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TSR Sims 4 Snowy Escape Review Part 2 of 4 – Thrills of Mt. Komorebi

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One of the major focuses of this new world is SNOW and adventure. Yes, that is right Snowy Escape, you need the snow.  I guess you could play this world without it and it would still be a nice place.  However, if you did this you would be missing out on a major neighborhood and mechanics of the expansion.  

The premise of the neighborhood Yukimatsu is to be an all-inclusive Winter Sports Resort. This neighborhood has everything you could ever need to get into extreme sports or just enjoy the snow.  This beautiful winter wonderland stays always snowy, so you can come back any time and chase your winter thrills.  

The thrills in Mt. Komorebi are; hiking, sledding, skiing, snowboarding, and climbing.  Each one of these comes with unique animations, interactions, and sometimes dangers.  

Before venturing out into the wilderness you should check the daily wildlife report on the info boards.  This will let you know if there are any potential hazards and you can then choose to go another day or hit the vending machine for supplies.  

Climbing – Rock Walls & Mountains

One of the not so new concepts is the idea of the climbing wall.  Sure it was in the Fitness pack, but not quite like this!  These climbing walls are all outside and you can now climb a mountain.  Sure it is the same skill but built upon in a great outdoorsy way.  Throughout the world of Mt. Komorebi, there are different rock walls or courses to start your climbing skill.  Keep in mind that climbing is risky and even more so if your sim is injured.  Climbing on an injury increases the risk of death.  You can purchase the necessary gear via the computer.  There are a lot of variables on the mountain that can make your climb a little more tricky.   The higher your skill with proper gear the more likelihood of success.  

You must build up your skill if you want to conquer the Summit and make it to the peak of Mt. Komorebi.  That’s right! A Mountian Excursion to the peak all in the Snowy Escape expansion!   

Mountain Excursion: The Summit

The Mountain Excursion is a social event where you can adventure on the mountain.   This social event has many rewards and unlockable areas, similar to the functionality of the ‘Exploring the Jungle’ in Jungle Adventures.  I found it to be a bit more difficult to control excursion members who were not in the household.  They liked to wander off.  Unfortunately, to complete each step of the event you have to have certain tasks completed before proceeding on to the next step.  

To gain access to that fifth lot you must climb and conquer the Summit of Mt Komorebi. The view is absolutely incredible as well as the success story of the adventure itself.

Reaching the peak does require some climbing skills. You will also want to pack your Sims the basic needed equipment; snacks, tent, and climbing gear. If you are not an experienced climber you will have to take some breaks, so make sure to rest at the base camps if you need to. As you go up the summit the weather will naturally get a bit more intense. If you are climbing up the mountain top with that special someone and need a romantic moment there is also the ‘Cave Woohoo.’ 

The journey is well worth the dedication and danger, including death.  Pro tip: Make sure to have your climbing skill high and check the conditions before leaving.  The risk is well worth it, take a look at the lovely view. Wow, incredible. This so far has been my most challenging task to review Snowy Escapes, and I felt very accomplished when these two Sims made it.  


Caves can be found during hikes or on the mountain.  There are different interactions such as take a photo and echo that can be done at caves.  


Hiking has become one of the most enjoyable elements of the game so far.   One thing to note is that hiking is not a skill of its own.  If you do a group hike you will strengthen the relationship and possibly sentiments.  If you are going alone meditative hikes can also give sims the Emotionally Mindful moodlet.  

When you choose to go for a hike your Sim can pick from; meditative walks, sightseeing, exercising jog, or travel to specific locations.  Each of these options will give a different benefit or moodlets.  

So the good news is Hiking is not a rabbit hole! While your Sims are on a hike they will do things autonomously such as; take selfies and photos, check their map, talk to fellow hikers, and look at the scenery.  Just be careful not to be disrespectful, bad things could happen.  

Mt. Komorebi has a total of six hiking trails; three in each of the Senbamachi and Yukimatsu neighborhoods.  When you want to start a hike you can go to the Hiking board of your preference and begin.  If you want to do a group hike you can then select the Sims you wish to join you.  

There are Forest Spirits and wildlife that you may encounter on a hike.  The Forest Spirits are random and you can interact with them.  The interaction choice is to collect the Forest Spirit or to make a wish.  Apparently, if you succeed you take home a Forest Spirit it turns into a collectible.   I just left the Forest Spirits alone, I am imagining bad things happen if you try to capture them.  

So far I have encountered centipedes, fireflies, bats, and Forest Sprits.  Most of the time my Sims have been prepared with spray or balms.  These items can be found in the vending machines called Bits and Bobbles or through the computer ordering system.  

