The Sims 4 teams up with Pabllo Vittar to bring a new level of energy to the upcoming Carnaval Streetwear Kit!

The Sims 4: Carnaval Streetwear has been announced as the next fun-filled kit!

“Bring the energy with The Sims 4 Carnaval Streetwear Kit, designed in partnership with Pabllo Vittar to celebrate the vibrancy of Brazil’s Carnaval! Embody the confidence and creativity of the world’s biggest party through fashion and accessories with a one-of-a-kind collection.”

“Channeling the influential style of iconic Brazilian superstar entertainer-activist Pabllo Vittar, we are releasing a collection of Create-A-Sims outfits and accessories inspired by the energy, self-expression, freedom and vibrancy of one of the world’s biggest celebrations, Brazil’s Carnaval, with the new Carnaval Streetwear Kit for The Sims™ 4, designed in partnership with Pabllo.”

“Through The Sims 4 Carnaval Streetwear Kit, Simmers can diversify their Sims’ wardrobe in Create-A-Sim with an eclectic mix of effervescently fierce looks. You will be able to dress your Sim in outfits with cutouts, multicolored fruit patterns with graphic contrasts, sequined tops as well as bold makeup and colorful accessories. Each piece was inspired by Pabllo’s larger-than-life personality, the costumes of Brazil’s vibrant Carnaval and the street parties, known as bloquinhos, that take place.”

Today also sees the addition of a “Carnaval” radio station! As a free base-game update, this features a simlish version of the hit single “Buzina” from Pabllo Vittar’s second album, Não Para Não.

Sims Delivery Express inbound! There is a future SDX update bringing new Brazilian food! Expect this in early February. Following that, another delivery in March will bring art by the Brazilian artist Lano into the game.

The Sims 4: Carnaval Streetwear Kit releases for PC/Mac, Playstation, and Xbox on February 3rd, 2022.

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