The Add-on handler 0.4.0b

The Sims Add-on Handler 0.4.0b

It’s here, finally! The Add-on Handler version 0.4.0b is finished and it’s now available to everybody.

This new version adds a few big features, like the “Export List” option, which makes a list of all the downloads you have installed. Using the comment field when installing downloads you can now also easily track down where you got your downloads from.

The program has also been translated into several languages (unfortunately not all texts can be translated, but most of them can), with thanks to the translator team. They made it possible that the Add-on Handler is now available in your language as well. See TSZ’s last week announcement for some more details about what’s new.

The included readme file also has a more complete list of the exact changes since the last version. You can download the program from this page. If you have version 0.3.0b still installed, or if you have The Neighborhood Handler 4.11 installed, then you can also download the upgrade version, which is a bit smaller. They’re both the same, with the only difference being the included DLL files. Enjoy it!

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