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Room Reno #20: Arcane Atrium

Welcome back to Room Reno #20 here at The Sims Resource! Today we’re helping a witch who needs a new potion-making room using the brand-new Arcane Illusions collab, exclusively on The Sims Resource. Let’s meet her!

Meet Esmeralda!

Esmeralda is a witch living in Glimmerbrook. She recently moved to a larger house, but her new place doesn’t have a magical atrium for her to work on her potions and spells in! What is a witch in need to do? Come to Room Reno, obviously! We’ll be turning an unused space in Esmeralda’s new home into the perfect atrium for her research and spellcasting. Let’s see what we’re working with!

The Before

There’s an open sitting area in Esmeralda’s house that she doesn’t use, so that’s what I’ll be converting into her atrium. It’s a pretty large rectangular space that I’ll be closing off with extra walls in order to provide some privacy and also to give Esmeralda some storage space for her magical supplies. The room absolutely needs more windows in order to really become an atrium, so I’ll be adding floor to ceiling windows along the exterior walls. Let’s get to planning!

The Planning

Once I closed off the room, I got into planning out the space’s layout. Esmeralda needs a desk to keep her research on, so I placed that along the left wall. Her cauldron goes in the center bottom of the space, being sure to leave ample area around it for her to walk around–nobody needs a witch falling in her own potion! Finally, I placed a table across from the cauldron–Esmeralda has witch friends who come over once a week, and she requested a space for them to hang out and chat about magic. Now that we’ve planned, let’s get building!

The After

I adore how the final renovation turned out! Most of Esmeralda’s spells and potions involve nature, so I made sure to place lots of mushrooms and natural aspects so that she can use them in her work. One of my favorite parts of the room is the leaf wall–if Esmeralda ever needs a leaf for her potions, she can easily grab one off the wall and keep brewing! This atrium is the perfect space for any witch working on magical research, and I’m so glad I got to help Esmeralda out by building it. You can find all the CC pieces below, but if you’re reading this before September 30, 2021, not all pieces may be released yet–check the release dates on the links to see when they’re available!

Mushroom Chair Young Way Books Tea Party Ceiling Lamp Fairy Frame Fairy Books Pocket Watch Rabbit Crown Sculpture Forest Tree Window (1×3)
Fairy Pastry Tray Hanging Clock Tall Fairy Bench Katarina Display Forest Window (2×3) Magic Wand Jar Hanging Clock Short Fairy Cake
Hanging Chain Fairy Light Forest Window (1×3) Decorative Leaf Cupcake Card Tower Leaf Rug Butterfly Mirror Fairy Archway
Mushroom Light Fairy Table Magic Forest Desk Wood Shelf Magic Forest Clock Fairy Mug Forest Double Door Decorative Mushroom
Fairy Shelving 3 Mushrooms Fairy Napkins Eat Me Cupcake Four Candles Decorative Bottles Fairy Lantern Tudor Brick Wallpaper

Thanks for checking out Room Reno #20: Arcane Atrium! If you liked it, be sure to check out Room Reno #19 or our guide to building exteriors in game. Looking for something else? Read our guide to the Arcane Illusions Collab or our Shang-Chi inspired lookbook!

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