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Room Reno #2: Kids’ Room

Hey all, and welcome back to Room Reno here at TSR! For Room Reno #2, we’re helping out a charming family of four who have just moved into a new place. Let’s meet them and see what they need!

Meet the Bakers

India recently inherited her great aunt’s home, a cottage-style abode in Brindleton Bay. While she and her husband Mark are excited to move in, they want to give their twin daughters, Riley (an artist) and Rowan (a bookworm), a shared bedroom that they can be excited about…which means getting rid of a lot of the older furniture that came with the house. With a budget of 5,000 Simoleons, let’s see what I can do!

The Before

The room that the girls are going to share is pretty small, which means I have my work cut out for me in terms of making it feel more spacious. I also need to find a way to brighten the room–it desperately needs to feel lighter and cozier, especially since there’s just one window on the other wall. Now that I know what I’m working with, it’s time to plan.

The Planning

This is the rough plan I came up with after inspecting the girls’ room. By splitting up the room between the two beds, it will help the girls feel like they each have their own personal space. Their shared dresser will be near the window but not blocking it, allowing the natural light in. I wanted to make sure the twins had a desk to do homework at, which I placed right at the bottom of one of their beds in order to save space.

The After

Here is our completely renovated room! Lots more color and light and a lot less cramped and creepy energy. For Riley, I went for more yellows and pinks, since she likes bright colors. For Rowan’s bed, I went with a black and white floral pattern, since she prefers neutral tones. Their shared shelves are full of Rowan’s books and Riley’s desk has her colored pencils on it, ready for her to create a masterpiece. Links to the CC sets I used to decorate are below!

Bedroom Faye Kids Bedroom Queen Palmyra Kids Room Delta Bedroom The Cutie


Thanks for reading Room Reno #2 here at The Sims Resource! Be sure to come back later for even more installments 🙂

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