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Room Reno #29: Cozy Study

Welcome back to Room Reno #29 here at The Sims Resource! Today we’re helping a single dad create his dream home office to share with his teenage daughter. Let’s meet them!

Meet Richard and Kendall!


Richard is a professor at one of the Britechester colleges, and his daughter Kendall recently started high school. After moving so that Richard could start his new job, he wants to create a study space in his new house for both him and Kendall to use together. That way, they can be together, even while they work on their own projects. Richard loves a traditional wood paneled office and high-rise bookshelves, so I’ll be sure to add those when I start furnishing. Let’s see what we’re working with!

The Before

Okay, so. This room is a little bleak, not gonna lie. It could definitely use some better lighting, for one. Taller bookshelves to line the walls would take advantage of the amazing height in this space, and there obviously has to be two desks so that both Kendall and Richard have workspaces. There’s a lot to like about this space though! The windows provide some really nice natural light, and the space is perfectly suited to be a study–not too big and not too small. Now that we know what this room is about, let’s get planning!

The Planning

So! This room has a ton of potential, which is why planning was pretty easy. A fireplace is a must for any cozy office area, and I placed one next to the door. I definitely want two armchairs in front of the fireplace too, so those are going in the room as well. Tall bookshelves will line the back wall to really seal the study’s aesthetic. Kendall’s desk will go along the right wall, while Richard’s will go along the left. Now that I’ve got the planning done, let’s get building!

The After

I wish I could work in this office every day! It has the perfect mix of “refined professional office” and “cozy room that I want to drink hot chocolate in”. The yellow armchairs are particularly cute, as well as the plush pink chair that Kendall has at her desk. The clutter in the room is also some of my favorite CC I’ve used in a while. The newspapers with the glasses on top that I placed on Richard’s desk really give the “nerdy professor” vibes, and I’m sure I’ll be using it in many of my future builds to come.

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Thanks for checking out Room Reno #29: Cozy Study! Be sure to follow me on my official TSR twitter for sneak peeks and more Sims content. If you liked this blog, check out Room Reno #28 or our guide to building tiny homes.  Looking for something else? Read up on Story Progression or all about the latest Inside Maxis livestream!

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