The Sims 4 Modern Menswear Kit

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If you have not heard there is another Sims 4 Kit coming our way, The Sims Modern Menswear Kit.  So if you don’t know what a kit is…. kits are mini-collections that can be purchased.  Kits have included play features, CAS items, and Build and Buy items. Each kit is generally $4.99 USD. The new Modern Menswear Kit is now available.

Modern Menswear Kit

Kits are usually themed in a very specific manner, for example, the Fashion Street Kit was said to be themed off of fashion trends in Mumbai. According to the EA Sims 4, website the new Kit Modern Menswear is themed in British contemporary style.

What I really enjoy about the Sims games is the ability to interject real life into the game.  The Modern Menswear Kit is yet another example of this as the Sims team worked with Stefan Cooke and Jake Burt to take real-life fashion designs and put them into this pack.  These twenty-three ‘Simified’ recreations of Stefan Cooke collections are contemporary and non-traditional fashion.

Modern Menswear Kit

One thing to understand is that Stefan Cooke’s designs are VERY avant-garde. So with that understanding, we are talking about the newest and groundbreaking fashions.  With that being said… the pieces are very… unique and not quite what we are used to within our Sims game.

The Clothing

Ok, so there are some pieces I would use if I was not addicted to CC.

However… this skirt’s texture… Someone had said the texture looked like a fence and now I cannot see anything else.

Sometimes words are just not enough… I honestly don’t know what to say… Would you wear this?

Modern Menswear Kit

Ok these I really like.  I love the minimalistic style and attire and all in black is even better.

The Shoes

Modern Menswear Kit

So with this kit, there are two really nice pairs of shoes that are perfect for dressier occasions.


Alright I know this kit is controversial… I am ready for the comments and burning… but. The great thing about kits is that they are inexpensive and not game-breaking or game-making additions.  They are nice accents that give a little more to your game, more options if you chose.  If you don’t like the options, you just don’t buy the kit.  Is this kit different? Absolutely.  Is everyone going to enjoy it and LOVE it? No. We are all different and unique and Simmers are from all over the globe, so we need ALL the options.

Modern Menswear Kit

When the kit was announced I was thinking it would be more minimalistic fashion basics.  I must say that when I first saw the release I was a bit surprised.  To me, it would have made more sense just to name the kit after the designer, as then it would be more evident to what players would be getting.

So the fence texture and the pants with the undies or pockets on the outside, not a fan.  But the black jacket, layers, and shoes, I love them.  Now the million-dollar question would I personally spend money on this kit.  My answer is maybe.  I only use non CC CAS for reviews and I really don’t like a lot of the patterns and textures. Eventually, I buy all the things for sims… but I don’t know about this one.

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