Strange Things Sims Do

So let’s be honest and just say playing the Sims…. can sometimes get a little weird as Sims can be strange. Just how strange can these simulated personalities be…. well pretty strange.  So we are going to take a look at ten strange things Sims do, that most of us would NEVER do in real life!

Befriend a Toilet

Need a friend and don’t want to talk to real Sims? Just talk to your Potty Mouth. Yeah, you read that right… Sims can talk to a toilet and even become friends with it!  Not only can you be friends with your Potty Mouth but you can also insult it and becomes enemies with your toilet… All I am saying is that sounds like your Sim is asking for trouble.

Death by Floral Arrangement

There is a rare flower in the Sims 4 (and previous versions) called the Death Flower.  This flower can be used in exchange for a Sim’s life when the reaper comes or to make Ambrosia to bring a Sim back from the dead.  But… with the addition of seasons and the addition of the floral arranging skill the Death Flower can now be put into a floral arrangement.  If a Sim puts these flowers in the arrangement the smell is enough to kill an elder or age up a vampire!

Cow Plant

Cow Plant

The Cow Plant takes flytrap to an entirely different level of strange.   This plant is perfect for those reclusive gardeners who just don’t want guests.  Of course, this is another thing I would never own in my house, but yet Strange Sims love carnivorous Cow plants…

Grilled Cheese Obsession

Love a certain food? Well, these strange Sims are OBSESSED with Grilled Cheese.  Like REALLY Obsessed.  This is a secret aspiration where the Sim only wants to eat grilled cheese.  This obsession goes as far as they have fears of burning their beloved grilled cheese sandwiches or eating spoiled ones.  Basically, it turns out that everything these Grille Cheese Obsessed Sims do revolves around… GRILLED CHEESE!


Sims 4 llamas

Photo by Evelyn Ernsting.

If you have played ANY game in The Sims series you will notice there are ALWAYS Llama references.  And usually not just a couple… We are talking outfits, arts and crafts, decor, sports teams, activities, jokes, and of course actual Llamas.  I’m not saying it is terrible just a little strange… and not to mention if you did not know be aware of keeping a Llama as… they do spit.

Woohoo Dumpster

This is probably the worst place for a woohoo ever and loads of Sims do it. Like really Sims… get a room.

Fertilize the Plant

Strange Things Sims do

Yes. You can take a bathroom in a plant… I mean sure you can do this in real life but… really and in public?  Not to mention you can sleep in the bush and woohoo in there as well.

Ghost Possessed Toilet

Quite possibly the worst thing ever to get possessed in the entire house… the toilet.  So many things to go wrong here, so many bad scenarios… and I am not talking just a little leak.

Woohoo with a Ghost

I know you all love a good juicy romance…  So yes your Sims can have undying romance relationships as well.  And yes this includes woohooing with Ghosts.  Total romance package apparently.

Seduce The Grim Reaper or Father Winter

Image from

Image from

And if woohooing a ghost was not enough for you, well there is the Grim Reaper and Father Winter as well.  Grim is by far more of a popular choice to seduce… but I am slowly siding to the Father Winter side.  He brings funds to the household when you move him in.  Yea sure death’s doorkeeper sounds like a dark steamy romance novel, but hear me out…. $$$ and Father Winter leaves after Winter Veil!


What other strange things do your Sims do? We would love to know!  Sims can be so much fun with their weirdness! I love to just sit back and watch them sometimes and see what things they get into.

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