NEW Sims 4 Kits – Incheon Arrivals & Fashion Street Kits

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There are two new Sims 4 Kits; Incheon Arrivals Kit and Fashion Street Kit.  Both of these Kits are strictly CAS (Create A Sim) Kits so they only have clothing, shoes, and accessories. If you are like me, you can never have enough CAS, so let’s take a look at what these two kits include.

Incheon Arrivals Kit

Sims 4 Kit

Love minimalistic styles or muted toned clothing? Well, the Incheon Arrival kit is for you. According to the Sims 4 website this kit was inspired by Seoul airport fashion.   In this kit, there are a total of twenty-two items for your Teen to Elder Sims.  The majority of the items are what I would true consider business casual (not work-at-home business casual).  Many of the pieces of CAS are looser fitting with plenty of layers and offer a lot of flexibility with mixing and matching.

Incheon Arrivals Kit

T/YA/A/E Masculine CAS

Sims 4 Kit

I love the layered looks! I always feel like I do not have enough options for outdoor and winter attire.  This kit has a few options that can double as every day and suitable winter clothing. The kit also includes two pairs of tennis shoes!

T/YA/A/E Feminine CAS

Muted tones and minimalistic fashion are super trendy right now.  With the Incheon Arrivals Kit, your Sims can be trendy too! I just love the stiletto boots that come with this kit! They go with almost anything!

Fashion Street

Sims 4 Kit

The Fashion Street Kit features inspiration from trendsetting fashions of Mumbai.  These swatches of these fashions are full of color and vibrant patterns.  This kit also includes some new accessories that I would label as statement pieces.  Most of these CAS items have intricate patterns or embroidered designs.  These fashions are also consistent with the style of Mumbai, as they include many flowy fabrics.

Fashion Street Kit

T/YA/A/E Masculine CAS

Incheon Arrivals & Fashion Street Kits

Wow, there are some bright patterns and colors! I am all for bright and vibrant colors and patterns so I love this Kit! There is one pair of pants and an outfit that come with shoes and I could not for the life of me change the color of the sandals or switch the shoes.  It would appear as you get the shoes with the swatch you select for these two items at this time.

T/YA/A/E Feminine CAS

I love these shades and swatches, so many options and they are all absolutely gorgeous.  That pink dress is hands down my new favorite EA dress! It is absolutely stunning!


Incheon Arrivals & Fashion Street Kits Incheon Arrivals & Fashion Street Kits

The Fashion Street Kit comes with a handful of accessories and tattoos.  I always wish there was more but for the price, this makes sense on the quantity.


Being a CAS player and lover of all things fashion, I of course love getting new CAS content.  Both Incheon Arrivals & Fashion Street Kits are a great addition to the Sims 4 game.  Minimalistic fashion is super trendy right now in real life, so having more options for Sims to mimic real-life fashion is lovely.  I personally really loved the Fashion Street Kit as it is super vibrant and fun.  It did give me City Living vibes with vibrancy and colorful patterns.  Overall these kits are totally worth the money, however, these Kits also only include Teen through Elder Fashion.  I would have loved to see some of these designs for Children and Toddler Sims.

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