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Lot Tours – Arcane Illusions

Welcome to an enchanting edition of Lot Tours, today we are going to take a look at some of the amazing lots from the fall collab Arcane Illusions!

Need houses for your magical Sims? Or maybe your Sims just need to live in a castle or a magical place.  Well, we have plenty of lot options for you!

Dustland Fairytale Castle – Xogerardine

Arcane Illusions Lot

According to the description, this beautiful castle is Xoegerardine’s first castle build! This castle is incredible and sits on a 64×64 lot!  This large castle has five bedrooms and four bathrooms.  This castle has no CC used and is fully decorated and landscaped.  The Duskland Fairytale Castle really does have all of your castle needs covered; numerous bedrooms, a grand entrance, library, elegant decorations, and a grand ballroom.  This castle can be your Sims’ new home for §533,631

Flower Fairy – VirutalFariyTales

Arcane Illusions Lot

The Flower Fairy is a super cute fairy hut perfect for your Sims! This lot does have CC and does need a few cheats turned on.  The roof has CC petals that really put a nice finishing floral look for the entire lot.  This lot is bright and happy and just well… I love it! The Flower Fairy sits on a 30×20 lot and has one bedroom, one bathroom, a small study area, a living room, and a kitchen. You can purchase this floral beauty for your Sims for §67,970.

Elven Palace – Simsbylinea

Arcane Illusions Lot

I love gardens and plants so any lot with a large amount of landscaping captures my attention.  The Elven Palace is one of those lots, with its enchanting gardens and outdoor seating area.  The lot itself is 50×40 and works well in Hendford on Bagley.  There are a total of three bedrooms and three bathrooms within this lot.  This lot also has a very elegant entryway, full kitchen, seating area, bar area, and a living room – dining room combination area.  This lot does require the bb.moveobjects cheat and also has CC used.  Your Sims can purchase the lot for §248,478.

Mushroom Village – Mini Simmer

Arcane Illusions Lot

The Mushroom Village by Mini Simmer is just the unique lot I needed to add to my fantasy game save.  This lot is absolutely adorable and enchanting.  The Mushroom Village lot is 40×30 and has a total of three bedrooms and three bathrooms.  There are four buildings total, but three of them have private bedrooms, which is perfect for a group of fairies.  The Mushroom Village also includes a community kitchen, art room, and small gardening area.  The entire lot is landscaped and decorated all with no added CC.  You can purchase this lot for §88,943.

Witch House – Daunta720

Arcane Illusions Lot

The Witch House by Danuta is a magical and spooky 50×40 lot.  This architectural beauty is fully landscaped and decorated all around with no additional CC.  The lot has two bedrooms and one bathroom with a full kitchen area, living room, bar, and magic room.  For your Spellcasting Sims, this is a perfect lot and has plenty of room for gardening if they would need spell components. Your Sims can purchase this lot for §108,813.


These are only five of the wonderful lots that you can download from the Arcane Illusions Collab.  I tried to pick a variety so that you can see the wide range of lots that came from this incredible artist collab.  I know some Simmers love to download lots with CC while others do not, so, I wanted to make sure we had both types of lots.  Anytime I install lots I always use the move objects cheat just to be sure I don’t mess up the decorations or structure of the house!

Arcane Illusions Lot

If you would like to read more about the Arcane Illusions Collab you can read my blog here or check out Paige’s Room Reno.

Keep up with more Sims stuff and what I’m up to at @TSR Jezi

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