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Room Reno #39: Barkitecture

Welcome back to Room Reno #39 here at The Sims Resource! Today we’re helping a Sim who wants to customize her space for all of her different pets. Let’s meet her!

Meet Anya!

Anya is a writer who works from home and spends her free time caring for her four furry friends! She has two dogs, Shadow and Lizzie, and two cats, Peanut and Cashew. Her old place was getting too cramped for all five of them to share, so she recently moved to a new home in Willow Creek with much more space for everyone to enjoy. However, the house is older, and doesn’t have all the amenities she wants for herself and her pets. Let’s see what we’re working with!

The Before

This room has a lot of potential! The current layout is actually very functional and looks good, so with a few small tweaks it should be easy to fix up. The biggest change will be shortening the wall height and changing out the windows–the taller wall heights in The Sims 4 can be really tricky to decorate on because of how little space a lot of the wall art takes up, so scaling down makes decorating much easier. The shelving by the TV will have to come out, as well. I love built-in cabinets, but the current built-ins really don’t suit the rest of the space. Let’s get planning!

The Planning

As you can see, not a lot actually changed when it comes to the seating area layout! Instead, I’ll leave the sofa where it is but swap out the shelving for a fireplace and a TV to make the home feel cozier. A large dog bed will go in the top corner of the room since Shadow is a bigger dog and I’ll need to allot space for her bed. A desk for Anya’s work will go on one of the slanted walls, while a bookshelf will go on the other. While it doesn’t look like a lot of changes now, the transformation will be pretty wild. Let’s get building!

The After

I really love how this space turned out! I knew I wanted a classic, cozy living room vibe that would also suit all of Anya’s pets, and I think I accomplished that. The pet toys and beds scattered throughout the room make it clear that this space isn’t just for people–all of Anya’s loved ones have their own spots! I even managed to fit a second large dog bed for Shadow just so she has a few options like the other pets. The focal point of the room is probably the rug in the center of the space, which ties in all the accent colors to make the room feel cohesive!

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Thanks for checking out Room Reno #39: Barkitecture! Be sure to follow me on my official TSR twitter for sneak peeks and more Sims content. If you liked this blog, check out Room Reno #38 or our guide to building tiny homes.  Looking for something else? Read all about all about the new Wedding Stories pack for The Sims 4 or about the latest patch notes!

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