The Sims 4 adds Bunk Beds!

The Sims 4 adds bunk beds! Dream DO come true! (Or, in this case, DOUBLE the dreams!) Or no dreams at all, because now sims can relax and watch TV!

For today’s March 23rd patch, we have:

  • Bunk Beds
  • Updated Hairstyles
  • Updated Traits
  • Improved Interaction Time
  • Various Bug Fixes

Bunk Beds!

This update brings two bunk bed designs, each in two styles as bunk or loft beds:

The metal bunks come in 10 different swatches, while the wooden style comes in 17 swatches.

Now available across all beds, there is a new “Relax” option to include watching TV!

There are also customizable ladder options, similar to how you interact with counters:

You can choose ladders on both sides, or on either single side. When placed against a wall with “Automatic Bunk Bed Placement” turned on, the side against a wall will automatically lose its ladder.

The top loft-style bunk beds also allow any other single bed to be slotted in underneath for more customizability.

Unfortunately, “bed” or “no bed” are your only options. You can not place other usable items underneath – no chairs, desks, loveseats, etc. Some of your dorm room dreams will just have to wait. (You CAN place toddler beds, however.)

“I did my waiting! 7 years of it! At floor level!” Yes, well, have a biscuit.

Updated Hairstyles

Two hairstyles are seeing quite a drastic update in style and quality this with this patch:

The puff-ball-pigtails (yes, that’s the technical name, I’ve decided) have been redone with much more authentic curls and mesh silhouette variation when compared against the original style.

Similarly, this short hair style has been given a fade, and a similar texture and silhouette treatment:

Both hairs also still look amazing when used on a sim with a different frame:

More Inclusive Paintings

This updates sees new swatches added to quite a few paintings and posters within the the game, aimed at increasing representation.

This one is my particular favorite. Various other posters and paintings that previously only had one swatch of a sim will now see the additional of multiple swatches that represent different skintones.

Speaking of skin tones,

“We made some improvements to the visuals of our Sims for Simmers that were affected by improper-looking textures, particularly with Skin Tones in Live Mode for Console players. You should see improvements with how your Sims appear in live mode… This change will also benefit Simmers running Minimum System Requirements on PC/Mac. Thank you for your patience on this issue, and as always, we will continue to improve over time.”

Gameplay Updates, Notable Bug Fixes

  • A selection of various traits have been updated to be a little more authentic:

“The Traits that we have improved are Bookworm, Cheerful, Clumsy, Genius, Gloomy, Glutton, Good, Goofball, Hates Children, Hot-Headed, Jealous, Mean, Neat, Noncommittal, Perfectionist. We also made some Reactionary Trait changes to Slob and Ambitious. “

For example, sims that have the “Bookworm” trait will now have more fun when reading versus other activities, such as playing video games.

  • The, eh-hem, perfectly reasonable time that it would take sims to complete daily activities has been adjusted. No longer will (or at least, should) your sim show up to work a day and a half late because they had to bake a poptart at 8 hours per side and then burn the house down.
  • Filth now accumulates at a slower pace! Unfortunately  for some, this has also resulted in the dust bunnies making fewer appearances. Your sims might have a bit more trouble getting by if they consider “being filthy” as a valid career choice.
  • For those that were experiencing an over-abundance of puddles appearing all over the house, that issue should now be resolved.

You can read the complete patch notes over here.

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