The Sims 2 delay explained

The Sims 2 delay

Luc offers more of an explanation for the delay of The Sims 2, as well as introduces the screens we have recently seen:

Hello everyone.

Let’s get straight to what is on everyone’s mind, the change in ship date for The Sims 2.

As you are all aware, The Sims 2 ship date has been moved to the latter half of 2004. We have heard from an enormous amount of you and your communications have been zealous. We fully understand your disappointment and frustration. The fact that you are all so passionate is both inspiring and encouraging to the production team and means we must be on the right track with the game.

I can’t overstate the fact that it is a huge undertaking to produce the next generation of the #1 PC game of all time. As our most valued fans of the franchise, you all understand better than everyone else what those expectations are. As we said on the website, the bar has been set extremely high.

This decision was an incredibly difficult one but the best for us to make. We have learned through past experience, that a game is ready when it is ready. In the coming months, we will be polishing the game in order to fulfill our ultimate product vision. We know you are excited about what you have seen to date but, let me tell you, the best is yet to come.

This week, we thought we would share with you some new images from The Sims 2. We recently asked our fans what they would like to see most. These shots demonstrate the power of the building tools, as well as some exciting new careers options in The Sims 2.

Keep your eye out for more of the most requested screens in the future.Finally, I wanted to take this time to thank you for all of your support. We have all been in this together from the beginning. We value all of your contributions and know that, together, we will make The Sims 2, the best game of all time.

Stay tuned for more details next week!

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