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Valentine’s Day CC Hunt

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and what better way to celebrate than going on a CC hunt! When I think about Valentine’s Day I think hearts… pinks… reds… and purples.  Maybe some chocolates and teddy bears as well, which I am sure there is going to be loads of CC here at The Sims Resource for Valentine’s Day so Let’s Check it out!

The Perfect Valentine’s Day Look

I am generally wearing all black, however, I might add some color for Valentine’s Day.  Typically my look would be all black with a red or pink accent piece, like a tank top under a jacket or a scarf…. or just red nails and hair.  LOL


Sim 1 – Hair, Top, Bottoms, Shoes. Sim 2 – Hair, Dress, Shoes. Sim 3 – Hair, Dress, Shoes

Looking for the perfect outfits for Valentine’s Day?  There are tons and tons of clothing options here at The Sims Resource to assist you in your Valentine’s Day looks. But what makes the perfect outfit?  Well really depends on the person and the activity! Different activities require different outfits.  Are you staying in for a movie? or maybe going out for drinks…. or did you make reservations at the most exclusive restaurant in San Myshuno?  Well depending on what you are doing will depend on the attire you require 😉

Sim 1 – Top, Shoes. Sim 2 – Dress, Shoes

Of course, kids need cute outfits as well for Valentine’s Day! Bright pinks, reds, and other fun colors work perfectly for Valentine’s Day.  Of course, heart-printed attire works as well!


Accessories, a big area that many of us go directly to first for downloads… and well there are tons and tons of accessories here to pick from for your perfect Valentine’s Day look.

YES, that is a heart pigtail hairstyle!


When I think of Valentine’s Makeup I generally lean towards pinks and reds.   YES, this look is allllll pink colors!


Here at TSR we are not in short of fabulous objects to download.  Really you can find just about anything here… I will just say Valentine’s Day decorations are not in short supply.  As not a super lovey-dovey person so I selected a few light and cute decorations that we can take a look at.  I am a sucker for home decor and outside decorations so this garland by Syboulette is a must-download for me. Of course, you are going to want a little more than a cute garland for Valentine’s Day! There are tons of decorative items and furniture you can find to download.  You can totally even do FULL rooms in Valentine’s day decor if you so choose. I searched for keywords; Valentine, Heart, Love, and Romance and found plenty of CC!


One of the most recognized elements of Valentine’s Day is going on a special date with that someone special.  This is no different in Sims and we have plenty of lots for that special evening out!


One of the easiest ways to get great-looking rooms full of wonderful CC is to download fully designed rooms by the artists here at TSR.  These rooms come fully furnished and ready to be dropped right into your lots!

The best way to find Valentine’s Day or romantic-themed rooms is to use the search feature and type keywords. I used Romantic as the keyword for my search and found loads of lovely rooms.


See LOADS of Valentine’s Day CC for your Sims! I might have gone a little crazy downloading all this… but it is totally ok I enjoyed it and now I have even more CC *insert evil laughter of CC hoarding.

Keep up with more Sims stuff and what I’m up to at @TSR Jezi


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