I have found hiking to be surprisingly fun, I am clearly taking many more photos than the Sims.  I really enjoy the group hikes, it seems all too perfect for the romantic love bird Sims.  Generally, after these lovely long hikes, the Sims also build sentiment with each other strengthening their relationship.  There are also a lot of interesting little nooks and collectibles throughout the hikes.  Your Sims can also hike all night long if you wish them too, there are generally at least a few other Sims on the trails at all times.  It is quite fun to just sit back and watch Nancy get attacked by bats.

Winter Sports

Mt. Komorebi is a winter sports resort.  Obviously, there is going to be a lot of fun on the slopes!  Each of these sports; skiing, and snowboarding comes with its own skill.  As you increase the skill more options and interactions open.  You can even make money from becoming an instructor or recording videos of your sweet moves.  Sledding does not have a skill to increase. 

Children can even join in the fun of sledding, skiing, and snowboarding!  There are specific child-sized skis and snowboards just for kids! Toddlers can also sled with a parent.  

With skill-building, you can also obtain rewards such as new boards and clothing.  Sims can rent (for free) or purchase equipment.  Free Rental equipment can cause a negative moodlet. 

Lights from the Festival of Snow

High skill and the proper equipment is a recipe for success. By building a Sims skill this will increase their chances to make it down the more advanced slopes.  Just remember that everyone starts somewhere and there is no shame on the bunny hill!

What is an adventure in Snowy Escape without a challenge? Wait, where is the slope on this one?  This slope is for more seasoned skiers and boarders, it gently starts off with this gradual incline and then dramatically goes into a sharp slope of rocks and snow ramps.  The Slopes are labeled in difficultly and can be performed as low, medium, and high intensity.  The higher difficulty and intensity the more risk and skill are needed.  Basically, the intensity is fancy tricks and ramps, if you want your Sim to show off their moves then amp the intensity.  


Sledding is a fun activity for all ages and is relatively quick.  The only note on sledding is it can only be done at the resort on the bunny hill, no extreme sledding. Sims can also sled in pairs and it is not limited to just child through elder, toddlers can join in the fun!


Skiing in the Snowy Escape expansion pack is super fun!  I love watching beginner townies start their skiing adventure, they look absolutely terrified and fall down a lot.  The skiing skill works similar to other skills within the Sims and caps out at ten for maxed skill level.  The higher the level the more interactions and tricks you can do.  Higher skill level also opens up harder slopes.

The animations in the winter sports for Snowy Escape are fantastic and really bring to life your Sims.  Skiing may not have the cool factor like snowboarding, but I actually enjoy it more for the hilarity of the animations and facial expressions of those poor Sims who are having difficulty with the sport.


For winter sports snowboarding definitely wins the cool factor of these four thrills.  Snowboarding Sims just seem to glow with cool points as they zip down the hills and over ramps. The animations are really great and I even enjoyed this sport in the third person.  Although in real life I have always felt snowboarding was harder than skiing, and I lived in Cleveland so I could do both.  It would appear for Sims, Skiing is definitely a harder task.  We all really know it is based on skill, so maybe my townies are all snowboarders in my worlds outside of Mt. Komorebi.

Special moves and tricks from going down the hill also give the Sim moodlet buffs.  The townie teen I was playing Kaori Nishidake, already had a decent skill in snowboarding, so I tested all sorts of high-intensity slopes with her.  She had no issues until we got to the highest level.  If your skill is high enough you can also have your Sims record videos of your slope skills!

Festivals of Mt. Komorebi

I am in love with the total community vibes and immersive experience with this expansion.  If you are a legacy or story player this expansion will have you hooked!  I was absolutely obsessed with getting to the top of the Summit on day one!  I had a lot of issues with it and it was definitely a process of trial and error, but coming back to this Festival of Snow made it totally worth it! 

Each of the neighborhoods in Mt. Komorebi has its own festival; Festival of Light, Festival of Youth, and Festival of Snow. This is similar to the festivals in San Myshuno as the Festivals in Mt, Komorebi is themed to fit the neighborhood.  Each festival also has its own collectibles and gear. I have only tried the Festival of Snow and this festival was super busy compared to what I have seen before. 

The Festival of Snow also has lovely ice sculptures.  I am not sure if they randomize or not, but we had a temple, dinosaur, and a Yamachan.  Of course the Yamachan Mascot at the festival was standing next to the other Yamachan.

During the festival, there is an additional vending machine, which is where you can obtain your festival gear and collectibles.

The Festival of Snow was so fun to test and the Sims were super engaging with each other.  The festival also had a frozen playground for children to play with.

If you missed our TSR Snowy Escape Review Part 1: The World of Mt. Komorebi check it out here. 

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