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CC Finds – Kids’ Summer Accessories

Simmers are loving the Growing Together Expansion and many Simmers are playing more of the gameplay with Sim families.  This means Simmers needs CC for all ages of Sims.  So here is a list of CC finds full of accessories for your Sim kids.  That is right we are looking specifically at Kids’ Summer Accessories.  I have a list of fourteen; of all sorts of accessories… well fourteenish… lol.  So get your shopping basket ready for loads of Kids’ Summer Accessories.

About Kids’ Summer Accessories

Before we jump into the CC listing for this CC Finds… what do I consider Kids’ Summer Accessories?  Well for Summer Accessories in general I think of hats, glasses, little bags, and colorful accessories.  For colorful accessories for Summer I feel you cannot go wrong with floral accessories and accents.  Bright colors are super in and trendy this Summer, so that is easy to do with floral designs.  For Summer I also love Sunflower Accessories, I think they are just perfect with the bright yellow tones for Summer.

CC Finds

Alright now onto the CC Finds, Kids’ Summer Accessories.  These CC Finds are a mix of; infant, toddler, and child CC, so plenty for all the Sim Kids in your family.

1 – Glass Wings Butterfly Pendant and Earrings

CC Downloads – Child Pendant, Child Earrings, Toddler Pendant, & Toddler Earrings

An easy accessory choice for Summer… butterflies, not only are they elegant but in a lot of cases very colorful and an excellent choice for Kids’ Summer Accessories.  I love this set by Feyona as it has a matching necklace to the earrings for both Toddler and Child Sims.  I think that this set is perfect for a casual or formal Summer look with the lovely design and color.

2- Infant Whale Orca Bag

CC Download – Infant Whale Orca Bag

As I mentioned before cute bags are needed for great Kids’ Summer Accessories.  I thought this specific bag was absolutely adorable.  MyDarling20 always makes great accessories and bags, but I thought this particular one was so perfect for Kids’ Summer Accessories.  Just the bag being an adorable whale was enough reason to list the bag here.

3- WisteriaSims Kitty Nails

CC Download – Child & Toddlers

I wanted to make sure that there were at least one pair of painted fingernails in this listing.  I selected WisteriaSims Kitty Nails as they are super cute and have a good amount of bright colors that you can select from.  These nails are also available for both Toddler and Child aged Sims.

4- Simxties Flower Accessories

CC Download – Toddler Necklace, Toddler Earrings, Toddler Bracelet, Child Necklace, Child Earrings, & Child Bracelet

Suzue’s Flower Simxties Accessories are a perfect addition to this CC Finds listing for Kid’s Summer Accessories.   Not only are the flowers  lovely Sunflowers but the accessories also have colorful accents and a complete set.  What makes these accessories even better is that they are available for both Toddler and Child aged Sims!

5- Crystal Cherry Earrings

CC Downloads – Child & Toddler

I wanted to make sure there was a good mix of accessories for this CC Finds listing.  I am not sure if cherries are a Spring or Summer fruit, but I have always associated them with Summer picnics so I selected to add these to the listing.  I just love how the earrings have that crystal effect on both the berries and leaves.  These earrings can be downloaded for both Toddler & Child aged Sim.

6- Infant Owl Pacifier

I know owls are thought of as more of a Fall or Autumn critter, but…. the colors on this pacifier were nice and bright and the owl is adorable.  So we need pacifiers on this list so I am adding this one because I personally think it is adorable.

7- Simxties Rimless Glasses

CC Download – Toddler & Infant

Sunglasses are a must for Kids’ Summer Accessories.  And these shades are rockin!  I love the gradient effect on the lighter swatches and the full eye coverage, making these glasses a super groovy addition for your Sim Kids!

8- Hibiscus Head Accessory

CC Downloads – Child & Toddler

Another must on my list to make sure to highlight was at least one flower hair accessory.  This Hibiscus Head Accessory can be downloaded for Toddlers or Child Sims and comes in a good amount of different colors.  Making this accessory a great addition for a tropical summer look!

9- Mydarling20 Flower Tiara Headbands

CC Download –  Flower Tiara Headbands

One of my favorite types of CC for infant and toddler Sims are flower headbands.  Mydarling20 has several of these brightly colored flower tiaras that are perfect for summer and they come in multiple ages and placements on the head.  This is perfect as this makes it easier to match the tiara with the hairstyle.

10- Little Snaps Cap

CC Downloads – InfantToddler, & Child

Another accessory I wanted to include on this list is a baseball hat.  Hats are a great way to keep the Sun out of your Sims’ faces and add a little bit of style to your accessories.  These Little Snaps Caps come in a variety of colors and are a great addition to Kids’ Summer accessories.

11- WisteriaSims Malibu Set for Children

CC Download – Hat,  Necklace, & Earrings

I saw this set and knew I had to include it.  The hat, shell earrings, and shell necklace just fit the Summer theme so well, it is perfect.  And there is even a matching dress by Beto_ae0 that completes the entire look!

12- Helene Flower Hair Accessories For Children

CC Download –  Hair Accessories For Children

I absolutely adore hair accessories, especially flowers, they are just so pretty!  I also think little additions like these cute flowers just complete the hairstyle.  I love how the flowers appear to be braided into the hair, just such a lovely addition for Kids’ Summer Accessories!

13- Mydarling20 Floaties

CC Download – Mydarling20 Floaties

Mydarling20 has a good selection of accessory floaties for your Sim kids in a variety of super cute styles.  Each of these designs is adorable just like this little penguin and perfect for a splashing good time!

14- WisteriaSims Headbands

CC Download – WisteriaSims Headbands

Much like I love flowers in hairstyles and tiaras, I absolutely love headbands as accessories.  Like real talk, headbands for Summer are super practical, actually, they are practical all the time as they can keep hair out of your Sims face, all while adding style.  But check out WisteriaSims’ headbands, I couldn’t just pick one… so there is that.


Ok so normally I stick with about ten things for the CC Finds listing… I just could not bring myself to select just ten things sooo fourteenish??? Some are single items, some are sets, and some have multiple ages to download for, so happy downloading!

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