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LOTM- Grunge Fashion

Look of the Month – Grunge Fashion

At TSR we have so many different styles of custom content, CC, that you can make any fashion style you can think of.  One of the popular styles that a lot of fans ask about is Grunge Fashion.  So at your request, we present to you the Look of the Month.

For this month I am using a Teen Sim as this brings back a lot of great fashion memories from the 90s.

What is Grunge Fashion?

So what is Grunge fashion anyway?  In fashion terms, Grunge fashion is typically categorized as typically androgynous and loose-fitting.  Many of your best Grunge fashion finds will be at your local thrift store.  Typically a lot of layers, durable clothing, and low-maintenance elements.  The whole movement was based on low-cost and low-maintenance items and self-expression.  Of course, as the style became more popular people put effort into looking low-maintenance.

Key Elements of Grunge Fashion

Our model Vinnie is going to be helping us achieve this look.  The basic elements are 1. a flannel shirt, 2. ripped jeans, 3. comfy shoes, 4. layers 5. A hairstyle that is not super time consuming, and 6. low-maintenance makeup.

Skin Details,  Hair, & Tattoos

Being that the Grunge movement in the 90s was all about self-expression, tats are pretty popular.  Sure not everyone had them that followed the Grunge style, but most people did.  The Tattoo CC I used for this look is Children of the Night created by SugarOwl.  Skin details and extras are there but they are so low key it can be hard to spot the elements.  Skin details are a combination of Nords’ Lenis Skinblend, MB Skinblend, and Natural Lips.  Those formed but not overly done eyebrows are by Catemcphee, and the low-maintenance hairstyle is Magpiesan’s Calling Hair.


To pull off the Grunge look your Sim really should not have a lot of super noticeable makeup on, aside from eyeliner.  Grunge is all about low-maintenance and mellow without caring what others think.  However, since we are covering CC we need to find some light makeup elements that bring out details in our model Vinnie.

Vinnie is wearing: Angissi’s Lip gloss – Fruit Flavored Crystal, LadySimmer94’s Toffee Cheesecake Eyeshadow, RemusSirion’s Blush 24 & Pralinesims’ Rebel Nails N25.  All of these elements are of great quality and fit the need to be low-key for this look.  I especially like the eyeliner by FashionRoyaltySims. Sure it is a little thicker but that is the only moderately strong makeup on Vinnie, brings their eyes a bit more this way.


In Grunge, fashion piercings are often quite common and Suzue has great ones!  Another interesting Grunge trend is the use of safety pins as jewelry, which at TSR, SLYD has some great accessories that work really well for this look! Vinnie is also wearing  S-Club’s WM Bracelet 201904.


Layering in Sims fashion can be tricky, as you generally have two options to do this; one being it is already designed in the CC, or you can find a top layer as an accessory.  You have to be very selective if you are using that top layer as an accessory as not all CC plays nicely together.  You will be able to tell if something is not playing nice together as the CC will cause a weird pattern or color over the other CC.  This is especially common when you are using multiple artists.  In a lot of cases, you just have to find the right two pieces to fit and it is usually just trial and error.

A flannel or a sweater is a must for a great grunge look.  I found ShakeProductions’ 360 Top on TSR and it works perfectly for this look.  These fantastic shoes are by ShakeProductions, and they work perfectly for this look.

TSR has a lot of layered attire CC for your male sims that work perfectly for Grunge Fashion such as; SimmieV, McLaynesims, and Darte77.  You can easily see these loose layers in plaid on Vin with KK’s Flannel Shirt. The male version of Vin is wearing; -Merci-‘s Contour Palette No3, Blahberrypancake’s Ellipsis Nose Piercing, Mathcope’s Chad Bracelet, Angissi’s Tattoo Bracelets, and Anto’s Echo Hair.

CAS Backgrounds

The CAS Background is also found on TSR and is by the lovely and talented Katverse, and the BG is even called Gray Grunge.  It worked perfectly because I wanted to use something a little different but not overly busy to really pull off the Grunge Vibe.





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