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Botanical Tours – Sims 4 Garden Lots

Hello and welcome to Botanical Tours, today we are going to take a look at some of the most blooming Sims Garden Lots on The Sims Resource!  My name is Jezi, and I am a crazy plant person and will be your guide as we tour some really spectacular gardens!

Sims 4 Garden Shop

There is a variety of lot types here; some are residential, but the majority are community lots.  My focus for this round of lot tours is to find places that Sims could visit to get some great screenshots.  Being a photographer for a good portion of my adult life, I enjoy taking screenshots, so why not share some of my go-to lots! I also found some other lots here at The Sims Resource that we are also going to try out!

Sims 4 Activities

#1 – Crystal Garden by Nolcanol

Sims 4 Garden Lot

The Crystal Garden is an exquisite 30×40 lot that is a perfect garden inside and out.  For this lot, users need to check the creator’s notes before putting the lot in their neighborhoods.  There is a large greenhouse with lots of activities for Sims to enjoy and plenty of places to garden.  This lot is perfect for a date or skilling up Sims. This lot is full of plants and has a lot of lovely areas for taking photos.

#2 – Garden in the Sky by Mini Simmer

Sky Garden Sims 4

This skyline garden is styled in a futuristic theme and is lovely.  The Garden in the Sky has plenty of activities for your Sims; a small pool, cafe, garden plots, toys, food stalls, and more.  This lot for a community hang-out or cafe is simply perfect.  The lot itself is 50×50 so it is rather large and it was originally built in Willow Creek, for lighting I placed it in Sulani.  This lot does require cheats to be turned on so make sure you read the creator notes before placing this lot. This lot is now my go-to cafe and community hangout!

#3 – Flower Bunny Forest – Xandralynn

If you are looking for an adorable and whimsical lot with great landscaping and gardening opportunities check out the Flower Bunny Forest lot by Xandralynn.  This lot is super cute and I moved my Simself right on in! The architecture with the floral overlays are very nice and it makes all pictures look amazing on this lot.  This lot does have required CC and was designed as a 30×30 residential lot. This lot is perfect for a Sim and their pets!

#4 Garden Shop by Susancho93

Sims 4 Garden Shop

The Garden Shop lot is a whimsical beauty!  This lot has a retail area and lovely landscaping.  The butterflies and floral decor give the shop an elegant vibe.  For this lot, users need to check the creator’s notes before putting the lot in their neighborhoods.  There are many items already set up for retail in the small but perfect shop.  The lot has lots of areas outside for screenshots as it is a 50×50 lot.  Anything and everything that your Sims would need for gardening and more!

#4 Oasis Garden Center – MSQSims

Sim Garden Shop

Need a place to get your gardening skill up or maybe you want to open your own garden shop? Well, the Oasis Garden Center is a perfect lot for you! This lot has loads of plots for all your plants and has a large greenhouse already set up to be a retail lot for your Sims! The lot is 30×20 and fits perfectly in Oasis Springs.  There are lots of things to sell and lots of lovely plants around outside to appreciate or takes photos of.  Make sure to read the creator’s notes so you know what cheats you need for the lot.

# 5 FloraRestaurant – by KuriimuKN

Sims 4 Garden Restaurant

This restaurant is absolutely adorable! The small size of the Flora Restaurant is just what my Newcrest neighborhood needed a nice 20×15 lot! I love restaurant lots in general and I usually have at least five of them per save within my neighborhoods.  This particular restaurant saves a lot of space for my farming Sims as they need ALL the space for their animals and crops! This lot is a functional restaurant and has lovely landscaping! This is one of my go-to places for Sim dates!

Sim Garden Restaurant Lot


My favorite places to take screenshots are Sulani and Del Sol Valley.  The lighting in these areas (weather pending) is generally perfect.  You pair this lighting up with a gorgeous lot and POOF… picture perfect! There is really a bit of everything here at The Sims Resource and places for Sims to enjoy lovely plants, and gardens are definitely not in short supply.  The wide variety even within just these five lots offers lots of options of photo opportunities for your Sims, or just a nice place to chill or go for a hot date!

In our next installment of our Lot Tour Series, we will be checking out some Perfect lots for farming!

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