TSR’s Paranormal Pack Review- Part 3

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Welcome to part 3 of TSR’s Paranormal Pack Review! In this final section, we will be taking a look at all the spooky fun new items and items for build, buy, and CAS.

Just a reminder that the pack will be available on Jan 26th.


In the Paranormal Pack, there is not much aside from a new wallpaper and floor in the build section.  Being that this is only a stuff pack there are limits to how much can go in the pack itself.  This is a case of quality over quantity as the new wooden floors are gorgeous.

There are two rooms built to buy within the Paranormal Pack; a living room and a séance room.  They are both well decorated and utilize the items in the pack quite nicely.


The items in the buy section of this pack are incredible.  There are a lot of decorative items to give your haunted house that creepy vibe.  The plants and wall art in my opinion are some of the best to come out of a pack yet.  Definitely a lot of love spent on decorative items and we appreciate it!

Just a slight warning that I am absolutely in love with the new teal color.  It just so happens that most of the furniture included in this pack has some form of that color within its swatches. I know teal is not really a ‘spooky’ color, but I really like it so we are going with it.


Some of you may not know this but I am one of those… crazy plant ladies. So any plants for the sims in a pack is a plus in my book.


There is quite a bit of new furniture in this pack with a large variation in style and colors.  I enjoy the use of pastels and the country boho styles.  These designs and different swatches are pretty detailed and even have some artistic designs on them like this loveseat and coffee table.

The decorative pillows and patterns on the furniture give options to use the same furniture in other homes but still make it look totally different.

Clutter & Decor

The Paranormal Pack has a good bit of clutter and decor items.  For me personally, the sofas and designs on some of the tables are on the top of the list for items, however,  decor and clutter are a close second, followed of course by the plants. Lots of wonderful paintings and photos as well in this pack.

The amount of new clutter and new decorative items gives Simmers so much more to work with and create unique homes for their Sims.  The curtains I am smitten with as they are super detailed.

Like the little specters in jars, you can also name the tabletop cow plant.  Meet Charlie, he likes sunlight and cookies.


Of course, if you want those creepy dolls and you do not want to wait for them as a reward you can always go into debug and grab them. I don’t know why you would want to do that, but if you do you can.  The specters in jars, creepy statues, and spirit cups are also in there.


So for the purpose of testing CAS items out on the lady side, I stole Bonehilda and added her into my family, and turned her back into flesh.  For the male side, our lovely model is none other than the loved and adored Bob Pancakes.


For a stuff pack, there are a few hairstyles for male and female sims.  Some of the hairstyles scale by age and if they do they are sized appropriately.

I really like the dreads with the shaved sides, it looks pretty high quality and I think it looks good on both Bonehilda and Bob.

Poor Bob did not enjoy being aged up and down to try the new hairstyles.

I even like the locks on the child model as well.  The addition of the small hairs at the base just makes it look more complete in detail.

I like that right side hairstyle on toddlers, I am not a typical fan of hairstyles with bangs.


Lots and lots of boho chic themes in this Paranormal Pack and I am here for it.  The open dress with shorts will be on EVERY single female Sim I have now.  I love it so much and the color variations are pretty with a good mix of different patterns and solids.  I am also in love with those shoes, I need a pair in that tan swatch.

There are also a couple of new styles for preset outfits with the new Paranormal Pack CAS items.  They are super cute and use a lot of different swatches and patterns.

I feel like that brown jacket and the patterned shirt was made for Bob. That open chest really gives me a 70s vibe and I dig it.  There is only one pair of men’s shoes in this pack, but we needed another pair of classic dress shoes for our Sims.  Female Sims can also wear these and they get Bonehilda’s shoes.

There are not a lot of new clothing items for children, but a Paranormal Pack does not really focus on kid items.  The addition of new hair for children and toddlers is great, as they seem to not get as many options. (If you need more this is where CC and TSR come in)


Bob looks really good in that hat.  This hat works perfectly for a Paranormal Investigator hat.  The details are really nice and color variations give a lot of options to match different outfits easily.

The Ladies’ version of the hat has a small embellishment making the hat look super cute.  The straw looking hat with the blue ribbon is available for both male and female Sims.

Accessories & Makeup

Makeup and accessories for a Paranormal Pack are not quite a priority here.   However, we do get this nice multi-layered necklace that is for both male and female sims with several color swatches.  This necklace also pairs nicely with those plunging v neck tops.

This concludes TSR’s Paranormal Pack review! We hope you learned a great deal about this awesome pack! The gameplay and new buy items are definitely work checking out! And besides, you get BONEHILDA!

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