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Bored Playing The Sims 4? CAS Ideas To Try Part 1

 We all know the Sims 4 has been around for a while.  So what do you do when you get bored playing the Sims 4?  The good news is that there is no wrong way to play the Sims 4, so there are many options.  You can play the gameplay, build, decorate, create Sims, do makeovers, try challenges, and so much more! As I said, there are so many options for playing the Sims 4 that I have more than one part to this blog! This blog will look at things to do in CAS, Create A Sim.

How Old Is The Sims 4?

According to Google, The Sims 4 has been in North America since September 2, 2014.  YES! The Sims 4 is over nine years old!  Of course, not everyone started right from the release, but that is still a long time for a game.  The only other older games I play that are still active are World of Warcraft and Grand Theft Auto 5.  These have released content to freshen it up a bit and update frequently.

These games are works in progress.  You don’t get the total result until the next edition is released.   But how do you stop falling into the trap of playing a game for so long and not feeling like you’re just following a carrot on a stick?  Well, that is what we will discuss today; what to do if you are bored playing the Sims.

Have You Tried Everything?

As I mentioned, there are numerous ways to play the Sims, so if you are bored with the Sims 4 and still want to play, I encourage you to try something new.  Sure, we generally stick to what we like and what we are good at.  If you are a builder or CAS player, maybe try playing the gameplay… Or if you do a lot of gameplay, maybe try building.  To find all the different types of Simmers, check out this blog HERE.


Of course, I will have to look at Create A Sim, CAS, on here first, as that is what I am most familiar with!  I love creating Sims, and I have not given it up at all just yet.  If I get a little bored with The Sims 4, I take a break, or recently, I have been actually playing the gameplay.  I know it sounds wild, but I’m actually playing the game, LOL.  So here are a few other ways if you want to play CAS to mix it up if you are becoming bored plating The Sims 4.

CC Found in the Get That Look – Western Boho Blog – HERE


There are oodles of challenges for the Sims 4 CAS that Simmers have come up with.  I have found that challenges are a super fun way to mix things up and try new things.  I recently did a Zodiac Challenge and made a Sim for each Zodiac sign; I tried to match the particular sign’s colors, traits, and aspirations.  You can check Part 1 out HERE and Part 2 out HERE.

CC Found in the Zodiac Challenge Lookbook Part 2 – HERE

Even More Challenges

CC Found in the Get That Look – Renaissance Festival Blog – HERE

The sky is the limit,, and you can always make up your own challenges.  Some other Challenges you might enjoy include;

  1. Timed Challenges – Set a timer and make a Sim within that time frame; once you are done, you are done no matter the result!  These are super hard for me as it takes me a lot of time to perfect a SIM!
  2. Style Challenges – Pick a trend and download CC.  I do these a lot!  Baribiecore, Mermaidcore, The Clean Girl Trend, Boho Western, or Y2k, for example
  3. Era Challenges – For this challenge,, there are tons of collaborators to help you out with this.  Basically, you pick a time period and go with it, and then style from that time period. Ye Mediaeval, Retro Reboot, CyFi, Simixties, Victorian Goth, and  SteamPunk’d collabs will greatly help you with this one.
  4. Color Challenges – I do a lot of color challenges.  You just pick a color, one color, and go with it… I personally do the entire wardrobe in that color theme.  Here are some examples – Coastal White, Olive Green, Romantic Red, and Daffodil Yellow
  5. 1 Sim A Day – For this challenge, just make one Sim a day.  I want to try this and make a cute calendar collage to display the final results!

CC Found in the ONE-COLOR Lookbook Challenge – Coastal White Blog – Here


When I get bored playing Sims 4, one of my favorite things to do in Sims is do townie makeovers!  I love trying to preserve the general theme and genetics of the Townie, but completely transform the Sim with CC!  For my gameplay, I use my Simself and create Sims inspired by people I know.  The drama to me just seems funnier this way.  Another fun thing to do is try to create Sims based on characters, using photos and stories to inspire the Sims to come alive in your worlds.  I cannot count how many villain-inspired lookbooks I have watched, as I love this!

CC Found in the WEDNESDAY-INSPIRED Lookbook Blog – HERE

Community & Friends

I always find sharing fun, so you can bet I share photos of my Sims on my social media accounts!  You can find my TSR Twitter HERE.  I also used to be involved in Discord communities where we would share our newest creations and model our Sims in competitions.  I have even swapped Sims with friends, and then we unleashed them into the worlds.

A new addition to CAS that I have seen recently is Sim Bingo. This is where a group of Simmers make a bingo card together and then start creating Sims.  The first one to complete their card wins.  I am unsure what they generally win, but it seems like another fun idea with a friend if the group is bored with The Sims 4 and needs to switch things up a bit!


So I got a little carried away here with things to do when you get bored playing The Sims 4!  And we are just talking about Create A Sim and CAS things to do.  So, I will need to do part 2 for building and decorating.  But I see this as a three-part blog, as there is the gameplay aspect…  I will link the other parts here as soon as they are released! See what I told you loads to do in The Sims 4!  That is why I have always loved the Sims games; there is so much to do, and time seems to disappear when you are playing!

CC found in the Y2k Lookbook blog – HERE

Keep up with more Sims stuff and what I’m up to at @TSR Jezi.

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