TSR’s Paranormal Pack Review- Part 2

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Eliza is not afraid of ghosts!

Welcome to part 2 of the TSR Paranormal Pack Review.  In this section of the pack review, we are going to be diving right into the medium skill, séance tables, the Paranormal Investigator career, and of course Bonehilda!

Cleanse your home

New Skill – Medium

With the new skill of medium, your Sims can participate and conduct lots of various activities related to the paranormal.   As the skill increases, they will have more options with the séance table or séance circle. Creating a séance circle costs $5 and can be done pretty much anywhere. 

Séance circle options

New Cheat

Don’t want to wait to build your skill as a medium?  Use the new cheat stats.set_skill_level Minor_Medium x  the max setting is 5 and you do need a higher level to summon a certain awaited someone.  Just change the x at the back of the code to the desired number 1 to 5 and poof Medium skill!

angry little specters

Sense Spiritual Volatility

Spiritual Volatility gives an idea of how haunted a house is or what type of ghosts are currently in the house.  If you have friendly ghosts you do not have to do a ceremony.  If you have more than friendly ghosts, then you might want to consider a ceremony to resolve that issue. 

Commune with the Departed

The commune with the departed is just your typical séance conversation with the dead.  The action either gives your Sim a good buff or a negative one depending on the results.  Most of the commentary from the departed is pretty witty. 

Bonehilda joins the fun!

Ghastly Ritual

This activity is an out of body experience, seems to turn you into a ghost for four hours Sim time.  With this experience Sims can then act as a ghost would and possess objects, spooking housemates.  

Perform Ceremony

This activity is one of the most needed in the Paranormal Pack.  By performing ceremonies Sims can improve the level of serenity in their homes. This makes Sims less scared and decreases paranormal activity.  This activity does use a lot of energy on the Sim aspect, so do not try this tired! 

Felix Psyded

Invoke the Dead

When a Sim uses a séance to invoke the dead the message warns that mixed results will occur.  I imagine that it could go bad, or really well.  Eliza summoned Felix Psyded on her first try.  Eliza and Felix became friends over time and even went to the Geekcon together and built a rocket ship.

Summon Bonehilda

This is what everyone has been waiting for, you get to summon a skeletal maid to clean and tidy up your house!  This maid is none other than Bonehilda, and she does give a debuff at first.  I agree with the debuff on this one it is rather odd to have a skeletal maid!

Group séance

With a group séance, you can commune with the dead, do a ghastly ritual, invoke the dead, or perform a ceremony. Same basic options as if you did them solo, but just in a group.


One of the biggest perks of this Paranormal Pack Review is to see this skeletal queen early.  You guessed it and your requests have been answered! The once maid from The Sims: Makin’ Magic and The Sims 3: Supernatural returns to our games! 

After your Sim gains a higher medium level, or you cheat, you can then summon Bonehilda to help cook and clean. 

Of course, if you wish to keep her around you can always enable testing cheats, right-click her and add her right to your family. If not when the time duration wears out she will disappear and you will need to re-summon her.

Bonehilda has some mad baking skills, she is maxed in baking and has decent gourmet cooking and general cooking skill.  She is family-oriented, neat, creative, and domestic.  Bonehilda’s default aspiration is a Big Happy Family.

Dessert please!

As Bob and Eliza soon realized Bonehilda, is great to have as a house guest, she will cook, clean, and garden.  She is also quite friendly and pleasant to chat with.  She takes a slight bit to get used to but after that initial time, Bob & Eliza were sold.

Bonehilda in the flesh.

Bonehilda is a delight in the household and from her romantic encounter with Guidry, we get to see what she looked like in the land of the living.  Yes, if you did not know you can Woohoo with ghosts. 

Calm the Spirits

The new career Paranormal Investigator is under the Freelance Career field.  However, you get your license from Guidry, the ghost.  Your Sim can choose to take a beginner gig or an advanced gig working for the Federal Bureau of Spooky Investigation. If you do not live on a Haunted House lot you can also get the license from the rewards store.

Paranormal Investigator Gigs

Within the timeframe of the gig, you can send the Sim via Rabbit Hole alone or go with the Sim to have control on the task. 

When you get to the lot you will see a purple bar much like the social event bar.  This is the time duration you have to complete the task of exorcising the lot. 

Your task can include booting cursed items and performing a ceremony to cleanse the home.  The spirits seem to get a little upset when you perform the ceremony as the lights really started to flicker around the house. 

For an easy $825,  Eliza was able to clean up Angela and Lilith’s spooky mess quite easily with a simple $5 séance circle and a little bit of elbow grease.

Bob does not like ghosts.First Reaction – Summary

As a result of the gameplay review on the Paranormal Pack, it is easy to conclude that this pack has LOTS to offer. The not forced ghost experience is great, this way you do not have to have paranormal experiences if you do not want them.  Bob appreciates this very much.

For Sue

Of course, it would not be a complete pack review without looking at the plumbing.  I am pleased to report that you can do a ghastly ritual and then possess your own toilet! Happy Haunting!

Up next is our Build, Buy, and CAS item review! We hope you love it more than fruit cake…

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