The Sims 2 DVD Update

The Sims 2 DVD update

Hallo everyone! I know it’s been a while since you got your last dose of The Sims 2 updates and a lot of you are dying to know what has been going on so I will try my best to bring you all back up to date!

It seems that EA told Computer&Videogames that they planned on releasing the DVD version of the game in the US and Europe. A press release from EA states that they only have plans for a US release of the DVD though. You can read the EA press release here.

While we are on that topic, I should note that while browsing the official UK site I noticed a poll about DVD drives on there. Could this mean that they have plans for a UK release of the DVD? If they plan on releasing it there, maybe they have plans for the rest of Europe also? I will keep you guys posted on any new info as I get it.

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