in real-life).  I just find that this helps give me ideas for actually decorating and space IRL. It has for sure already helped me quite a bit.  I would never have an orange room but, maybe some orange accents.  So that being said the structure based on my IRL house was a bit fixed and it is an extremely long rectangular room.  However, just like irl, I have the room closed off with a little library or cove area from the main tv area. I will also like to point out that trying to match oranges was a struggle bus!


CC Links – Sofa, Chair,Art

In the main tv area, I wanted the room to look super cozy with lots of warm toasty vibes.  Which is super easy with oranges and fall colors.  I found this really awesome recolor set by SimmieV that just tied the whole pumpkin living room together.  I was thinking to myself like OMG OMG OMG it is going to be so hard to find orange things.  NOPE! SimmieV nailed it! Perfect for fall! The patterns and textures are visible and totally are perfect for tying different shades of pumpkin and orange all together!

CC Links –  Mirror, Chair, Curtain, Table pumpkin, & art

I liked the chairs in SimmieV‘s set so much that I used them for the little library cove as well, just a different swatch.  I figured a dash of pattern and color would really pull this area off and the lighting in this room looks so good!  Truth be told I am not sure if this area’s IRL twin is going to be a music nook or a reading area.  Who knows yet!  But this does help me with figuring out spacing!


Ok here is where things get a little out of sorts in my opinion.  Do you realize how many different pieces of pumpkin CC there are here at The Sims Resource??? No, probably not.  I can tell you firsthand there are LOADS of pumpkins here.  ALLLL different shapes and sizes and as you can tell by my links I used quite a few.  There are even full sets of Pumpkins.  Wahooo! Let’s go pumpkin living room!

CC Links – Food Set Pumpkin Candle

I know you all love your clutter, but I do not.  I like things fairly clean.  For example this table… just the vase would be nice in my opinion.  But I know that is not what you all like.  You want ALL the clutter!! ALL the spaces are filled!! Well ask and you shall receive.  I have no idea how many pumpkins I have in this little room… but behold….. PUMPKIN CLUTTER! (Ok, I went back and counted… there are over forty pumpkins in this room…) I think it actually came out quite decent if I don’t say so myself.  I thought it was going to be a bit much on the pumpkins, but for the task. It works, as a pumpkin living room without tons pumpkins… nah can’t have that!

Final Results


Overall I think this room turned out pretty good.  For me personally, this would be too many pumpkins and too much pumpkin color.  However, I know loads of people who would think this is not even enough for their pumpkin season decor.   I am not one to go ‘cray cray’ over pumpkins.  I don’t even like pumpkin spice lattes. Sorry, not sorry. I find them discussing.  Now a pumpkin muffin. Yes. Absolutely. I would not personally have an entire pumpkin living room, but a few pumpkins sure, that is perfectly fine.

CC Links- Cute Pumpkin with adorable Ghosts

I hope you enjoyed this pumpkin madness adventure and that it inspires you to try new things in your game!  I also hope that you find loads of great CC to add to your never-ending collection!

If you are looking for more design and decor blogs check out Paige’s Room Reno series HERE or one of my One-Color Decorating Challenge Blogs HERE.

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