The Sims 4: My Wedding Stories Gameplay Livestream

Check out the official gameplay livestream for The Sims 4: My Wedding Stories! You can find it here on YouTube, or if you’d prefer, it’s also over here on their Twitch channel.

The World

The map view in the new world of TartosaWelcome to Tartosa! This Mediterranean-inspired world includes 9 new lots, with gorgeous views from all angles! (All lots were created by community creators from the EA Creator Network!)

We have:
2 Starter Lots
2 NPC Households
1 Vacation Rental
1 Community Lounge
2 Empty Lots
1 Pre-built Wedding Venue

“Wedding Venue” is a new lot type that is being add to the base game! Even without this pack, the new lot type will be available to all players to create and browse on the gallery.

There are also 5 other lots being included in the Library that you can place as you wish.

The world features gorgeous ocean views all around – and beaches that are swimmable!

An empty waterfront beach lot

Maybe not everyone is going to be thrilled about a sunny beach world – let’s face it, Vlad will be at your wedding regardless of invitation status – so there are also some beautiful night-time views, especially near the waterfalls.

Although not shown in the stream, the world also boasts bioluminescent algae along the beaches at night!

Along the beaches you can also find a “Message In A Bottle,” as were pointed out by some observant players from the release trailer:Message In A Bottle These messages have washed up from far and wide, sharing some insightful lore into the lives of some familiar faces from throughout the game.


On to the core of the pack, weddings! The ultimate goal with this pack is to be able to create the perfect wedding – and it’s completely up to you as to what you consider that to be.

A “full wedding experience” can be composed of multiple events:

Multiple different events can be planned around a wedding.
-Bach Party
-Rehearsal Dinner
-Engagement Dinner
-Family Gathering
-Wedding Ceremony

You can plan these – or skip them – as you see fit for the story you want to tell. You can start an event ASAP from either the phone or computer, or if you want to schedule it in advance, you can do so using the calendar.

We were specifically shown the Wedding Ceremony event:

Wedding Ceremony Event Planner Dialog

The first step is to invite the sims you wish to either participate, or to be guests. You will have to choose the two sims getting married, then you can also add:

-Sims of Honor
-Flower Pal
-Ring Bearer

These positions will require you to ask a sim if they would like to be that role at the wedding through gameplay, and if they accept, then you can select them via this dialog.

You can then choose any individual activities you want to include in your wedding ceremony:

Wedding Ceremony ActivitiesIt looks like there are 13 different activities you can choose from – you can add however many you wish. These are slightly different than holiday traditions or other social activities, as you will not be punished if you do not complete any of them. (Wouldn’t want your sims to have a horrible wedding just because they ran out of time!)

From there, you move on to choosing the dress code. You can plan specific outfits (this will take you into Create A Sim) and you can also set a dress code for guests to follow.

Lastly, you can then choose the location and time for the event:

The dialog to choose the location of the ceremony

You can also augment these details through regular gameplay. For example, your sims can also visit a bridal shop in Tartosa in order to choose their attire.

Cakes & Flowers

Similarly, there is a flower truck where sims can purchase bouquets, and a bakery where they can sample and purchase cakes.

You can also have your sims bake their own wedding cake. Just be careful, as they do spoil! If you leave it out in the world, it’s also possible that other sims might eat it before the big event!

There are 9 different styles of cakes, and then each type has a multitude of different flavors/colors to be customized. There are also various themed cakes – such as the beachy cakes shown here.

Cake Selection DialogIf you have seasons, bouquets can be made at the flower arranging table instead of being purchased. You can hold bouquets to see how they actually look, and once you find that perfect one, you can place it in the world as a decor item.

No to worry – if this is all too overwhelming for you, there is a also the option to pop on over to city hall to get married!

Sims can get married at City Hall instead of having a wedding.

New Content

This pack comes with a variety of new content, both Create-A-Sim (of course!) and build/buy. Please note this is not a definitive showing of everything being included with the pack, as The Sims 4: My Wedding Stories gameplay livestream was time-limited.

Some pre-existing assets will also received updates to include new swatches in order to better coordinate with the new content that is being added with My Wedding Stories.

This is just a small sample of some of the new CAS items that were shown off on stream:

There are a wide variety of styles and colors to choose from, including the more traditional whites, blacks, and blues, as well as some more vibrant options. There is also a wide variety of build/buy mode content coming:

Overview of wedding objects


Two new tea sets, both functional:

The tea sets also contain varying actions depending on if you are using it during a ceremony or not.

There certainly seems to be a lot to do in this pack. We are so excited to see some of the other events that were not covered in The Sims 4: My Wedding Stories gameplay livestream!

The Sims™ 4 My Wedding Stories Game Pack will be available beginning February 17, 2022 on PC and Mac via Origin™ and Steam®, PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One systems.

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