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90 Day: The Arches of Opportunity

90-Day Danielle

Welcome back to the second installment of spicy spice chaos. Today, we explore a very special individual that has brought me to loving 90 Day Fiancé in my own way. If you haven’t read the first blog where we introduce Big Ed (Ed Brown), please check it out here. In addition, for those who commented on names of which individuals we should add next, I heard you, and as we accumulate more names like Darcy and Angela, they come will eventually. Make sure you comment on the social posts and I’ll continue keep tabs on who the most popular votes are!

Disclaimer: Spoilers ahead for anyone who hasn’t watched 90 Day Fiancé and these thoughts are my own, and reflects no one else on the team or the company I work for. If you are offended by the content below, please stop reading 🙂 that Is all I have to say before I dive on in. When watching this show, we find ourselves latching on to specific couples that just bring that “spark” in your life, the couple that makes you look forward to a new episode of a show. For me…this is Danielle & Mohamed.

Danielle & Mohamed are introduced to us in Season 2, back in 2014. Their turbulent relationship starts in from an online chatroom where Danielle was in Sandusky, Ohio and Mohamed was in Tunisia. From the moment that Mohamed arrived in Ohio, the whole relationship begins to go very wrong due to the lies told by both sides. Danielle lies about her debt and Mohamed lies about having a job. Yikes…

Doing this series has prompted me to do a deep dive into who is Danielle Mullins (previously Jbali). So who is she really? Danielle Mullins, currently 48 years old, turning 49 in February. Born and raised in Ohio, United States. She is a mother of four children (3 daughters and 1 son). Based on research, Danielle and the father of her 4 children were never married, and one day, he upped and left. Which causes her to develop large trust issues that trickle down into a plethora of problems with Mohamed. IMHO, it would VERY likely cause large issues for me too.

Back to Danielle & Mohamed… they were married for ~two years before she filed for annulment (and then eventually settled with divorce). During the two years of marriage, their relationship resembles a relationship similar to the downward slope of a very very tall rollercoaster. From the theft and forgery, to really awkward insights to their life at home, I’m very glad that both of them have decided to move on with their lives, and are on a recovery road of becoming friends.
Before we move on, I’d like to point out the most iconic moment (for me) that brought me to loving this show: The moment when they talk about their private life… see the interview here.Where Is '90 Day Fiance' Star Mohamed Jbali Now? - '90 Day Fiance' Mohamed and Danielle UpdateOn a side note: The arches of her eyebrows in this interview reminds me of the golden gates of MacDonalds… all the opportunities that lines within … the suggestiveness of it all …. and the stomach ache waiting to happen. Ouff …Let’s bring us back to The Sims Resource. Please meet Danielle Mullins.We’ve placed her in the home with Big Ed, and if you didn’t know this, Danielle is NOT exactly a fan of Big Ed in real life. In an interview with In Touch, Danielle slams Big Ed for telling Rosemarie what to do and states that the more she seems him, the more she begins to dislike him. Let’s just hope she doesn’t get any access to books (Danielle Throws the Book at Mohamed | 90 Day Fiance) , cause we know that ain’t safe… The in game versions of them is about to get interesting …

I couldn’t stop it…but she got her hands on a book …That really awkward moment when he walked in on her in the washroom …I think this…could be the start of something new… and truly fascinating…


I’ll continue to let this scenario play out until add our 3rd member to this household. Who should we add next? I guess it would only make sense if I add more beds eventually but… that’ll come when it comes!

And this just ruined all my hard work…

And … we’re back !

I think …my weekly play time is over for now. I hope you enjoyed this spicy installment of 90 Day and I hope you’ll be back for the next one. Find out next week  what happens when we add the next member. Remember to cast your votes using your comments in the post. Until next week my lovely friends. If you made it this far, you might be curious on what cc was used for Danielle… CC used can be found below:

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