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CC Finds – Food Decor CC

We are getting ready to start the holiday season!  One thing I have noticed about many holidays is they always include food!  I like to eat, so this is a big plus for holidays.  I love sweets, so holidays are perilous for me regarding eating healthy.  LOL.  Because food is an important part of the holiday season, we will look at some Food Decor CC in this CC Finds blog!  That is right: loads of decorative food that you can download and use for your Sims to create the fullest tables ever!

The Upcoming Holiday (US): Thanksgiving

For the United States, this week’s upcoming holiday is Thanksgiving.  This holiday is based on the first harvest the Plymouth Pilgrims had in October 1621 in the ‘New World.’  It is said to be a celebration of thankfulness for food and friends.  Now it is a big feast that many have in their homes to share with family and friends.

Featured CC from the  Evelyn Food Set

Some of us have more than one Thanksgiving to go to… this year, I was invited to five, and I will only attend three.  It is going to be like an entire week of eating.  And I have no regrets or complaints about this at all at this time, LOL.  We will see how I pace myself.

Food Decor CC

So now diving into Sims… There is a lot of food decor CC here at TSR!  I already had several pieces downloaded, but then when I started looking… WOW, there is a lot!  Most of these food decor CCs are just decoration or clutter and not functional food.  However, given the timing, this is a great time to look at it, and I know how you all love your clutter!

Featured CC From the  Cinnamon Decor Set

Kitchen & Table Decor

I use these items to make my Sims’ kitchens, dining rooms, and eating spaces look a bit more lived in.  There is just something about a kitchen in Sims that has actual kitchen CC, like fruit, food, drinks, etc., making it look more appealing.  Or if you have a Sim that loves to make cakes and desserts, downloading food decor CC is a great way to personalize that lot to make it fit the Sim.

 Xenia Decor

Bella Decor

 Tove Decor

Halloween 2023 Pt.I

Christmas 2022 decorative set

 Ye Medieval – Peasant Homelife 3


Some Artists on TSR have full dinner sets of food decor CC! So you can set up an entire dinner display of food decor CC.  This makes for some fantastic photos, and for me personally, I feel like the lot is more lived in when food decor CC is used.  I love the details and personalizing the lot, so I go to great lengths to theme lots based on each Sim household.


Hot pot set
Banquet – Set of Assorted Food Dishes

Late Dinner


Of course, we must have an entire dessert section if we are discussing food decor CC.  As I said, this is one of my favorite things… and I love almost all sweets.  I am not picky, LOL! I will try chocolate, peanut butter, sugar, caramel, cakes, fudge, cupcakes, cheesecake, pies, and candy!

Viennoiseries decorative set

Holiday Desserts

Gelatteria Desserts 


If you have not noticed in many of my One Color Room Challenges, I generally put coffee in living rooms, dining rooms, and kitchens.  I love coffee so much. There is that… expect my rooms to have coffee! Of course, there are other drink sets as well for food decor CC, including some really fancy tropical drink sets!

Food decor I – Country dinner

The Perfect Night – Refreshments

Functional Food

If you are looking for functional food CC for your Sims, there are a few options!  One is the Prism Brownies by Sims_Man123!


I know many holidays are regional, so I tried to have a good bit of variety in the food decor CC.  This way, you can still download great CC even if you are not setting up for a holiday.  The sky is the limit here!  You can set up all sorts of events or just decorate lots with the CC.  I see many Simmers use food decor CC to decorate holidays, proms, baby showers, birthday parties, weddings, and other events they have in-game.  It is super fun, and I think food decor CC adds excellent detail to builds and designs!  Happy Downloading!

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