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STSR Sims 4 Snowy Escape Review Part 4: CAS, Build, & Buy

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Snowy Escape has been an absolute blast to review as it is extremely immersive with its theme and mechanics.  This expansion is full of new CAS, build, and buy goodies for our Sims.  The items are all fit Mt. Komorebi’s Japanese inspired theme.  There is a good amount of new clothing, build, and buy items that you will absolutely love.

Create-A-Sim (CAS)

The majority of the new items in Create-A-Sim (CAS) in Snowy Escape are generally either snow gear or Mt. Komorebi traditional dress.  There is not a lot in the makeup department, but I for one am ok with this, as who really wears makeup down the slopes?  There are several new hairstyles under the feminine style for all ages and the hairstyles are scaled for the proper length per age.  As far as clothing goes there are quite a few full outfits and mix and match pieces.  

Keep in mind in Snowy Escape that some clothing will not be in CAS directly; Sims can unlock them through festivals and other activities in Mt. Komorebi.  Business and School Uniforms are also included in this expansion.  The School Uniforms can be seen in CAS and there are several swatches of types.  Snowy Escape also has a few pairs of boots for your winter-loving Sims.  

Build Objects

Great lots are made by the little details and time put into them.  This expansion is a builder’s dream as there are lots of incredible pieces that can make so many wonderful lots.  There are several new architectural items that make customizing your lots in the Mt. Komorebi style very easy. 

There are also some new trees and decorative rocks that you can easily make your Sims’ sanctuary absolutely breathtaking.  Koi ponds and hot springs also can be added to your lots making them a natural marvel.

The lots in the Snowy Escape Expansion are absolutely amazing and they were built by Simmers; James Turner, Deligracy, lilsimsie, and Simlicy.  This is totally awesome!  A lot of these creators have tours of their buildings on their channels, so be sure to check them out!

Split Levels/Platforms

Yes, your eyes are not lying to you! We get platforms for building in the pre-Snowy Escape!  The Simmers that built the lots for the expansion did a wonderful job utilizing the platform system to highlight this new feature. 

The platforms after the Snowy Escape update can stack on top of each other and can be raised or lowered in lots, including apartments.  Keep in mind these platforms also have clearance restrictions so if your platform is too low Children Sims maybe able to pass, but not Adult Sims.  With practice, someone could really go wild making some awesome platform and fountain combinations.  

Buy Objects

There are a lot of exciting new objects, a total of one-hundred and fifty-five to be exact. There is everything from home decor, furniture, to Ski Reports needs.  The buy objects fit the theme of Mt. Komorebi entirely and provide a lot of new options for Simmers.

In Snowy Escape shelving and space utility are a big part of the expansion. Some of the cabinets styled furniture have places that you can put things just like in real life.  All of the surfaces offer ample space to decorate with the new decorations and plants.

In the expansion, there is a lot of wood furniture and they all have a good deal of varying color swatches.  What is really nice is even if the piece is not a set piece it generally has a matching wood swatch.  This makes me extremely happy as I like to have everything match!

Obviously, the new object we care the most about is the toilet.  This new toilet also has lots of swatches so you can put this comfy porcelain throne in every bathroom!

Seriously, there are several bathrooms or washroom related items, as well as Onsen items that could be used for fitness clubs or homes.  I absolutely love the wooden tub and envy my Sims when they soak in it.

Once Sims skill up or you cheat for them, they can buy new Winter Sports gear through the buy menu.  The snowboards and skis have quite a few swatches so your Sims can go down those slopes in their own unique style.  The sleds have basic colors and have the standard and deluxe models.

In Snowy Escape you will find quite a bit of furniture that can be used for child and toddler rooms.  There is also a new art and chemistry station for your Child Sims.  The introduction of the collectible Simmi Dolls also opens up plenty of decoration for your Sim children and teens.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I really enjoyed the Snowy Escape Expansion.  I can see myself actually playing the game for once, I rarely get out of CAS.  As I have said before for legacy and story players, this expansion is a really big deal and will positively impact the game for these Simmers.  I myself love the idea of travel and the different worlds of the Sims to have a very unique and specific culture.  This expansion completely meets that standard.

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